Meant To Be Married

Meant To Be Married

By:  jobless.dreamer  Completed
Language: English
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[Sequel to: The Heartless Handsome]Aruna and Sumit begin their life, as a married couple but behind the closed doors, they are just known strangers. Will their marriage continue to be loveless or will they find love on the way?

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Great book. I loved the ending
2021-12-06 10:07:35
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Rosemarie Osborne
This is a very good book. I enjoyed reading it.
2021-06-17 17:18:31
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Jassu Bhatiya
nice book a must....
2021-04-27 22:59:14
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ra sonali
this book is good... between will we get the update?
2020-11-19 22:46:38
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In mvvhjlhjj
2020-11-09 12:21:38
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Temam Timite
when is the new chapter comin?
2020-09-13 14:39:37
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Mekhla Mathur
please upload as early as possible, interesting story
2020-10-26 00:52:02
33 Chapters
Aruna Aruna‌
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1. Known Strangers
ArunaI snuggled under the plush purple blanket. But my eyes remained open. A lone teat trickled down and disappeared in the soft white pillow. My back was towards Sumit. He was sleeping on the other side of the king-sized bed. A sliver distance separating us. I did not know whether he was awake or asleep neither did I want to know.
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2. He Doesn't Care
ArunaWarmth and light coaxed me to awake. I peeled my eyes open and was greeted by a bright and beautiful day. I still wasn't ready to get up. My mind was still in half-sleep mode. I turned to the other side and all of a sudden my sleep just vanished.
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3. Hard-hearted
ArunaMy mood was sour. Courtesy to my dear husband. "Oye, don't feel down. That arsehole's brain is empty", Rashu tried to cheer me up. I sighed and poured milk in the saucepan to heat it.
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4. Taken by Surprise
ArunaMy 'muh dikhayi'  went well. All the people were really sweet towards me well I was the new bride after all. I had chosen to wear a pink lehenga with diamond jewellery gifted to me by my grandmother-in-law aka granny. I did refuse as I was not used to wearing such things because I always liked my jewellery to be simple.
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5. Mistake
ArunaI stilled when his soft lips locked with mine. But then I responded. My eyes closed. I kissed him back. It wasn't a desperate one but had a slow, languid pace. My palms rested flat on his chest. I could feel his heart, beating at a fast pace. Just like mine.
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6. Fever
ArunaI stirred a little before opening my eyes. The curtains were left open, letting the sun rays stream in the room, filling it with warmth and light.I looked over my shoulder and was surprised to see that Sumit was still there l
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7. Friends
Aruna"Rohit, where the hell is your brother?" I gritted through clenched teeth.Tia had left to check a patient in the neighbourhood telling me to call her if I needed
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8. Nightmare
Aruna"98°C", I mumbled, taking a look at the thermometer. Thank goodness the temperature decreased a little. I sighed. Sumit hummed while his eyes remained shut as he rested his head against the headboard, half sitting.
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9. She Knew
SumitBlack dots marred my vision as every objected become a blurred image as I sat on the floor of the dimly lit washroom. I panted as I felt my whole body trembling. I was sweating profusely. My chest constricted as I tried to calm myself. It was a miracle that I had managed to come here to suffer silently without waking up Aruna. I prayed that the walls muffled my voice.
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