Mommy's Hiding Her Quintuplets From Her Charismatic CEO Baby

Mommy's Hiding Her Quintuplets From Her Charismatic CEO Baby

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When Brigitta discovered her husband's appalling betrayal involving her stepsister and best friend, her world crumbled. Her subsequent divorce led her to a local bar, where a chance encounter with a charismatic stranger resulted in a passionate night. Five years later, she found herself back in her hometown, with five beautiful children and an ailing grandmother in desperate need of medical care. In the face of these dire circumstances, Brigitta made the drastic decision to impersonate her stepsister and enter into a marriage with Ragnar Marshall, the seemingly ill and vegetative son of the notorious Wigglesworth family. Her surprise was palpable when Ragnar was revealed as the continent's wealthiest CEO, a man whose features mirrored her children's. Yet, disturbing rumors about Ragnar compelled her to shield her children from him. How long could she keep them hidden, especially when the children were so determined to make Ragnar Marshall their daddy?

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mitesh jadav
nice novel.. love it
2023-08-01 14:07:20
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Tluangi Fanai
so exited this book ..
2023-07-31 01:49:12
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Delinda Schumacher
104 chapters 7-24-23
2023-07-24 19:40:03
default avatar
2023-07-04 01:49:43
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
75 chapters 6-17-23
2023-06-18 04:30:48
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Yeboah Elizabeth
Is very nice but sometimes disturbing to read till the end
2023-07-11 00:34:54
user avatar
Not at all a great book stuff gets skipped constantly not making any sense some chapters are just taken right from the Bible but they have cell phones
2023-09-04 12:18:19
104 Chapters
Husband Having Threesome
"Brigitta, since your beloved husband has just travelled, why don't you come to the club to have fun with us?" The person speaking on the other end of the phone was her bestfriend, Cassie. "Why not? It's been a long time..." Brigitta answered. Since she got married, she hadn't had the time for clubs and had always been busy with her husband. But since her husband had travelled abroad two days ago for a business meeting and would be back in three days time, she decided to use this period to have fun. Afterall, being at home alone has been boring. "Good. Just come to room 090, I have a surprise for you," Cassie said gleefully. "Can't wait, expect me there in a jiffy," Brigitta said merrily and hung the call up. A few minutes later, she stepped out of her car and walked straight inside the club. She then began to walk to the room that Cassie had told her to come, she was anxious to see what 'sort of surprise' her bestfriend had for her. On getting before room 090, she raised her knuc
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Save Your Grandmother In Three Days
Five years later, a woman and her five kids stood outside of the city airport. All of a sudden, a car pulled over before them and a handsome man stepped out. "Nikolai!" Brigitta called happily on seeing Nikolai. He was dressed in a white shirt and a black jean trouser plus a white canvas. He looked hot and cool. "Brigitta... You look stunning, come quickly to the car," Nikolai said happily, she had been anticipating her return to the city. Nikolai and Brigitta grew to be bestfriend in Toki Island, that was the city Brigitta travelled to five years ago. But now, she's back to her city, Jora City. In a few seconds, Brigitta was already inside the car at the front seat while the five kids sat at the backseat. Nikolai, who was driving said to Brigitta, "I can't wait to get to know your kids. They looked too beautiful." Brigitta only smiled. Nikolai and her worked together as colleagues in the same company in Toki Island, to her, Nikolai was one of the nicest soul anyone would ever mee
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Throw These Two Women Inside The Furnace
Brigitta alighted from the cab she had taken to the company she was to be interviewed, Kenelm LTD. That was the only company that had reached out to her since her application for jobs to various companies. She hoped earnestly that she will be employed. As she attempted to walk inside the building, she saw crowds of people gathered around a tall building that was a few meters away from where she was. Then she sighted three women lined up at the top of a high rise building. About to ignore whatever was going on there, she suddenly saw one of the three women on the last floor thrown to the ground. Her eyes fluttered in shock at the sight, there was an uproar by the crowds gathered around the building. Seeing that the second woman was about to be thrown, she sped heavily towards the place, she even forgot she was about to go for an interview. She immediately asked one of the people gathered around the place, "what's going on here? I just saw a woman being thrown from the top floor." "I
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Frustrate Her Until She Leaves
Brigitta carried a small box containing a few of her luggage inside the house of the last son of the Wigglesworth's family. Out of desperation to get money for her grandmother's treatment, she had eventually agreed to disguise as her stepsister and marry this sick man in place of her sister.As Brigitta walked into the house, she looked left and right and wondered why everywhere was this quiet. This house was built at the suburb of the city and it was a lonely house as there are no houses nearby. Only trees and a few plants could be seen around the house. The Wigglesworth's family were among the top ten richest families in the city. They have many estates in the city, why would they prefer for their last son to come and live here expecially knowing that he's sick. Soon, she got before the door and knocked. The door opened in no time and an averagely old man appeared. "I presume you are..." "Ambrose," Brigitta mentioned her sister's name. Afterall, she had signed an agreement with h
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Brigitta resumed work the following day at Kenelm LTD. She loved the environment and her welcoming colleague. While busy with work, she received am internal telephone call that the CEO of the company demands for her presence. She was stunned and nervous at such request. Why would the CEO suddenly wanted to see her? As she walked towards the CEO's office, she finally assumed that the CEO probably want to see the face of their new staff. Once she got before the door, she knocked gently and a voice spoke from the other end, "come in!" She twisted the knob and walked in. To her utmost surprise, she saw her ex husband, Alex. Her face deepened at once into a frown. Alex wasn't this wealthy when she was married to him talkless of being the CEO of a company as big as this. "Fate brought us together again, Brigitta. I'm glad to see you," Alex said. "The opposite is the case for me. What do you call me for?" "Have your sit," he gestured and she sat. As she looked at him, she remembered the
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I'll Feed You From My Mouth
Brigitta resumed work at Wesson's corporation the following day. She was working as a translator, her job was to translate works of the company to Arabic and Chinese as Wesson's Cooperation had many asian and Arabic countries as partners. She had received a message earlier to bring her first translated work to the assistant manager of her department, Mr. Eugeny. So as soon as she was done, she stood and began to walk away from her office. She had not been to Mr. Eugeny's office before but the description of the route to the office was well described to her. She soon got before an office and knocked, "come in quickly, what's the update?" Update? Brigitta twisted the knob of the door nonetheless and on entering, the translated documents in her hand fell and fear gripped her heart. The man seated at the big chair looked exactly like her vegetative husband at home. The resemblance was so close that it made her scared. It was as if she was seeing a twin version of her new husband. Is th
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I'll Rather Die Than Be Your Mistress
The door flung open and the butler appeared. "Miss Ambrose, what are you trying to do?" He addresses her as 'Ambrose' instead of Brigitta cause he and the Wigglesworth's family assumed it was Ambrose that came to marry Ragnar, unknown to them that it was Brigitta, Ambrose's stepsister. The butler had been watching Brigitta through the CCTV camera footage and when he sensed what was about to happen, he sped like lightening towards the room to stop it. Brigitta's mouth was just an inch away from that of Ragnar that she could even feel Ragnar's steady breath. She pulled back and chewed the dumplings then said to the butler, "I have tried to feed him through every means but he wouldn't even open his mouth so I browsed the internet and want to try out the only way I have not tried out amidst all the methods alighted.""Did you understand that you can be framed for trying to seduce the last son of the Wigglesworth's family?" "I thought I'm his wife? So what if I seduce him?" The butler d
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Plot Of Smart Children
Brigitta had resumed work back at Wesson's Cooperation, she didn't know why the company changed their mind and employed her back but she's very glad she's back and working. She just needs to be careful around here and do her work deligently, and all will be fine, that was what she told herself. Whereas, Brigitta's five kids had missed their mom greatly as they had not seen her in the past three days. Whenever they speak to her through video call, she would tell them that she would show up very soon. So, the kids stylishly and unsuspectingly found out where Brigitta works from Nikolai. Today, the five beautiful kids could be seen entering the tallest skyscraper in the city. This skyscraper is where their mom works. When the security man saw them, he asked who they had come to see and they replied truthfully that they were here to see their mum who works here. The security man asked if he could help but the kids told him not to bother. Since they were just five harmless kids, he allo
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Time To Revenge
Whereas, there was Ragnar Marshall seated before five warlords. They were all inside his yacht in the middle of the sea. These type of meetings aren't one he has in the city, it's an high end secretive meeting and over the years, he had always meet with these five world most powerful warlords in the middle of the sea. They have been working towards a plan that will create a ripple effect on the earth. Ragnar Marshall was only thirty years in age but he had made enough money that can last fifty generations, most of them aren't even in the banks. All of a sudden, he Recieved a notification on his phone, it was weird cause he barely receives mails. His mail is very personal and only few people has it. "A moment!" He said as he opened and read the content of a mail sent to him. The content of the message was what he will address later but how did those five identical kids gets his mail? Who are they, is their mother trying to use them to get to him? He continued his meeting with the wa
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Come Between My Knees And Suck
Brigitta was in her room shivering in the heart and hands. The frontpage of the newspaper she was holding contained brutal pictures of how Mr. Ubba and two warlords from the North visited the the mighty villa of the Wigglesworth's clan and brutalized the seventh Lord of the Wigglesworth's family. The Wigglesworth's family were heavily protected by five emperors of five different countries yet Mr. Ubba breached the heavy security and killed one of the seven Lords of the Wigglesworth's family.The media gave different assumptions as to why Mr. Ubba would go to the Wigglesworth's family and kill the seventh Lord. Mr. Ubba, the two warlords from the North and their soldiers also made repeated attempts to breach the security system of the other six Lords of the Wigglesworth's clan but they were unsuccessful. As at this moment, it was said that Wigglesworth's family had increased their level of security and had written to the five emperors protecting them to immediately find Ubba and arrest
Read more Protection Status