Vlad arrived


“Stop fooling around. We are not alone in this house!” Jessica glared at Liam when she understood the meaning behind his words. He was a man of his word when it came to this nonsense and he would try every possible way to achieve it. Her nostrils flared with indignation.

Jessica tried to push him away from her but stood tall before her. His face had bruises indeed, yet the roughness tempted her. The fluttering in her chest escalated into a wild crescendo at the scent of Liam's and the closeness made her think bold thoughts.

“Your specific body language is impossible to interpret as a restriction. Do not mislead me, you want me as well,"

Liam murmured as he put his palm to her cheek, brushing the delicate but warm flesh before running down to her neck. His finger created a spark against her flesh, deepening the flush.

“You are talking nonsense! Your brain needs some space to think, so move," Jessica said as she hid her gaze in her hands to control the allure of Liam. He rekind
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