Guilty... Or Not?

Ford pushes forward and stands beside his Dad. He faces the officers. "What's going on?"

"In relation to the arrest of Alexa and Sharon Greene, we need him as a witness for something but he's refusing to come with us."

Sue frowns. Did she hear correctly? She steps forward as well. "Did you say Alexa and Sharon Greene? What case is that?"

"Yes, both women were accosted for selling drugs."

Sue, shocked, takes a step back.


That's an all time low for them both.

"So what does Mr Mason have to do with it?"

"Miss Alexa gave us..."

Two newcomers part the thick crowd and come out in the open space. One of them give the talking police officer a look and he keeps quiet immediately.

"Let's go back to the station Officer Moore."

The two officers leave, leaving the newcomers.

The female one amongst the two flashes her badge. "Agent Harper, FBI."

Wade steps back, Ford pats him. "FBI? What has the FBI got to do here?"

"We're here for Me Mason. Honestly, we just have a few questions. As the prev
Samantha K. Whyte

Wow. We have come so far this month. I can say with all happiness that in this coming month, October, Mommy, Daddy is Missing will be coming to an end... So... In advance, Happy New Month to you all😊❤️ If your birthday is this month, Happy birthday in advance. I love you all. -Samantha.

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while no update.
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wow all old men turn into drug dealer. now I hope they be friend James .
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Xienne Gutierrez
wow nice one Sam K.W! love this story so much!

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