Chapter 12

Vincent tried his best and failed to chat with Alice before he went away. Every day he was out of sight from her, he could picture Alice getting further away from his grasp. He wished he could have been honest with her in the beginning before he went away, and maybe things would have been different. There was another part of him that didn't want to use his reasons for going away as an excuse, because that would be selfish.

He had been a douche mostly to Simon before he left. It took him a while to understand that he had done all those stupid things because he was jealous. Vincent wanted to set things right and talk to Alice mostly today. He was tired of sitting around and waiting for Alice and Simon to break up since they met, but that wasn't happening. Her social media was showing a different story. It was filled with hashtags and goals of how cute of a couple they were. It wasn't pleasant to watch.

Vincent had been gone longer than the advised time, and he felt like things were all
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