The unknown past of her mother


Jessica angled her head gently towards Liam, checking to see if he was sure, because if he was, then her mother was their daughter. Jessica reflected on Eva's statements from her father's birthday evening when she confounded her about her mother's identity, triggering her want to hunt for her mother's background, but circumstances refused to enable her time for it.

Liam gave Jessica a nod while keeping her trembling hand in his to offer her a sense of security. He was aware this was an enormous blow to Jessica, who had yet to have a normal day, but since the Dawson family learned about Jessica, they were unable to resist coming into their house. Plus, his grandmother invited them, causing Liam to make the decision to clean every little thing in a day so that he could have a relaxing and happy moment with her alone.

“Then what about Maggie?” Jessica whispered with a heavy heart.

“Stefen brought her, and when she found out about you, she ran away. If not, I'll make sure she gets


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Author, pls continue writing I’m waiting for more chapters to come. Every time I’ve finished reading chapter after chapter I’ve stopped coz the author says to be continued coz your working after the chapter.
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Yolanda Adams
Oh for heaven sake. Can you get on with this! Finish the story please.. it’s been dragging on too long.
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Rebecca Ellis Douglas
oh my goodness... Liam is going for it before breakfast...

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