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In a bid to lose her innocence to some random guy just before she leaves for college, Leah goes to a bar full of men with her friend. However, fate draws her to one man and she goes home with him. After a night of wild passion, she doesn't remember much but his face is not one she can forget. Her first class on campus, she realises the man who took her first kiss and virginity is none other than Jared, her Econs professor.What can she do? What should she do? Pretend it never happened or confront him on the fact that he'd left her all alone in his house and had to find her way back home?Jared thinks he's made the biggest mistake of his life but what happens when Leah is named a second representative of her class, will he continue to make that mistake? Secrets will be exposed, friends will become haters.Will their past leave them alone or will it come hunting for both of them in human form? How long can they pretend? How long can they hide it from the school?

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I noticed some of my readers were having issues with chapters 92-93. I am sorry for the confusion. It was written in Jared's POV and Aly is the only one who is available to explain the situation as Leah is too traumatised to do or say anything. I hope this clears the air. Again, I deeply apologise.
2024-04-15 15:57:40
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Becka is such an Amazing girlfriend… helping your friend to get laid lol
2024-04-08 01:41:10
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beautiful and well written... haven't been able to put my phone away .........
2024-04-08 01:35:59
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Tessa Banks
Haven't been able to drop my phone. There's so much happening that I feel like I'm part of the book itself. ......️
2024-04-01 17:15:23
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Delinda Schumacher
81 chapters 3-14-24
2024-03-15 03:10:49
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Theresa Aba
This is exciting ......️
2024-03-02 05:51:52
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harika k
it very nice
2024-02-19 03:01:59
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Chelsea Fernandez
How can she not remember anything?
2024-02-13 00:10:24
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James Og
wow it's crazy how one feels sometimes....the most wanted one night adventure and she still couldn't remember anything about it..... it's an interesting story
2024-01-11 19:29:58
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“How about that guy?”“Ew! No! He looks old enough to be my grandpa.”“That’s a gross exaggeration. Besides, you said you just wanted someone to lose your virginity to.”Becka and I had gone to the bar to celebrate my being accepted into the same college Becka attended. We’d been inseparable ever since she spat on a boy who had pushed me on the playground in pre-school. We went to the same middle school, high school and now, college.The bar was full of people since it was peak hours. I had told my mum I would be sleeping over at her place so we could both prepare for the new session. I hadn’t lied. This was us preparing for college. We were looking for a guy who would be willing to have a one night stand with me. I’d missed out on everything fun when I was involved in accident that claimed my dad and left me with a huge scar across my chest where I had been operated and a 2 year long coma. Luckily, my face was spared. There were other lacerations along my body but they were quite f
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I looked at Becka who just smiled and nodded her head eagerly. “Don’t worry about me. I have adventures of my own.”She whispered in my ears as she read the look in my eyes. I was worried she’d be pissed that I left her alone to follow some dude I’d never met.Most people judged Becka because she was loud, moody, sometimes very inappropriate and a bad influence on me like my mother insinuated but I thought she was the realest person I knew who didn’t sugarcoat things or thought the world was full of rainbows at every corner.She was as real as life got.She was vocal, where I was timid, strong where I was weak and we fit like two halves of a burnt puzzle.I nodded at her and smiled at the man.“Sure.” Becka waved at me while she went in the opposite direction of her house, going to heavens knows where. I was nervous as fuck as he drove us to his place. I knew the rules of the game. No names exchanged. No questions asked. He’d wear protection and I would pepper spray him and kick hi
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Funeral processions had gone by quickly since she was still quite young. Very few people came by as she didn’t have a lot of friends or family.I couldn’t stay in the house after what I had seen and Becka’s parents had gladly housed me even though I had woken them up every night since that day.I’d made them promise not to tell Becka. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell any other person who hadn’t seen it happen.“Say hi to Becka for me and tell her to call home often. We haven’t seen her or heard from her in a while.”David, Becka’s dad, hugged me as they called passengers for boarding.I nodded at him and smiled at her mum. They waved me bye as I went towards the boarding area. I didn’t look back because I knew the emotions I’d read in their eyes and I didn’t want to see them.Despite their tasking jobs, they’d driven me up to the airport and waited till I got called in. I would forever be grateful for them.I took a deep breath As I boarded the plane, wondering how long it’d take
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Snickers emanated all around me as his eyes narrowed and water continued to spill. “Are you just going to sit there and watch it spill over?” His tone hard and directed at me. It bounced me out of my stupefied state.I left the class to find a janitor who could direct me to the cleaning supplies room. Luckily, I found one with a mop stick. I had somehow managed to make a fool of myself in front of the entire class and also delayed the class by extra 20 minutes.By the time I had returned the mop and gotten back to my seat, he’d scribbled his name across the board and introduced himself. “My name is Jared. I will be your ECON101 lecturer for the semester. My door is always open to receive you should you have any questions.” How on earth had I managed to have the worst luck in the world? Ohio to California was as far away as far away got so, the chances that my one night stand stood in front of me as my Econs lecturer was already the world playing a huge joke on me. If at all fate
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I snapped my head up.Had I heard right?Matt came in before I could confirm if he actually remembered me or not. He continued to list of requirements and rules for us without a mention of the previous incident and I forgot about it.If he was going to pretend he didn’t remember me, then I didn’t either. Why I felt disappointed, I couldn’t fathom.“ one of those cool teachers.”“Hmm?” I had zoned out as Matt continued to drone off. Matt was cute in every sense. He looked like he played football in high school and was the probably the star player. I had a thing for shaggy blonde haired boys with baby blue eyes.“I said Jared is quite young. He’s so cool.” So guys also worshipped the ground where he walked. I rolled my eyes and snorted.“You don’t think so.” He said as a matter-of-fact.“I mean, I think it’s amazing that he’s got degrees so young. I just don’t see the hype.” He looked at me disbelievingly.“What? He’s overrated.” I lied through my teeth.“Yeah right.”We continue
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“The demand affects the supply and that is why…” Jared droned off. Since 9am that I’d been in the class, the ladies behind me wouldn’t shut up and I could barely hear a word he’d been saying. “I think he just looked at me.” One of them giggled. “I think so too.” I looked to the back and set a glare on both of them. “Can you guys please keep quiet?” Their faces turned menacing. “What is going on?” I cringed in embarrassment as Jared’s voice reached my ears. “Nothing.” I muttered. His eyes narrowed at me. “You can’t disturb my class and not explain why.” My face tinged red in anger. I wanted to chuck something at his head. The girls behind me snickered in derision. “I’m sorry sir.” He paid me no mind as we continued the class. Every single second I spent in Jared’s class only made me hate him more. He was as difficult as he looked. I was stupid for thinking just because we’d met before, he’d be lenient with me. “I fucking hate him.” Matt chuckled beside me as we returned from hi
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I decided against going into the class as I stood in front of the door.“God… I cannot face this man today.” I muttered to myself.“Are you going into my class or are you leaving? Which is it?” A voice that haunted my dreams reverberated behind me. I closed my eyes and counted to 5 in my head before I faced him. Feeling the contact irritate my eyes, I struggled to resist the urge to rub them.Why did he have to be so good-looking? I wanted so much to bash his head in so I didn’t have to be reminded everyday of how handsome he looked. I forced a smile on my face and batted my lashes at him, trying to see if he’d cave.“Sorry Mr Jared. Your classes are on of my best ones here on campus. I wouldn’t miss it for a thing.”If he knew that I was mocking him, he didn’t show it. Instead he brushed past me and muttered something I never thought he would under his breath.“And I’m the asshole.”I could swear his eyes found mine every minute and narrowed imperceptibly at me. Just when I thought I
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“I swear, anyone who chucks a ball of paper at me again will…”“What will you do? Hmm?” Someone from the back yelled. I’d had enough of the insults, sneers, derisive comments and physical attacks. I stood up to address the issue when Jared walked in.“Everyone settled down.” Jared’s deep voice interrupted me, calming the atmosphere with his presence.I bit my tongue and swallowed whatever I was going to utter.“Sir, the assignment was not our fault. If anything, it’s water bottle girl’s assignment that shouldn’t be accepted.” I’d decided to name the girls always behind me, for God knows what reason, GG (gossip girl) 1 and 2. I wasn’t interested in learning their names. GG1 had spoken.“I think the whole class agrees on the fact that we don’t want her as our representative anymore.” Her voice seeping with vitriol. I had cost them part of their CA and I wasn’t surprised they’d wanted that. I understood how they felt and I would accept that. What I couldn’t take was the constant assault.
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Jared lifted me up and let go of my body as if it burned him to stay in close proximity with me.“Are you okay?” Alyssa’s panicked tone sliced through the awkward air.“Yeah.” My voice sounded mangled and I cleared my throat, avoiding Jared’s eyes. I adjusted my shirt where it had ridden up and my skin felt warm to touch. I hoped it wasn’t obvious how tensed and embarrassed I felt.“I’ll see you around.” Jared finally spoke up, facing Alyssa. She blushed in return as he left, leaving just Alyssa and me in the hallway.“Now that is some cake.” I turned to look at her, shock marring my features.She giggled, covering her mouth in what? Embarrassment? She probably had forgotten that I was there with her.“I cannot believe you.” I shook my head and walked beside her as we exited the building.She wasn’t wrong though. Jared had it and my ears burned with the knowledge that I’d just checked his ass out.I would be lying if I said I hadn’t felt shivers all over. My skin still burned from his
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I gambled on my thoughts and sent a risky text. I knew I’d never have the confidence to face him in person because even after sorting out my feelings I still felt confused.Call me stupid but something in me held onto the glimmer of hope that maybe he actually wanted something with me and I wasn’t being delusional.“Can we talk?” I placed my phone on my bed face down and squeezed my fist and biting my lip nervously. Was he going to reply? What was he going to reply?My phone chimed with a message and my heart skipped a beat. I blew out a breath and picked up my phone.“Why?” I squinted at my phone, trying to see if I’d missed the rest of his message.“What do you mean why? We need to talk.” I seethed as I battled with my keyboard.“I don’t think there’s anything we should talk about.” I could almost see his eyebrows drop in a frown. I scoffed. Apparently, only me thought there was this weird energy between us and it just made things incredibly awkward between us.“Okay, maybe it’s jus
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