By:  Christine Okuonghae  Ongoing
Language: English
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The worst mistake he made was leaving in the first place and the second mistake he made was distrusting her. Maybe he didn't deserve her, maybe he did but all he wants in this life and the next is Amber by his side. With his imperfections and her perfections. 'I need you to stop kissing me.'

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Christine Owings
22 chapters 2/12/24
2024-02-12 15:45:07
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Heather Couture
No updates in 2months I don’t want to start reading if it was abandoned???
2023-03-22 10:55:59
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Delinda Schumacher
22 chapters 1-11-23
2023-01-12 04:18:26
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Renee Whiteman Snyder
Absolutely love reading this book, the Author is doing a great job. Please keep the updates coming. This book is a great read. ...
2022-02-09 10:51:32
22 Chapters
She stopped walking and looked well at the person few feet away from her, standing in this same direction.What was he doing here? He wasn't supposed to come back. He was suppose to be handling his dream job. And she is supposed to be out of the airport, hailing for a cab with her sister instead of gaping at her ex-husband.'Amber, what is it?' She heard her sister in front of her.'Nothing.' She begun to walk to meet her.She looked back, making sure she was not being followed, or maybe she was just exaggerating; she saw his back and his sides, maybe it was somebody else and he was putting on shades. Maybe......Yeah! It was definitely someone else, if he was the one, he would have moved to her....if he saw her perhaps and besides he couldn't possibly remember her after a year? No, not possible .....but how could she remember him after a year? She usually don't remember the boyfriends who didn't mean a thing to her. Maybe because his sister
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She looked at her twin sister as she slept; a lot of persons until now could not differentiate between her and Jessie, because they were just too similar; she had wondered if she could one day live like Jessie; traveling the world, painting, doing exhibitions and going to exhibitions. A fun and adventurous life. Her life was equally fun; she attends conference at the head office, attend international meetings, every Saturday night; she and her friends hit the club for fun and she was back home to her dog by 11:50pm.That was fun for her.Jessie was beautiful and talented, she had cut her hair to reach the base of her neck and she (Amber) had refused because she felt her hair enhances her beauty.'Jess.' She tugged her sister's arm to wake up.The cab had stopped and the driver was bringing out her luggage from the truck of his car.'Can't I just sleep for a whole day?' She grumbled as her eyes fluttered opened.'You can if yo
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Few minutes after she showered, she saw Skype walking round the front door and then she went downstairs to open it.'Where did you go girl?' She asked her. Skype just shake her head and whimpered.'Alright.''You know, you should let that dog go out a bit, a run or something.' She heard her sister as she walked through the hall.'I do that.''Oh okay!' She said before entering her room; the room Amber had reserved for her.'Alright, good night, Skype.' She stroke her dog and kissed her before walking upstairs to Jessie's room.'Amber, do you think I can get a job in the company, I love painting, I do but is it a bad thing to try other things?'Amber sat on her bed. Her father had insisted she get a job, to have something to fall back on, that painting was just a hobby but he didn't need to convince Jessie of the point he was making because Jessie would say proudly that painting was her source of livelihood. 'Of course not,
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She sighed as Susan's screamed, making her shock.'Bachelorette parties are awesome!' Cassie shouted behind her. She knew that because she experienced one herself.They sat down in front of the stage, Susan sitting with a crown on her head and a swarl round her shoulders. On it was written; Bride to be.She didn't think she could have fun. Cassie had actually hired those male stripers, she was completely sure it was Susan's idea; after a few rounds of dancing and more than a few drinks, she began to feel lightheaded. She moved close to the bride, away from the two men who were trying to hold her back to dance with them.'I need to use the bathroom.'Her friend just nod and she went away from the sea of people.She was smiling freely until her feet stopped by the ladies' door. She turned to look at the person standing at end of the bar, standing with his hand in the pocket and drink in one hand.What was Nicholas doing here? When did he get b
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She smiled as she sat down beside her mom on the table for six; her mom, dad, Anthony, Jessie wasn't on her seat, Jake and her cousin; Florence, she just came by to say hi. The couple were dancing and some other couples had joined them on the dance floor.She had left them to be away from Nicholas hawk eyes that didn't waver in her direction; she could breathe normally and think again about other things that was not Nicholas Mitchell.'Hello.' She heard behind her.She gasps silently and rolled her eyes, he just had to follow her here.'Nicholas!' She heard her mom's enthusiastic voice; happy to see him. Her mother never liked him because he couldn't afford to pay for the entire wedding but what changed; she asked as Nicholas hugged her.He smiled at her father; her dad still had a liking of him; he was a good employee.He looked at Jake after he had hugged Florence, waiting for introductions.She looked away; he didn't need to be
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She sighed as Jessie past her; ever since the bachelorette party; Amber hadn't felt the need to talk to her sister because of so much questions she feared Jessie had answers to and Jessie had ignored her anyway, because even she didn't have anything to say to her.She sighed; she wasn't used to remaining furious with someone she lived with, she walked to Jessie's room, just before she could put off the light.Jessie saw her at the door. 'Did you need something, Amber?'She started to say no but she knew she couldn't stay angry with Jessie for no reason especially for a man she was trying so hard to forget he exists.'Have you seen Nicholas?'She sighed tiredly like she didn't have time for such interrogations but she answered anyway. The look in Amber's eye, told her, she couldn't hide everything forever..... eventually she would come to know everything.'Yes. I'm sorry, I didn't tell you earlier. I met him before you did at the airport.' She had
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A week later, she was looking cheerful, she decided to fetch gorceries and she was happy she didn't see Nicholas much to her surprise, it confirmed that he had always been interested in Jessie and still is.She smiled warmly at the security guard before entering; he smiled back flustered and even the manager smiled at her.'You never stop looking stunning, Ms.''Only you say that, Walls.'He smiled; he was happy to serve her anytime; she had been the one who got him this store and funny thing she didn't have pay for anything she buys from here but after a lot of argument, he'd let her off with a huge discount.'Can I be your assistant?' He asked.'I am fine, Walls.' She picked a stroller. 'I will call you if I need anything.' She said heading towards the toiletries.She was making the trip because her schedule next week was crazy; she had meetings to attend. Jessie never have time, she work Monday to Friday and the weekends she wasn't always
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She walked to the kitchen; once she had dropped the things she brought on the counter, she went back to on her answering machine and played for any messages in her absence.'Hello, this is Amber Page, I am busy right now, leave a message.' She heard before she turned her attention to the gorceries on the counter, she began to unpack.'Hey, babe. Just called to say Hi.......I missed you; can we have lunch tomorrow.....call me.' She heard; Jake sounded like he needed something.'Hey, Babe, this is your best friend; the client said the shipping won't be this week, he said next month..... I was upset when I heard; that man likes procrastinating...... I hope you are having a relaxing weekend..... enjoy, see you on Monday.' Cassie's voice ended; he sure likes procrastinating.... about a relaxing weekend.....so far it has been heated. When......She stopped her thinking as she hears her sister's voice.'I don't know where you went, what is keeping you so l
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He smiled at the priest as he called he and the god mother to stand by the child and her mother and he was happy, when he held Amber's hand; he missed touching her, feeling her skin and he could see from where he stood the dark color she had placed on her lashes, and her brows were curved perfectly; he could smell her vanilla perfume;The divorce was all she cared about; he thought as they moved apart.She wanted to divorce him; was she pregnant with Jake's child or was he proposing to marry her?He had asked for them to talk; but he didn't want to just talk. ..he had spoken to Maxwell and he has helped him figured out how to reach her but now, he just didn't know.He had said they should talk about the divorce he didn't want. ....Yes, he had an idea.If she wanted to divorce, she just have to show him that she didn't need him and he knew exactly what to do.He smiled at the ladies that looked his way. He still had effect on the ladies
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Smiling he entered the kitchen. He was feeling joyous; the day was going to end well, he had good vibes about it.'Where is that young man that was with you?' He heard Mrs Pade asked.Nicholas knew who she was talking about. He smiled as he moved to the tray of fruits on the kitchen table. 'He went to take a shower.'She nod her head to him. 'Go sit in the living room, we will serve the food.'He took a bite from the Apple he picked deliberately avoiding the look Amber gave him. He looked directly at his mother-in-law. 'Let me help.'She looked at him smiling and then nodded her head. He held his apple in his hand. 'What do I do?' She smiled at him; 'First, did you finish your work in the study?'Nicholas nod his head.She smiled again. 'First, tell me, how does this taste?' She told him as she placed a half full soup of the porridge, she blew on it first before putting it into his mouth.After few seconds, he gave her a th
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