Chapter 126: How Is It To Be Pregnant?

"Charlotte?" Frank called. "Should we postpone the meeting?"

Charlotte opened her eyes and realized she was in the conference room, having a meeting with the executives. They had a short break while the internet was being restored, and Charlotte took a moment to doze off in her chair.

A chuckle left her lips. Charlotte reasoned, "Sorry. It's the pregnancy hormones."

"Oh, I know. My wife also suddenly sleeps in the middle of anything," Xander teased. "But you always came back rocking, Boss. We have no complaints."

"Internet's back up, Boss," Ming said.

"Right," Charlotte said before looking at the screen before her. "Carry on."

"As you can see, Boss, our competitor, A&D Mutual Fund, has followed our investment tactics. I can't help but be annoyed," Ming remarked.

Charlotte smiled. A&D Mutual Fund was the competitor company that supposedly hired Shane Westly, Jim Ash, and Billy White. Even Xander jumped into working with them in Charlotte's past life. However, with the knowledg

September 2, 2023. 1 Chapter only. Thank you for waiting. The next chapter will be tomorrow.

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Carmel Grooms
All I can do is laugh at this chapter Liam and Chadwick are too funny but Liam gave Chadwick great advice. Those pregnancy pains are no joke and I can still remember them almost 27 years later
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These guys are so hilarious
goodnovel comment avatar
Loved this chapter with Liam and Chadwick! Too funny!

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