Chapter 11

“What is wrong with you, asshole?” Alice dropped her bag by the pool and marched to Vincent before pushing him into the pool. “Don’t mess with me. Don’t talk to Simon.” Alice pointed a finger at Vincent, who emerged from the water and wiped his face with his palm.

“Simon is an ass,” Vincent scoffed.

“No, you're the ass. What is wrong with you? I don’t want you anywhere near me or Simon.”

Vincent raised his brow. “You are the one who came after me. You pushed me into this pool.”

“I’m warning you, Vincent. If you try anything funny again with Simon. I’ll come in at night and carve you in your sleep. You jerk,” Alice huffed and walked to grab her school bag and walked off.

She wasn’t walking fast enough because Vincent caught up to her and pushed back, “Don’t touch me, Vincent.”

“You need to apologize for attacking me like that while I was trying to have a delightful time. You just ruined my day.”

Alice sneered and yanked her hand hard and dropped her backpack. “I will not apologize beca
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