Professional Trainer/Master/Daddy?

Professional Trainer/Master/Daddy?

By:  Cendrillon1996  Completed
Language: English
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Toby is a new classification, he's a mix of neko and little. He's the first of his kind, no body is sure how to deal with the kitten. Elijah was the professional they called in for help, he didn't know what's he's walking into. Watch them grow while their worlds collides. Can be read as sequel to "Professional mommy" or as a stand alone story. This is a DDLB story. Apologies for any misspelling and grammar mistakes.

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30 Chapters
Third-person POV.A new classification has been made, a mix between littles and Neko. The government wasn't sure who to place these subjects with? Do they treat them as little or as pets? Do they need a master or a daddy?Studies have been conducted on said subject and they turned out to be a total mix, they don't go little or go pet space. They are there the whole time in the middle, the best description has been made by their caregivers was kittens. A Neko, but a baby one, not totally a little since all Neko got a sex drive, unlike littles who are asexual. They go through a mating season, only after they hit the twenty-one-year-old age mark, the Neko would complain from his/hers princess parts being tingly for few days.Experts advised their partners to give them what they need but no further studies were done to explain the random timing of the heat they go through.It's been six years since the mix classification has first come out. Isabelle, a mommy so known by the public had a c
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Isabelle POV."Heath come on baby you have to let mommy go" I pleaded with my clingy little, he's been refusing to let me go for the last thirty minutes.I was over his friend and manager house Lila, she and her Neko Chloe would be babysitting him until I'm back."Nuu wanna go with you" he says between sobs still holding on my neck.To anyone who doesn't know me, I'm belle, mommy belle to all of you littles. I'm a professional mommy, it was my job to help littles who had hard time going through their classification. Until my last assignment, Heath, a singer who almost ended his career with one big tantrum. Just ask Twitter about it, I'm now his permanent mommy, I'm also the founder of professional group who help littles to become happy little angels.The call of this morning was about a kitten, the new mixed classification, seven years later and we're still having difficulties to match them. A kitten named Toby just went through his transition.All Neko do that, most of them would sta
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Elijah POV.The name is Elijah, a classified daddy, I'm twenty-three and alone. It's not that I don't want a little but none seems to work well with me, some say I'm too strict, others say I wanted something else than what they could offer.I never understood what's wrong with me, I loved babies, like really littles littles but they didn't like me back. We never clicked honestly, then the older littles say I'm too strict. Maybe it's just I haven't found my perfect match, that's what I keep telling myself.I work in a police station, not the perfect place to meet a little. It's why I went to Isabelle, she could find a match for people who are having a hard time, not just the littles the daddies, and mommies as well. She said I had good potential but still couldn't find me a little, that was three months ago.This morning she called me saying that she found a little for me but he was hurt. I hurried toward the hospital not caring that I was still on duty or that I was dressed in my unif
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Elijah POV. After getting the job of being his daddy I got the honor of wiping his face for him and blow his nose. He asked more question about me, how old I am, if I'm a nice daddy, would I spank him?He hates spankies, he told me all about last month when he went out after the dark. He didn't tell me why he was out exactly just that he got lost, when his brother Blake found him he gave him spankies for going out in the night.I guess I should lock the doors at night and have a serious conversation about his rules. I didn't lie to him, he would get spankies from me too if he went out after the dark for unknown reasons. He frowned at that and said he'll tell Blake if I ever do that, I couldn't help my smile at how adorbale he sounded.He noticed the IV in his arm and tried to pull it out, I stopped him which made him frown again. Just in time the doctor and a nurse to come in."I see you're awake now" the doctor says and Toby went to hide in my arms right away."Toby I need to check
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Toby POV.I knew I was a submissive the whole time, but not a mix, that was a bit of a shock. We tried to find me a dom but we couldn't find a match for me, it's why we used Mommy Belle services.She was supposed to find me a dom who would take me and love me for who I am. During the whole year she couldn't find one, then my eighteenth birthday came and went. It's been ten days and now my changing have come, I'll become a full on Neko, that was scary.I hated pain, didn't do well with it, when everything happened I don't remember much then, only that I woke up in a stranger arms. He introduced himself, and told me he's my new daddy, he's a police which was so cool.But then the doctor came in, I hate doctors, always did, he touched my new ears and tail making me scream. That was so weird, I don't like it at all, no one should touch me there, the doctor finally left and the nurse took the IV off yeyy, I was paying much attention to what daddy and the nurse are saying. I was moving my t
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Elijah POV. Once we got home I had my finger crossed on how everything would look, can I send Toby over his brother for a bit while I kitten-proof my house. Thankfully Mommy Belle came to the rescue, the house was fully transformed, all things that might break were put on higher shelves, the couches were moved in a way that he won't be able to stick his head between them. A little cat bed has been added for Toby, most Neko likes to lay around in random places.A gate was added to the stairs, I always lived in this house, it was a gift from my family after I graduated. I came from money but buisness work never appealed to me, I always wanted to be a detective and here I am starting from the beginning.There was a note on my coffee table, letting Toby down for a second I pick it up to read it while he wondered around looking at everything."We hope you like the new additions to the house. Food has been provided, only soft food for a while for the little kitten. His room was decorated
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Elijah POV.I must have fallen asleep, I woke up on the sofa alone, I looked at the cat bed expecting to see Toby but he wasn't there.That made me jump up and go looking for him, I searched in the living room but he and his stuffy were missing. The gate was closed so he couldn't go upstairs, he wasn't in the kitchen or any of the rooms downstairs.I remember him telling me about going out after the night, it wasn't night yet but if he's out without telling me. He's looking for a punishment already, I got my shoes on and ran outside the house.I lived in a calm neighborhood, most people living here are families, my family has chosen this house for me after knowing I'm a daddy. They said it's a perfect spot to live along a little, that rule out the chance of someone kidnapping my baby but where did he go. I start to walk around the neighborhood just looking around but still no Toby, I ask my neighbors if they saw a little kitten but no one saw my baby.I start calling his name loudly w
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Toby POV. While daddy was asleep, I was bored, he locked the gate upstairs, I could jump but my tail still felt sensitive and jumping might hurt. I looked at daddy again but he was asleep, I shouldn't wake people when they are asleep unless it's an emergency, that's what Blake used to tell me, although he always woke me up even without an emergency.What if daddy got mad like Blake do when I annoy him, Kayla didn't mind being awakened by me, she just told me to go back to sleep. I couldn't decide if daddy would be like my brother or like Kayla, and I wasn't about to try his anger, I don't like spanking, and Blake always said naughty littles get spanking. He even spanks Kayla too when she misbehaves, it's not fair for us but she doesn't mind, she says Blake does it because he loves both of us.I decided to let daddy be and went outside, I wanted to see everything, and see the backyard and the neighbor and everything. I walked outside and looked around, this was nice, it's similar to
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Toby POV.My first night with daddy was great, we watched movies, he let me choose the film, he gave me another bottle and read me a story until I fell asleep. I've been here for a few days, we have a routine now, I'm really enjoying my stay here.Today daddy said I'm getting a playdate, mommy Belle wanna check on me and she's bringing her own little along so we can play together, I never had a playdate before. I gathered most of my toys into the living room so we can play here together, daddy said Heath is a nice guy and he'll like me but I was still too shy and worried.When I woke up, I slept in daddy's room last night, I was in his big bed with him still asleep next to me. I climbed over his chest and started shaking him awake, it took me few trials until he opened his eyes and looked at me."Yes Toby?" he says closing his eyes again."Wake up...wake up" I go back to shaking him until finally he got up with me still on his chest, in one movement he had me pinned underneath him and
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Elijah POV.After Heath and his mommy left Toby was deep in his headspace, having Heath over definitely helped him regress a little. The other boy had a hard first but now he's a mommy's little boy, they played together until it was lunchtime and changing time, Toby was still shy about being changed or using his diaper but he'll get used to it.Now that we're alone again, I put Toby down for a nap, you'd think a playdate would get him tired enough to just fall asleep but nope, he fought me not wanting to sleep yet. I had him wrapped in a blanket and sat him in my lap in my bed trying to get him to sleep, I touched his ears petting him, he purred in my lap finally falling asleep.I tucked him in my bed and left him for his nap, my mother has been spamming my phone with demands to see him, I told her she'll see him soon after he settled down, I do need to get him a sitter soon, I'll have to get back to work in the end.When Toby woke up he was in a very kitten mood, he sat on my bed meo
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