Meet me Halfway

Meet me Halfway

โดย:  S.J. Distrito  จบบริบูรณ์
ภาษา: English
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Love is undefined, unbound by rules. It is something that no person could actually give meaning to until he finds that one human being who gives him the exact definition of it. But is love enough to keep two people together? Or is it just another ideology that somehow got wired into everyone's brain? Or maybe people who are in love are simply blind enough to see the reality and would rather continue living in that paradise dream?

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I love the plot and how the story is going. I hope to read a new work from author
2023-02-07 09:43:30
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Nice work. I love how the story went
2023-02-07 09:16:28
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i enjoyed reading this a lot! keep going, dear author. by the way, if you have any social media to discuss your story further, would you please let me know? thanks in advance :)
2021-07-13 13:38:19
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The story gets very much interesting as I proceed chapters. The mystery about the girl who can't remember anything about the guy named Kyle made me curious about how and what happened between the MCs ?????? I hope the writer writes moreeeeee?????
2020-10-25 19:19:08
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S.J. Distrito
Hey everyone, it's me the author. If you happen to drop by and read through mu work please do leave some comments or reviews. Thank you. Happy reading :)
2020-08-31 15:40:04
PART 1 It was his face, his handsome face, that appeared in my line of vision. The look he was giving me was alluring, captivating my entire being. But a tinge of sadness tainted it, making no sense. Just like everything else, I couldn't grasp what was going on. And most of all, I couldn't remember who he was. -- My eyes fluttered open, slowly adapting to the sudden assault of brightness. "Kate?" my mother's voice sounded relieved. When I fully regained my vision, I saw her worried expression as her face hovered above mine. Tears were spilling from her beautiful browns, confusing me while I attempted to understand what was going on. Beside her was my sister, bearing the same look and so as my father. I tried to sit up and reassure them that I was okay; no need for them to worry about me. But that would be a blatant lie. Before I heard the beeping from a nearby heart monitor, I realized I was lying in a hospital bed. The smell of antiseptic hit me next, followed by the we
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My mystery guy
Two nights ago, I heard my parents talking about me, my education, and the accident. I'm not a fan of eavesdropping, but I had to hear something, anything about that night I can't remember. It would have been easier to ask. I had already tried that before I left the hospital, but none of them wanted to tell me. They kept their lips shut and won't allow me to go out or talk to any of my friends. They were undoubtedly keeping something from me. I was imprisoned in my own home. But I was dying to know the truth. So I really didn't feel guilty except for the part where my dad blamed himself for what happened. "If only I had stopped her, Elsie, none of this would have happened." I heard my father say, which had instantly formulated a scene in my head: I was off to go somewhere, but with whom and why? "It's not your fault, Dan. Neither was it Kyle's." Hearing his name somehow jolted something inside of me. That unexplainable pain within the depths of my soul made my brow furrow
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Shipped Off
It was suspicious. My mother gathered all of us in the living room. Kelsea was called from her apartment. She had moved out five years ago. She now shares an apartment with a roommate and lives side-by-side with her boyfriend. It was a three-hour trip by car. Usually, Mom gathered the family when there was a huge announcement. I silently prayed that she doesn't go in front of us in the living room and look so sick she might throw up. Most of the time, when she did that, it was horrible news, and I didn't need any of that right now. But when her eyes met mine, I just knew that whatever was coming was inevitably something I wouldn't like. "Kate, honey, I'm really grateful to have you back after that terrible accident. Heaven forbid, I could have lost a child, and I honestly do not know how to take that." Dad pulled me close and planted a kiss on the crown of my head while Mom was yet to be done with her speech. "I know that you think we're being paranoid, ridiculous and everythin
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"Forgive me, Katie, but I have to do this. I'm sorry." I gasp, jerking myself from the nightmare. That voice. I couldn't have mistaken it for someone else. I was one hundred percent certain. It was Kyle's. I blinked several times, trying to figure out why his words seemed to have shaken me and how he said my name. There was something endearing to it which made no sense. I closed my eyes, reaching for the memories that I had lost. If only I could recall a significant detail of that night, it would make this less confusing. I shivered slightly and pulled the blanket close. The soft touch of the linen on my skin reminded me of where I was. A tired sigh escaped my lips. I was far from home, but Aunt Hilda ensured I was comfortable. How can I be selfish and not appreciate her effort? But she couldn't take it from me to keep yearning to go back. A huge mystery still needed to be solved, leaving me restless. Had my family been open to discussing the events of the incident, I migh
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It was April 23rd, one month after the accident. So far, my bruises had somehow healed except for the tiny violet marks still visible. However, I looked a lot better than the last time I looked in the mirror. It was still summer in the Philippines, which made me puff out a great sigh the moment I realized that I'd be doing nothing while waiting for my parents to send me home to them, to Los Angeles finally, so I could at least have my life back. Things wouldn't be different, but I'd feel more like myself. I'd be in school with my friends Daisy, Jennifer and Lauren, and I'll find Kyle and ask him directly. That could be one of the many reasons my parents wanted me to be here so that I couldn't see Kyle and I won't be able to find out what happened. I chewed on the insides of my cheeks and drifted into my subconscious. I didn't count out the possibility that Kyle might have been my boyfriend or best friend, something like that, given that there was no other reason why I knew every s
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Time stood still
"Kate!" My Aunt's voice made me lose my concentration. For a minute, I was tempted to ignore her and run towards Kyle, but in those few seconds, I felt my hands being gripped and shaken gently. "Katherine! Are you okay?" Aunt Hilda's hands were all over my face all of a sudden, and I tried to focus on what she was saying. I risked tearing my gaze away to face my Aunt, quickly making an effort to look back as fast as I could. I was desperately hoping my eyes were only deceiving me. He couldn't be here, let alone know I was here too. However, a part of me somehow clung to the hope that it wasn't merely a speck of my imagination. Unfortunately, he was no longer there. My chest suddenly felt tight, my frustration turning into confusion. I forced my eyes shut, willing my mind to come back to the present. "Kate." I reopened my eyes and gave my full attention towards Aunt Hilda. Worry was creased in between her forehead. On impulse, I glanced at the same spot where I thought I s
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'Meet me in that same place tomorrow, 11 pm sharp.' I repeated his exact words over and over again. That brief moment overwhelmed me so much that I pressed end before either of us could say anythng more. Thus, I received that text right after. I wasn't able to sleep at all. I was jumpy the following day that I agreed to whatever my Aunt wanted me to do. She probably regretted bringing me to the mall; we stayed indoors today and had people come over. They were Allen's friends. Her goal was to get me to meet a few peers and keep me busy. At 11 am, I rode along the jokes and games that Allen and his friends had thought of. There was Steve, Tristan and Rain for his mates, and there was Chenny, Jessica and Rachel for the girls who were their girlfriends. Allen just broke up with his' for reasons he won't share with me, so he was still moving on. By 4 in the afternoon, I was forced to wear a two-piece swimsuit and chill with the crew by the pool in my Aunt's backyard. It was
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Digging Deep
The wind was hyper and wild tonight as I approached our meeting place, where I saw Kyle a day ago. It took a lot of effort to stop myself from appearing too eager, which I really was, but I didn't want to give that impression. I already felt embarrassed enough. There was no need to give him more bullets. Upon stepping on the last step of the stairs, I reminded myself to breathe as I saw Kyle, from afar, leaning on the movie pictures, wearing faded denim, still the same sneakers and a white shirt with his favorite black leather jacket. He met my stare halfway and gave me that heart-stopping smile. "You made it," He uttered. His voice rang like a melody in my ears. I gulped and nodded like this was a regular thing we often did together. He leapt away from where he was leaning and hugged me tightly. I didn't know how to react. My heart thundered inside my chest, and my brain short-circuited. Kyle buried his face in my hair. I felt nervous, but inhaling his scent didn't feel
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Close and Closer
"Kate, Kate honey, what are you doing on the couch?" I blinked, unable to process what Aunt Hilda had just said. I found my Aunt's face hovering above me, once again that worried expression plastered on it. Couch? What was I doing on the couch? Pieces of what transpired the night before came to mind. "Um," I started, still disoriented. My eyes caught the television set and uttered the first thing that came to mind. "I uh watched movies." I lied, then stared at the television safely unplugged and not running. My Aunt stared at me, brow raised. I cleared my throat. "Then I got too lazy to get to my room, so I decided to sleep here." I shrugged and stared down at myself. Eff, who am I fooling? I was wearing a full going-out attire except for my sneakers which had been taken off and placed on the carpet. "Hmm," Aunt Hilda eyed me, smelling the little white lie. I bit my lower lip. "Sorry," I said, sounding really guilty. Aunt Hilda shook her head at me and smiled brightly.
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Truth is Ugly
Calling my sister was a big mistake. My hands trembled, and I felt like the world was spinning beneath my feet. The muscles holding my legs steady turned to jelly. Tears streamed down my face before I could fully process what that meant. My chest felt tight, and as I fell to the floor, I hugged my knees, sobbing bitterly. The truth was a hard slap to the face. Time made no difference right now. However, I couldn't make any noise and wake Aunt Hilda. Explaining what was going on and why I was crying could lead to me spilling the truth. The last thing I needed was to complicate the matters at hand. But should I really think about that right now? I just learned that Kyle, my Kyle, gave his life to save mine. And yet, he was here. That was the part that I couldn't grasp. Wiping the tears angrily, I took a moment to consider what to do. I wasn't sure what the next steps were. In my mind, all I wanted was to hug Kyle and forget I even called my sister. That would be easier to
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