Chapter Seven

"What the fuck?!" Vanessa muttered after a while, finding it hard to believe everything that just happened. It was true that She didn't mean to walk in on Brian, it was also true that She couldn't get rid of his naked body from her memory but that was because the incident was fresh right? She would eventually forget how his body was as time went by. The thought of Brian seeing her naked brought a feeling of discomfort in her. A side of her thought his motive was to ridicule her. He had the body of a greek god while she, on the other hand, was a regular girl with a regular body. A body that couldn't be compared to that of the women he must have been with.

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Elma Louw
would like to read further on this novel
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Hiewan Kahsay
Great just great thanks for the uppdet dear Aouthor ?❤️

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