[ENG] The Useless Duchess's Second Chance

[ENG] The Useless Duchess's Second Chance

By:  Aurora  Completed
Language: English
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“No matter how many times we turn back time, in the end, you and I will still be enemies. Don't you understand? This tragedy will never end until one of us dies.” In her previous life, Ariana lived as a stupid duchess who gave up her name just for the crown prince. Her mistake left her territory destroyed, her entire family annihilated, while Ariana was poisoned and abandoned after she was useless. In the end, Ariana ended her life by jumping from the top floor of the castle she lived in and dying regretfully. Given a second chance, Ariana returns to a time when the tragedy had not yet occurred. Ariana realized that the second chance was a chance for her to make up for all her mistakes. The girl was determined, that she would become a useful duchess for the kingdom she loved. War, battle for the throne, and a grand conspiracy will accompany Ariana on her journey to becoming the only duchess in the Kingdom of Sigmund.

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168 Chapters
1. The Abandonment Fiancé
In a large, dark room, a pair of beautiful eyes belonging to a woman stared straight at the wall in front of her. Helped by the pile of pillows she had painstakingly gathered, the woman was finally able to sit up after she had been lying down for a very long time. Her thin body trembled slightly as she struggled to support herself again. Seeing her almost resembling a living skull, no one would believe that she was the most beautiful girl in the entire kingdom in the past. She's Ariana Madeline Alison. The only last descendant of the Duke of Alison, the most influential family who became a legend for working with the first king in founding the Kingdom of Sigmund. Her name has always been the target of praise since she was born. Because not only beautiful, Ariana is also very talented in presenting women's skills. Born as only one noble level below the king, it felt normal for Ariana to be immediately engaged to Crown Prince Emilio shortly after her birth. Hundreds of women cried with
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2. Back To The Past (Part 1)
When Ariana opened her eyes again, she found that she was still breathing and lying on the soft mattress she hadn't felt in a long time. Ariana's brows immediately furrowed when she felt a strange feeling in her body. Falling from that height should crush her body into shape. But this time, not only did she no longer feel any discomfort in her entire body, but Ariana also realized that she could again move the parts of her body that should have been paralyzed by the poison she had consumed. Can fall from a height cure the poison lodged in her body? Ariana thought it was impossible. Ariana never knew that there was such a method to neutralize poison that even the best doctors couldn't cure. Not to mention that her body was too fine for someone who had just fallen from a height. Ariana tried to get up when by chance the door in the room was opened by someone. "You are awake, Lady Aria. Please allow me to call the doctor first."Nothing can describe Ariana's surprise when she saw her
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3. Back To The Past (Part 2)
"Grandpa, where are Mother and Father? I … I want to meet them too." Since Ariana still felt like she was in the afterlife presently, the first thing she asked was the whereabouts of her parents, whom she missed so much. But her question immediately made Andrew's movements stop. The man stared at his granddaughter for a long time, while James immediately took over and came over to talk to the girl. "Lady Aria ... Did you forget? The Young Lady's parents ... They are in a better place now." Ariana's brows knit together as she heard that answer. "Aren't I dead too? Are … Father and Mother somewhere else in this realm?" "What exactly are you talking about?" Andrew's expression changed again as his granddaughter started to say nonsense. He was about to be angry that the little girl dared to say that she had died so easily. His voice even got sharper. But when he received pleading glances from the butler in his house, the man tried to calm his emotions as he massaged the bridge of his
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4. Feeling Grateful
"Lady Aria?"James was really surprised when he walked in, the man could see her normally sweet-behaved young lady daydreaming with an expression that a child shouldn't have. James was worried because ever since the girl woke up from her stupor, Ariana had been acting different from usual. Even the way she treated her grandfather, was far different from the way the girl usually behaved.For now, James intended to keep a close eye on Ariana's change in attitude. After all, Ariana is the only heir to her family at this time. The slightest bit of carelessness can no longer be tolerated. James didn't want his master to be angry anymore, like when the man heard the news that his granddaughter had fallen into the pool and passed out for several days."Lady Aria, I have brought the food that you previously asked for. Since The Young Lady has just come to your senses, please forgive me for being able to only prepare easily digestible food for your meal."Ariana had been awake from her daydream
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5. Becoming a True Heir
Standing in front of the girl's grandfather's study door, Ariana took a deep breath to calm her slightly nervous feelings. As Ariana expected, her grandfather didn't let her wait too long when the man immediately allowed Ariana to come to his study. Both James and Duke Andrew must have known what Ariana was up to want to speak directly to the head of the family. Ariana knew she couldn't embarrass herself in her grandfather's study. Ariana tried to correct her posture before she politely knocked on the door."Grandpa, this is Aria. May I come in now?""Do come in."Duke Andrew immediately replied from inside the room after Ariana introduced herself. Carefully, Ariana opened the door of Grandpa's study which was large and difficult to reach with her small body. She had a hard time opening it, but her dignified look returned when Ariana pushed the large door shut again.Seeing the adorable behavior of his rarely-seen granddaughter, Duke Andrew couldn't help but a small smile formed on his
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6. Suspicion
“Then I'll go first, Grandpa!”Duke Andrew watched as his granddaughter cheerfully came out of his room after they had finished talking together. The smile that was originally visible on Duke Andrew's lips was completely gone, when the door to his study closed tightly again after Ariana left.“James, you're here, right?”Out of the shadows, James came out and bowed respectfully to his master. “I'm here, Your Grace,” he said respectfully. Duke Andrew's brows furrowed from time to time, as his granddaughter's sudden change of mind completely boggled his mind at the moment.“James, who's in charge of following Aria when she visits the palace?” Duke Andrew asked.“It's Valencia and the two knights named Luke and Cale, My Lord. Do I need to summon them here?”Duke Andrew nodded and James took his orders immediately. It didn't take long before the summoned people knelt before the Duke. They all greeted Duke Andrew respectfully, before standing back up when Duke Andrew had allowed them to.“T
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7. The Lost Memories
Ariana returned to her room after she finished talking to her grandfather. Before they started a conversation, Ariana already knew that she couldn't hide everything from her grandfather. Ariana was lucky to be able to come with an agreement so easily this time. Using an excuse about learning swordsmanship, was indeed the right choice for Ariana. As long as she continues to defy royal policies and act casually, Ariana is sure not even the king will protest when their family decides to break off her engagement to Crown Prince Emilio.About the possible consequences of going against the palace's orders, Ariana believed she could use her accident to pretend to be acting crazy. In her previous life, Ariana remembered well that both the queen, the crown prince, and the king were very shocked when they heard the news that Ariana had deliberately thrown herself into the pool after returning from the royal palace.Even though it wasn't necessarily their fault, the people were still afraid to o
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8. Prepare For Your Studies
Ariana walked carefully as she decided to spend her spare time checking out the backyard where she fell a few days ago. Although Ariana herself wasn't sure she would find any clues there, the girl at least wanted to try and satisfy her curiosity.“Uh, where's the pool?”But when Ariana reached the place, her forehead wrinkled as she couldn't see any pool as far as the eye could see. Valencia, who was following Ariana, followed the girl's gaze, then immediately understood what the girl was really thinking.“Ah, the backyard pool has been replaced with a flower garden after His Grace deemed the place dangerous for Lady Aria. After His Grace carried out a major renovation of the backyard garden, this place has now been declared safe as Lady Aria's playground.”Ariana knew she was wrong. If she knew her grandfather would change the backyard after her accident, she would rather ask Valencia directly than pretend she wanted to take a walk to the backyard with Valencia. Ariana hadn't noticed
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9. Sudden Visit to The Palace
Without Ariana knowing, she had fallen asleep while hugging the box left by her parents in front of her wardrobe. Sleeping only with her nightgown resulted in Ariana involuntarily curling up to make her body feel warmer throughout the night. It was only when Duke Andrew walked into Ariana's room in the morning, that the man finally saw that his granddaughter was sleeping in a miserable state while holding a box. With gentle motion, Duke Andrew moved Ariana to sleep on her own bed. The man's gaze was filled with traces of helplessness, as the man knew he had acted so viciously towards his only granddaughter. Duke Andrew had forced a girl as young as Ariana to shoulder the burden of being the only heir to the duke title that her family had for generations. The girl in front of him was still so young, that he could fall asleep after crying while hugging something precious to her. A girl like Ariana should get what she wants and be happy, as the only granddaughter of a powerful person li
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10. Sudden Change
In a beautiful garden, a beautiful woman is looking at the son who is practicing swordsmanship with his sword teacher. On her beautiful face, there was a serious expression as her eyes refused to leave the movements of her son, who was trying his best to keep up with his teacher's lessons. It seemed, the beautiful woman was reluctant to blink because she was afraid that she might pass something when she closed her eyes.“Your Majesty the Queen.”Only when her trusted maid called out, the woman slightly avert her eyes. Her face remained as cold as ever, as she stared at the maid without saying anything.“Duke Andrew came to see His Majesty the King today. No one knows what they were talking about. However today, His Majesty the King has made an announcement that due to Lady Ariana's deteriorating health after the accident, the royal family has decided to end the engagement between Crown Prince Emilio and Lady Ariana.”“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!”Due to the woman's sharp scream, even the child
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