Moonstruck by You

Moonstruck by You

By:  Benita Ezinne   Completed
Language: English
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Alva has been arranged to get married to Lucas, the young heir to the Rossi Empire. On the day that has been arranged for her engagement, Lucas changes his mind, choosing to marry her timid, less attractive servant and throwing the family into chaos. Lucas Rossi is the, strikingly handsome, yet intimidating heir to the Rossi Empire. A man barely seen, completely avoidant of the paparazzi and with rumours spreading here and there about how he is only half human, yet no one can tell what the other half of him is. When he agrees to marry the politician's daughter in paper alone for the sake of business bonds, he is astounded by his sudden pull to the Hazel, whose life is turned upside down when she catches his attention instead. Why has he left the ethereal looking heiress to settle for a mere maid?

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129 Chapters
1 - The Visit
"I choose her." Lucas declared.The entire room halted, absolutely astounded by the sudden declaration of the young heir. "You choose who?" Mrs Camilla Rogers stood from her chair, eyes wide with fury and disbelief. "I choose the servant." He declared again, his eyes unwavering and fixated upon the girl. Hazel squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze, her hands shaking, almost rattling the silver tray in her hands. It was clear she too was baffled, if not outraged by his declaration. But all she did was quiver timidly.Mr Rogers stood abruptly from his seat, almost tumbling with anger. "What do you mean you choose her? She is a servant! This is not what we agreed to! You are supposed to be engaged to our daughter!" Lucas turned to him, his face devoid of any emotion and his dark eyes stern yet calm. "I have changed my mind, Mr. Rogers, call off the engagement." "But... But she is just a mere servant." Alva cried out, "how can you choose her?"Lucas gave no answer as he rose from his
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2 - The mistake
Hazel grabbed her shawl, wrapping it safely around her shoulders as she escorted her mistress out of the room."Hey, Hazel!"She turned at the sound of her name, and she came face to face with the head maid Majorie."Yes, ma'am?" She answered with a slight bow of her head. The head maid stretched out her hand, offering a basket. "Take this, we need more servants to carry the gifts, make sure you go help and hurry back here to help the other servants."Hazel took the basket from her, nodding. "Yes ma'am." She strut away in the directions of the entrance door. And at that very moment Lucas Rossi stepped into the mansion, his escorts trailing behind him.Time seemed to freeze upon the sight of that very man. Truly such a sight was a rare thing to behold, never had Hazel seen a man so handsome and perfectly cut and carved by the creator himself.His eyes, a dim grey color scanned his surroundings rapidly as he walked in, as if he could sense her presence even before he saw her, and as h
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3 - The rejection
"What are you not telling me Hazel?" The mistress demanded, glaring daggers at Hazel. She remained kneeling on the floor, shuddering under the angry glare of her madame. "Nothing ma'am, I am hiding nothing from you, I have no idea why he chose me." She pleaded. How was she to know? She had never seen Mr Rossi before today nor had she spoken to him prior to the incident where she bumped into him. She too was too baffled and bewildered by his picking of her. Over Alva! He must be insane, not only had he caused chaos in the household now, but he had also endangered her job, and possibly her life."Lies." She hissed, sending a harsh slap across her face. Hazel whimpered, the sting rang through her, causing her to cup her cheeks and wince. "I am not lying." She cried, "please believe me ma'am."But she wouldn't listen to her one bit, she was too blinded by her fit of rage. She would not allow her daughter's reputation be destroyed by this stupid maid. All the announcements that had been
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4 - The confrontation
The rain poured down in torrents, like the gods above could feel Hazel’s anger, it drenched her completely as she stood there outside the Rossi mansion with nowhere to go. How could Lucas Rossi be so cruel? She would never dream of marrying a man like him, ever!Hazel did not turn around to leave, she stayed there and let the rain continue to shower her.Her clothes stuck to her like a second skin, and waves of cold ran down her spine as she shivered, long brown hair matted unto her face. Her breathing shortened and she begun to quiver slowly, cursing herself for not bringing an umbrella.Give up, she thought to herself, that man is a psycho, he isn’t sending anyone to save you.She didn’t listen to herself though, even as the clouds grew dark and evening approached, it hadn’t stopped raining. And still, Hazel stood there, cold, shivering and drenched. It only took a few more minutes for her to fall her to knees, passing out on the cold concrete floor.Luca Rossi had always been a man
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Hazel stood, unsure how to feel as she waited for Lucas Rossi to come see her. Her heart pounded continuously beneath her chest. She had been led to a beautiful lounge room where she was to wait for the devil himself. Hazel fiddled with her fingers as she continued to wait for him, the few minutes past felt like several hours in her anxious state. She begun to admire the intricate objects around her when she heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps behind her. Hazel spun on her feet, her heart skipping a beat or two, and without a doubt, Lucas Rossi in his dark suit and bright grey eyes, stared right back at her.The man was truly everything romance writers imagined and more, a perfectly cut jawline, confident, beautiful eyes and he stood over a foot and a half above her. She was nervous, and from the small upward curve of his lips, she could tell, that strangely, he knew he was having an effect on her.He tucked his hands into his pockets, and she fiddled with her fingers. This was
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Hazel stormed out of the car livid, she didn't even wait for the driver to come around and open the door for her as he attempted to do so. She gave him a tight lipped smile as she slammed the door shut, it wasn't he who insulted her afterall. She murmured a thanks to him as she turned to make her way into their small apartment. He only nodded curtly with a slight bow of his head before hopping into the car and zooming off. Hazel knocked a few time, leaning against the wall by the door in exhaustion. She wasn't completely well yet and she found herself craving more of the delicious bacon, pancakes and all the other assorted meals Lucas had lined up for her earlier this morning. If she had her way, she might have stolen some and stashed it away in her bag for later. But no, she couldn't sell her dignity for a bit of food. Enjoying such delicious food daily was surely a tempting idea to Hazel, living a life luxury like Lucas did was something she never dreamt of either, she had alw
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Lucas RossiLucas Rossi sat like a king on a throne in the comfort of his house office, slowly spinning back and forth on his leather black seat. A laptop sat on the table in front of him, a picture of the heiress he was supposed to be married to was sprawn across it's screen. The headline was of course rash as always. Billionaire CEO, Lucas Rossi allegedly calls off engagement to celebrity heiress, Alva Rogers. He didn't intend to read further than that, he had no idea how that scandal spun anyway. He didn't intend for the news to be disclosed anytime soon at all, he even expected the Rogers would simply keep silent on the matter for the mean time.A knock came on the door, interrupting his thoughts."Come in." He grumbled weakly. The door creaked open, and Luke walked in, looking as handsome as a carved image in his dark suit. "I have got bad news Lucas."Luke was an age old friend of Lucas', a personal advisor among all things at that. His position in Lucas' life was very impor
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Lucas Rossi was bluffing, this was all a prank. Hazel thought to herself as she dragged her feet home one evening. She couldn't believe it, she still found herself thinking about the entire incident almost a week after it occured. He said they would be married in two weeks didn't he? He might have to come tow her and tie her to the Church pole whenever he is ready. Which might be never, because she had nether seen nor heard from him in days. Perhaps he had finally forgotten her, left her alone, or realized how worthless she was to him as a servant. Either way, it was good for them both. She never wanted to hear from him again. Street lights burned brightly ahead of her, lighting her way home. The street remained busy with activity, and she found herself hungry as she passed by a barbecue stand, the smell of steak filling her nostrils. The day had been thoroughly hectic, and she painfully hoped that maybe her grandma would have managed to make dinner already without her assista
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9 - The Detach
Lucas Rossi"You aren't drinking anything." Luke commented, watching his friend sit quietly in the club. The loud music resonated all around them, the dim lights reflecting upon their faces and lots of bodies gyrating on the floor below them. They remained seated up at the VIP section, staring down at the full floor, where people were so many it was hard to squeeze through without sharing a bit of sweat in an attempt to get past."How would you make me bring you to the club and yet you refuse to drink?" Luke continued to ask a silent Luca. He did not say a word in return, his grey eyes continued to scan the ground below them. His form tense and rigid, eyes dull and sunken, it was not hard for his friend to see he was truly in unspoken distress."Fine, pour me a glass then." He muttered after a long pause.Luke smiled in cruel satisfaction. Lifting his glass up to his friend, he replied. "That's better. You aren't thinking about the servant again are you?" With squinted eyes he glare
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Orange lights flickered above the ceiling of the restaurant where Hazel now worked, casting a yellow glow on the faces of the remaining customers in their small shop. It was already late evening, and through the glass windows you could spot people returning from work and various other destinations of the day’s activities.She sighed heavily as she lifted a tray of food, standing for more than six hours at a stretch had clearly taken a toll on her. She dragged her feet away from the counter with a sigh of exhaustion as she begun to make her way to her next customer, plastering a dull smile on her face yet again. "Here is your order sir." She managed to say, placing it hastily on the counter with a tight lipped smile, not in the slightest bothering to meet his eye as she hurried back behind the counter. Her shift had ended afterall, her feet ached and her back throbbed unbearably. Her limbs felt like they will slack and her whole body give up into exhaustion any moment. Yet she knew sh
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