Fictitious Reality

Fictitious Reality

By:  Apratyashita Thakur  Completed
Language: English
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##WELCOME TO THE YEAR 2075## The Future is here.Sia Zen gets separated from her parents at the tender age of seven when she hides in a boat that was destined for Sentinel islands. She is brought up by Mr. Roy who guides and supports her. She goes on to become the sole librarian of the island. One day she wakes up to realize that she doesn't remember anything that happened in the past few days. After a long struggle when she regains her memory she is faced with a dilemma. She has to choose between saving her lover and saving the human race. Will she find the courage to the one who has gone against his own kind to save her life or would she choose to ignore the destruction that is lurking?It is easy to choose between right and wrong but the real challenge is making a choice between 'GOOD' and 'BETTER' ; 'BAD' and 'WORSE'.

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146 Chapters
A group of about 50 Viridians was gathered in an open field secured by a thick overgrowth of trees and bushes. They were communicating telepathically. So, the chance of someone hearing their voice and coming over was close to nil.Sia was the only human present amidst the Veridians. She had bumped into two Veridians deliberately. The Viridians dragged her along since they were getting late for the meeting. They didn’t bother to tie her up as they considered her too weak to escape. “The enforcements will arrive soon. Then, we will take ove
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Zuben stirred from his sleep when he heard his mother’s sweet voice, “ Wake up honey, It is such a beautiful day. It’s time to get up.” “ Momma…..” His baby voice trailed off as he got up and rubbed his small eyes. He looked so adorable in that sleepy avatar. You couldn’t resist the urge to hug him.He got off the bed and dang….dang…dang… ran towards his mother with baby steps, the corner of his blanket still in his hand. It was made of thermal microns that kept the enclosure at a cons
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Miss Sarah Zen had been working in her cabin, which was also her bedroom. The walls in her bedroom were completely covered in screens. The one facing the bed displayed the details of all the companies that she owned, which is a lot considering that they owned close to fifty. She could inspect the work-stations, give commands, take decisions, and authorize others to do the work for her using that single screen.She would get so tired seeing through so much footage that she rarely checked the footage of her house which was displayed on the screen behind th
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Sarah Zen was jubilant today. It was maybe the fourth or fifth time that her husband, Arnold was sitting right in front of her. Moreover, he seemed in a wonderful mood which was so unlike his character.“ I am so proud of you Sarah! You acquired the ‘Network Jamming Chip’ for me. You are the best.”Sarah’s brows furrowed in confusion. How could she have helped him to acquire something when she didn’t even know what it was?
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“How did a pin covered in plumbic cyanide reach my son’s hand? I want to know the answer as soon as possible!” Arnold roared at the group of detectives who had gathered for the video conference.He felt irritation and fury bubble within him as he looked at the faces of the useless detectives and security personnel. He wondered why he spent so much money on them if they couldn’t even guard his son! He picked up the transmuter on the table and threw it at the screen releasing some of his pent up fury. He felt that he would explode i
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Arnold made Sarah sit comfortably on the bed and then taking her hand in his, he said, “ Sarah, Please talk to me. I know I am wrong. I was the one who was never there for you. What I did was wrong. I should never have accused you. I was never angry with you. I am angry with myself, with my incapacity to save my…our son.” When Sarah still didn’t respond Arnold felt disheartened and hopeless. He squeezed her hands and said in a pitiful voice, “Please…..”Sarah’s resolve broke when she saw her mighty husban
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Sarah’s arms ached and she stretched herself to relieve some pain. Her hands landed on something soft and warm. This jolted her awake. She had slept alone most of her life. So, she sat up quickly to investigate the source.  There lying in all glory was Arnold himself. Her cheeks reddened as she recalled their passion-filled lovemaking. A loud gasp escaped her mouth as the realization of what they had done, sank in. “Gosh!! What will we do now?” Sarah exclaimed loudly.
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Sarah moved up and down the room like a caged tiger. Then she sat down but she kept shaking her legs and wringing her hands. Then she got up and started pacing again. She felt the knot in her stomach tighten as she waited for the clock to strike 10:00.The moment the clock struck ten she tapped the call button on her screen. “What was the verdict?” Sarah asked before Arnold could even say hello.
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Arnold paced around his office deep in thought. He felt his blood boil at the thought of what Mr. Rendall did. “The nerve of him to mess with me! Did he think that making me dance to his tune is a child’s play? Just wait and watch as I turn tables on him.” Arnold muttered resolutely and tapped on the screen.He called an emergency video conference of all the detectives and security personnel under him via his private satellite that was designed for emergencies such as this. Within moments all were online.
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When it was 5 in the evening Arnold signaled his trusted Assistant Roasty. He had designed the robot in such a way that it couldn’t be controlled by the others and it responded to the commands given only by him. If someone else tried to control Roasty it would shut down instantly.“Roasty, You have to keep a watch on, screen number five. You should be able to see me at all times. In case you see me in danger deploy Squadron Spice ( A team of robots that have varying capabilities just like spices) to rescue me. Is that clear.”
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