Apocalypse Elements Book One: Fire

Apocalypse Elements Book One: Fire

By:  Kindra White  Completed
Language: English
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***Completed*** Kalama is a woman born in a world on the very brink of chaos and destruction. To stop its downfall she has to find the fifth element and put a stop to the pain and suffering caused by Apocalypse. Will she be able to overcome her insecurities to lead and defeat her, or will she just be another victim to the flames?

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56 Chapters
Deep in the heart of the Soulless Forest, where it was deadly silent, stood a small old castle. One might say as old as time itself. But this castle stands as strong as the day they built it. It was dark, not of color, but charm and hospitality. The hairs on the back of your neck are likely to stand up if you were near this castle. You w
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The Car Ride
 Kalama I don’t need this today, I really don’t need this. Slamming the car door, I walk, more like stumble,
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The Painting
Kalama I have been working for Joyce for almost 3 years now, right after college. Didn’t want to work for dad, even if it was as his accountant. Didn’t like to help in the shop. 
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The Bond
Apocalypse “I should erase them all from this wretched place.” Taking a seat in front of him,  I crossed my legs slowly just to tease him. I needed some distraction,  knowing he is following my every move.
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The Chief
Kalama Couple of days after the incident at work, I’m back at my apartment. Everyone wants to know what happened, why I have been unconscious for almost three days. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.
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The Stranger
Kalama I was driving to work, thinking of what happened between Remy and me. The kiss never should have happened. Still, I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. I shouldn’t have let my vulnerability take the upp
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The Beautiful People
Kalama It was very early in the morning. There were pink and purple streaks in the sky, still lying in bed and feeling as if a bus hit me. My head hurts and I’m sure I have dark circles under my eyes. 
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The Showdown
Apocalypse  “Ugh.” I sighed, feeling nauseated of all the flower gardens this place has and sick of hearing those filthy birds sing all day. Scowling, I walked toward the edge of the forest.  Feeling the co
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The Playtime
Apocalypse Letting the madness get the upper hand over me made me feel weak, I hate feeling weak and that he has to bring me back from the brink of madness. It made the feeling worse. Escorted out, as if I was a child. 
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