Meant to Marry Me

Meant to Marry Me

By:  Bella Moondragon  Completed
Language: English
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Bree Matthews has always had two dreams:① To become a famous country singer② To marry Trent WalkerBree and Trent grew up together as good friends. College, life, and a million other things come between them, and even though they’ve come close to giving love a try, by the time Bree’s on the brink of musical success in Nashville, she’s lost track of the man she once dreamed would be the one.When an old friend begs Bree to sing at her sister’s wedding, Bree’s in for a huge surprise. The groom is none other than her first love—Trent!Convinced she’s capable of sticking it out, Bree decides to follow through with her obligations and sing at Trent’s wedding, but as secrets come to light, she begins to realize the bride isn’t good enough for him. Will Bree tell Trent the truth in time to stop the wedding? Will he believe her?Is Trent truly meant to marry Bree?If you love romances with lots of twists and turns and plenty of opportunities to suspend belief, then you’ll love this new book, Meant to Marry Me.

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Beautifully done! Wish it was a little longer!
2023-02-18 13:24:49
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Renee Motley Bridges
5 stars!! loved this book!
2021-06-10 01:23:36
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Really loved this story! I appreciated the ‘true love always finds a way’ message. Also love a good, happy ending! Would’ve loved to seen her maybe get pregnant, but otherwise I loved it! Any chance for a story on Zach and shawna, author? Either way, great story! 😊
2021-05-13 21:46:00
default avatar
What a great story - really enjoyed reading this! Love the ‘true love always finds a way’ message. Also Love a happy ending - although I would’ve loved for her to get pregnant too! lol I’d be interested in a story on shawna and zach - any chance on that author? Again, good job! 😊
2021-05-13 21:44:34
user avatar
nice story♥️
2021-04-14 19:24:19
user avatar
loved this story
2021-10-30 08:00:33
138 Chapters
The Cabin
The log cabin was bigger than Bree Matthews had expected. Of course, when her friends had suggested they rent a place up in the mountains for a few days during winter break, she knew it would have to have a lot of rooms in order for all of them to comfortably fit, but this place looked more like a mansion made of wooden beams than a traditional log cabin."Woah! This place is massive!" Bree's boyfriend, Jason Owens, said as he stared up at the house.
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Girl From Yesterday
Trent Walker had just sunk a difficult shot, knocking two balls in the outside pocket when Bree walked into the room. She took one look at him and muttered a curse word. Not sure exactly what to make of that, Trent lined up the next shot but ended up scratching, which wasn't a surprise, considering how jarring it was just to see her again, let alone have her drop an expletive at the sight of him."Our shot!" Hank Yarborough said, a little too much happiness in his voice. "But first, let's take a break to say hi to Bree!"
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Memories of an Almost Kiss
Watching the guys play pool, Bree sat next to friends she hadn't seen in far too long and tried her best to listen to what they were talking about. Concentrating was hard. She truly hadn't been prepared for Trent to be there, and the fact that he was served as a distraction.Jason must've noticed her change in behavior. She'd mentioned Trent to him before because he'd come up when she was telling him some stories about things that had happened with this particular group of friends while they were in high school. Jason had specifically asked if Trent was going to be th
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Need to Breathe
This Jason guy was a prick. Trent could tell by the cocky way he held his pool stick. Not to mention he didn't have too many nice things to say about Bree. The girls were sitting on the other side of the room, laughing and telling stories, though every time he looked at Bree, she seemed tuned out, like she had something on her mind.Jason was telling stories, too. "So anyway, she decides to bring her guitar, right, as if she's going to serenade the poor homeless dudes downtown. And I don't want to be there anyway. I've got more to do with my Saturdays than work a damn
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A Talk Under the Stars
Bree hadn't meant to follow Trent outside--not exactly anyway. She'd seen him leave but hadn't realized he'd stepped outside for a breath of fresh air in the same place she had until after she was halfway out the door. It would be strange to walk away from him. It seemed strange to walk toward him, too, though. But her feet were headed in that direction before she had a chance to stop them.The night was chilly, which was to be expected in the mountains in December; she wished she’d thought to grab her coat. It wasn't snowing, but the wind was stirring up ice cr
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Time to Move On
With her back to Jason, Bree hugged a pillow and tried to stop her tears. It was past 2:00 in the morning, and she was exhausted. Not only was she tired from a long day of school, being on the road, and one too many drinks, she'd spent the last few hours arguing with Jason.It hadn't been pretty on the porch. She'd tried to play it off, as if it meant nothing that she had her head on Trent's shoulder, that his arm was around her, but Jason would have none of it.
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Not Again
Bree was furious! How could that jerk of a now-ex-boyfriend take the car and leave like that? It wasn't even his car! She'd borrowed it from her roommate because it had new tires on it and wasn't as likely to break down as hers. Jason didn't even own a car! He got to and from class on a little Vespa he called his baby. He was such an idiot. At least they were done, and she'd never have to see him again.Her roommate, Lilly Edge, had gone home for the holidays, too, but her sister, who was a year younger than her, had stopped to pick her up on her way through town, so
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At Last
The snow was falling lightly as Bree followed Trent outside. Uncle Tom's pickup truck was almost as old as Bree was, but he did his best to keep it running, because it was his baby. It sat idling out front, breathing as heavy as Bree had been just the night before when she'd hauled the suitcase up the stairs. Had that only been a few hours ago? So much had changed since then.As Trent slowly turned and looked at her, she was reminded that just as much had stayed the same. He had almost kissed her--again. It just didn't seem like it was meant to be. She should just tel
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Bree Who?
Christmas came and went, as did New Year’s Day, and Bree didn't hear from Trent. When she went back to school, he still hadn't called. She'd gotten the impression that he would, so she continued to wait for at least a text from him, but none ever came.She didn't understand why. He'd finally kissed her, and for Bree, it had been just as magical and amazing as she'd always dreamt it would be. But.... maybe it hadn't been for him. Maybe Trent was not as enamored with her as he had been with the idea of her.
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Moving On
"Is this seat taken?"Trent looked up to see a beautiful blonde with long, straight hair and a gorgeous smile standing next to him, a full tray in her hands. "Uh, no." She reminded him of Bree--sort of. She wasn't quite as pretty as his friend, but the hair was similar, and she had a nice smile."Thanks. It's crowded in here."
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