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Embark on an enchanting journey through the realms of Aqualearia in "Merturned." In this captivating tale, two extraordinary mermaid sisters, Madissa and Nerissa, find their lives interwoven with Bryan and Joe, two marine biologists from the human world. Their worlds collide as they discover the existence of mythical creatures and embark on an adventure that defies belief. Madissa, bound by tradition and responsibility, yearns for freedom beyond the constraints of her underwater kingdom. Nerissa, driven by curiosity and compassion, embraces the mysteries of the ocean with an open heart. Bryan and Joe, dedicated scientists, stumble upon the mermaids and are propelled into a world they never thought possible. Leaving behind the familiar shores of the human realm, Bryan and Joe venture into the depths of Aqualearia, where science and myth converge. In Tritania's hidden kingdom, their paths entwine with Madissa and Nerissa, forming an unlikely bond that challenges the boundaries between land and sea. As love blossoms and secrets unravel, the story explores themes of bravery, sacrifice, and the indomitable power of the human heart. Through treacherous tides and forbidden encounters, the characters are tested in ways they never imagined. Their journey unearths the true essence of wonder, discovery, and the unbreakable bonds that transcend myth and reality. "Merturned" is a mesmerizing fusion of mythical allure and scientific exploration. With its richly imagined world, compelling characters, and themes of unity and discovery, this tale invites readers to dive deep into the depths of Aqualearia and embark on a transcendent adventure that will leave them spellbound.

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Absolutely well-written! beautifully lush descriptions and very good grammer and overall, an 8 out of 10 for me ... I say great job to the Author of this work!
2023-06-14 03:04:41
117 Chapters
Chapter 1: A Beautiful Morning
Chapter 1: A Beautiful Morning Nerissa's eyes flutter open to the soft glow of her chamber's bioluminescent lighting. The walls are adorned with delicate seashells, intricately woven together with strands of seaweed. The ceiling above her bed shows a beautiful moonhole framed in smooth pearls, the entrance to her personal Airgarden. Above her coral desk, a masterpiece of intricately crafted pearls is strung together to form an elegant chandelier that shimmers in the soft light. Her bed is a vision of luxury, its frame crafted from the most exquisite coral, carved into intricate designs that mimic the natural beauty of the ocean floor. The canopy above her is woven from strands of sea silk, its iridescent sheen shimmering in the light of the room. As she sits up, she feels the soft touch of the sheets against her skin. They are made from the finest seaweed fibers, woven together with delicate strands of seasilk. The pillows are filled with the softest down from the winged manta
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Chapter 2 Humans
Chapter 2 HumansAs Nerissa swims towards Madissa's chamber, a sense of unease settles within her. Something feels off, and her sister's distant and aloof behavior only heightens her concern. Is Madissa unwell? What could be troubling her? Nerissa's role as the second oldest daughter compels her to protect and care for her older sister, and she can't shake off the responsibility she feels towards Madissa.She enters the chamber and finds Madissa sitting in stillness, her gaze fixed on the walls. Worry etches itself onto Nerissa's features as she approaches. "Madissa, what's troubling you? Are you feeling alright?" she signs, her expressions reflecting genuine concern.Madissa looks up, her expression filled with a mixture of pain and vulnerability. "Nerissa, I apologize. There's something I've been keeping from both you and Selena, and I can no longer bear the weight of it," she signs, her hands gracefully forming the signs. Aquasign, their unique sign language, allows them to communic
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Chapter 3 Mer-kiss
Chapter 3 Mer’kissed Nerissa watches Madissa with the limp human in her arms. She can see the desperation on her sister's face as she presses her lips to his, initiating the Mer-kiss. The transformation begins, and Nerissa can see Bryan's body twitching slightly, as if trying to fight off the change. She knows that it can be a difficult process for humans, but it is their only hope of survival. Nerissa swims closer, keeping a watchful eye on the sharks that are still circling the area. She can feel the tension in the water, the sense of danger lurking just beneath the surface. But she knows that they cannot give up. They have come too far, risked too much, to let these humans perish. As Joe was being dragged by the strong rip current, he felt his energy fading away. He had never been a good swimmer, and the ocean was quickly turning into his grave. He looked around, searching for any sign of hope, but all he saw were the waves crashing over his head and the sky far above.
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Chapter 4 Merfilk A Secret Kept.
Chapter 4 Merfilk, A Secret Kept As the three mermaids entered the cavern, the mermaid they had saved followed closely behind. The atmosphere inside the cave shifts, the surroundings enveloped in an ethereal glow emanating from bioluminescent algae that cling to the walls. The cavern reveals itself gradually, a hidden sanctuary in the depths of the ocean. Submerged in water, much of the cavern is an underwater realm, where colorful marine life dances and coral formations reach towards the unseen sunlight. The gentle sway of seaweed and the soft murmur of the currents add to the enchanting ambiance. However, towards the back of the cavern, a large air pocket emerges, providing a haven where air mingles with the scent of salt and dampness. Above the waterline, a sizable rock ledge juts out, providing a safe perch for the two unconscious human men. Nerissa and Madissa carefully position the men on the ledge, their bodies resting against the solid surface, offering a temporary respite,
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Chapter 5 Transformation
Chapter 5 TransformationMadissa swims to the ledge and cautiously lifts the edge of the cloak, revealing that the man's pants obscure much of the ongoing transformation. While his torso remains unchanged, his legs appear slightly smaller, indicating a gradual change. Relieved that he has stopped bleeding, she gently covers him again with the cloak. Turning to her sister, she conveys her findings with a mix of relief and lingering worry."They are changing, but it happens slowly. This one still has legs," Madissa signs, her facial expression reflecting a blend of relief and concern.Curiosity piqued, Madissa lifts herself up on the ledge and leans forward, pressing her ear against the chest of the man she had rescued. After a brief moment, she returns to the water, her body buoyant, and shares her observation with Nerissa."He is still alive. Check his heart. The transformation might stop if they die," Madissa signs, emphasizing the importance of monitoring their vital signs.Nerissa
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Chapter 6 Introductions
Chapter 6 IntroductionsNerissa gracefully makes circular motions with her hand, inviting the new mermen to join them in the water. She creates small splashes by gently tapping the surface, hoping to convey the message of invitation. Aware of their unfamiliarity with Aquasign, she observes as the two mermen exchange glances, hesitating before sliding off the ledge and using their hands for support. In the water, they begin testing the maneuverability of their tails, exploring different movements and occasionally emitting unfamiliar sounds. Nerissa and the others watch, unable to understand their communication but recognizing their intent as they practice. Turning to Madissa, Nerissa uses Aquasign to ask, "Do we have any food left? I remember bringing extra jars of fish eggs and seagrapes." Madissa nods in response, deliberately making her way to the basket of food to ensure they have sustenance for their underwater journey.Madissa retrieves a large flat seashell and two containers mad
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Chapter 7 Aquasign
Chapter 7 AquasignThe mermaids turn their attention back to the food, passing the basket around and taking turns choosing their favorites. They chat amicably with each other. He notices that Nerissa's fingers are slender and agile, and she seems to be communicating a message with each gesture.Bryan looks at the basket of food that Nerissa is passing around, and though he can't understand what she is saying in Aquasign, he is able to identify some of the edibles from his training as a marine biologist.Joe watches Nerissa's graceful gestures with awe and wonder. He has never seen anything like it before and is entranced by her movements. He doesn't understand what she is saying, but he knows that she has saved his life and is grateful for her kindness.Nerissa watches as they eat, relieved that they seem to be okay. She knows that they will need to be careful, but for now, she is just happy that they are all safe.As the new mermen finish eating from their shared plate, Bryan looks to
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Chapter 8 A Brother’s Loyalty
Chapter 7 A Brother’s loyaltyMadissa calls upon Triton for assistance in retrieving the air bladder. As Triton approaches, he overhears their conversation, causing his heart to race with concern. He scans the cave, finding no other presence besides their group. His attention then turns to the air bladder, prompting him to question its contents."Who's inside?" Triton demands, pointing at the air bladder.Nerissa and Madissa exchange nervous glances, and Nerissa steps forward, imploring Triton for his discretion. "Please, Triton, we need your help. You can't reveal this to anyone."Triton furrows his brow, seeking an explanation. "What's going on? Who is hiding in the air bladder?"Madissa speaks up, revealing their act of rescuing two drowning humans who can't breathe underwater. She explains that they have brought them here to provide them with air, and now the humans are concealed within the air bladder.Triton is taken aback. "Humans? In the water? Are you out of your minds?""We h
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Chapter 9 Merfolk Lessons
Chapter 9 Merfolk LessonsAs the days went by, Bryan and Joe's grasp of Aquasign continued to improve, albeit slowly. In the first week, they learned the most basic words and phrases, such as "hello," "thank you," and "goodbye." They also began to pick up on the nuances of Aquasign's complex aquasign language, which relied heavily on subtle movements and gestures.During the second week, Nerissa and Madissa continued to teach them new words and phrases, and the two men began to gain a deeper understanding of Aquasign's grammar and syntax. They learned how to form simple sentences and expressed their thoughts and emotions more clearly.As the third week began, Madissa started teaching Bryan and Joe about the merfolk's manners and customs. They learned about the importance of respecting personal space and how to properly address someone of higher rank. They practiced their aquasign language and learned new vocabulary related to etiquette and social interactions. Bryan and Joe were gratef
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Chapter 10 Reflections
Chapter 10 ReflectionsJoe and Bryan begin their day like any other, joining their fellow merfolk in the grand dining hall for breakfast. The enticing aroma of freshly baked seaweed rolls fills the water as they find their seats, surrounded by lively conversation and the gentle glow of the morning sunlight.Having savored their meal, Joe and Bryan make their way to the training fields, where Aros, the seasoned Merguardian, awaits their arrival. Today's focus is on refining their skills with the weapons they have chosen to specialize in. Bryan's eyes are drawn to the sleek design of his long spear, its shimmering appearance catching the light. He tightens his grip, familiar with its weight and balance. Joe, on the other hand, has opted for a three-foot trident, its prongs crafted with meticulous precision.Aros leads the way, demonstrating the fluidity and grace required for effective underwater combat. Joe and Bryan follow his lead, their movements synchronized and purposeful. They pra
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