All Chapters of Mr. CEO, I Came Back To Love You: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
133 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Truth
“Let us welcome our new CEO, Timothy Cash!” The grand ballroom of Diamond Hotel Plus was filled with employees, executives, and investors. They all cheered for the future, with Timothy as their new leader. At the front table, Charlotte mused, ‘This is it, Love. The moment we have been waiting for.’ That day was her husband’s official appointment as the CEO of Strauss Asset Investments, a mutual fund company founded by Charlotte’s grandfather. Only the heavens knew how hard they worked together for her husband to get the CEO position. Finally, it was here. Charlotte could not be more proud. Timothy was Charlotte’s husband of five years. They met in college and dated for two years before making it official. She cherished Timothy for accepting her imperfections, including the fact that she was infertile and had gained weight over the years. Not only that, Timothy was a capable man who came from a reputable family. The Cash family had run the political dynasty in Swaxon City over
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Chapter 2: Last Breath
“Wake up. Wake up, Misses Cash!” Charlotte frowned when she forced herself up from the carpeted floor. She saw men in blue uniforms surrounding her. They were policemen. “Misses Cash. This isn’t looking good for you,” the man standing before her suggested. “What’s going on?” Charlotte asked, utterly confused, her head aching. “Where am I?” “Are you going to keep pretending, Misses Cash,” the policeman sarcastically remarked. He sighed deeply and added, “Misses Cash. You are under arrest for the murder of your grandfather and your grandmother.” The words of the officer fully jerked Charlotte awake. She realized that she was in her grandparent’s home, and not too far was a lifeless body of an elderly woman on the floor. It was Cecile, her grandmother! She screamed, “Grandma!” She ran in the body’s direction while crying. “Grandma! Who did this to you? Grandma!” “Misses Cash! You are not allowed to tamper with evidence!” The policeman warned. Two men held her down as one read
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Chapter 3: Reborn
Charlotte jerked awake, her chest feeling heavy. “Liam.” She clenched her hand against her chest, soothing the neverending pain. Suddenly, memories of her suffering filled her head; her husband’s betrayal, Victoria’s sinister laugh, her imprisonment, and death. “Aaaaah!” She uttered a resounding cry and couldn’t contain the tears that spilled down her face. Repeatedly, she took heavy breaths as she mourned her death. “You will pay! You will pay!” She unknowingly screamed. “Charlotte! What on earth happened?” The door to the room swung open, and an elderly woman walked in. At the sight of the woman, Charlotte stilled. She gawked at her for seconds until it dawned on her that it was her grandmother, Cecile. “Grandma. Grandma? You are alive!” Charlotte got up on her feet and hugged Cecile. She said, “I am so happy you are alive!” “Dear, obviously you had a bad dream - in the middle of the day, by the way,” Cecile said. “Of course, I am alive. You can’t get rid of me that easily!”
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Chapter 4: Planning
“Timothy is coming over to fetch me. Am I really ready to see him?” While taking a shower, Charlotte asked herself. Then, the next image that flashed in her head was how Timothy and Victoria were having sex. She suddenly felt the urge to stab them with a knife! “No, Charlotte. You are better than them,” she reprimanded herself. Charlotte concluded that she must act normally around Timothy and Victoria. She needed to be that clueless woman who had no idea of their affair. Otherwise, Charlotte would alert them. She could not risk for their plans to change. She considered simply asking for a divorce, but then she recalled their prenuptial agreement. Timothy would be entitled to fifty percent of her company shares at Strauss Asset Investments if she left the marriage without justification. If Timothy would ask for a divorce, he would get nothing. “Then, I need to prove Timothy’s affair with Victoria,” she decided. Her company shares were only a portion of her paternal family’s w
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Chapter 5: Victoria Walton
It was precisely how Charlotte remembered it. Victoria arrived with a box of delicious donuts passed seven in the evening. Victoria said, “Something to cheer you up, my girl!” Victoria wore a skimpy skirt, a leather jacket over her frame, and those over-the-knee leather boots. Charlotte’s best friend was a model and an actress. She was charismatic, beautiful, tall, and sexy. Victoria had long black hair, irresistible brown eyes, and a long, roman-shaped nose. Charlotte was quite the opposite of Victoria. She had short golden hair, hazel eyes, and a long pointed nose. Charlotte was shorter than Victoria, even when wearing heels to match her best friend. She may not be as alluring as Victoria, but she considered herself to be cute. Outright, Victoria hugged Charlotte. She said, “Let’s talk about it over donuts and tea.” “Hey, Victoria. Thank you for coming over,” behind them, Timothy greeted after coming out of his study. “Oh, Hello, Tim. Of course, I’d be here for Charlotte. S
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Chapter 6: Find Liam
“Are you out of your mind?” Charlotte heard Timothy say. “I’m telling you, I gave her an extra dose - just a little. Remember the last time I did that? She was completely out,” Victoria reasoned. Charlotte was tempted to take a peak. She couldn’t understand why they hadn’t left the room yet. She inwardly said, ‘Go fuck already!’ “Come on, Tim. I want to be super naughty tonight. I haven’t seen you for three days,” Victoria begged. Timothy and Victoria remained to speak in low voices, but with the silence of the night, Charlotte could decipher their words. Charlotte was lying sideways to her right when unexpectedly, Victoria pushed her to lie on her back. Victoria described, “See? She is completely out.” “Extra dose again? I told you not to do that so often. It’s dangerous,” Timothy answered. Victoria’s sultry voice softened as she added, “Oh, come on. You are not turning soft on her, right?” The next thing Charlotte heard were their kisses and gasping. A few moans left Ti
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Chapter 7: Charlotte's Offer
Charlotte sat in a daze while staring at the man who was with her before she died. Liam Wright. He was undoubtedly handsome. His features were accentuated by prominent, chiseled jawlines that added a touch of ruggedness to his face. His suit spread nicely against his broad shoulders and chest. His mesmerizing green eyes easily held her gaze. The memory of Liam crying on her deathbed almost made her weep. Charlotte held the urge to walk up to him and simply hug him. She figured she would find a suitable opportunity to do that later. Instead, she smiled at him and said, “Liam, thank you for your time - for seeing me.” Liam had welcomed her in one of the hotel’s mini-conference rooms. He ordered tea and some snacks for Charlotte. Inside, Liam’s bodyguard stood behind Charlotte, watching them as they chatted. “Charlotte, I’m rather surprised that you came to see me. What can I do for you?” Liam asked, his voice exuding authority as he crossed his legs. He picked up his teacup a
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Chapter 8: Liam's Answer
"Chadwick! Get me another chair! This seat is broken!" Liam ordered his bodyguard. Charlotte gave Chadwick an apologetic look, for the latter had to fetch a new chair from the side of the conference room. Truth be told, Charlotte did not find anything wrong with the seat. The hotel was new, and so were all the pieces of furniture. The Diamond Hotel brand was not the type to invest in low-quality furniture. Liam's face was flushed as he sat on a new seat. He fixed his suit and cleared his throat, saying, "I think I - I must have heard you wrong. What did you say again?" Charlotte had his full attention. His eyes were narrowed, fixed on her face, and his body leaned closer against the table's surface. He even tilted his head just a little, with his right ear slightly angled toward her. 'How clear do I have to be?' Charlotte wondered. "Liam." Charlotte moved her chair closer and resumed, "After my divorce, I will marry you, Liam." Liam loosened his tie. He puffed air out of his
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Chapter 9: A Sense of Mystery
"Have you ever wanted something so badly you are tempted to take it at the first available opportunity?" Liam asked Chadwick when the bodyguard caught up with him in the car. For the last half an hour, while waiting for Chadwick to join him, Liam had been gawking at the street, wondering what to do. To marry her? That would be a dream come true, but to be with her because her husband betrayed her, he could not help but feel insecure. He certainly did not want to be a rebound guy! He had been in love with Charlotte for as long as he could remember. The problem was, after Charlotte's father died, she left Braeton City without telling anyone where she was going. Back then, he was too young to have the resources to find her. His parents initially did not support his request to find Charlotte. They thought he would get over his young love, but that never happened. He tried, but Charlotte was the only girl that filled his heart. Liam was already in college, studying in London, when he
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Chapter 10: Pay It Forward
Charlotte's heart galloped, hearing Liam's words. She turned to him with a bright expression and echoed, "You have made your decision?" Liam straightened his face to the front. In his deep voice, he answered, "I have taken a considerable amount of time to think about what you have offered. Normally in business, one must learn to decide quickly, so I have been trained to make smart and fast decisions all my life. But with your request, I took as much time as I needed." Charlotte, "..." At the front seat, Chadwick coughed, catching Charlotte's attention. Chadwick had been coughing too often. The bodyguard was hinting about Liam's white lies. It had to be! "Sorry, Miss Charlotte. I don't know what is it with me today," Chadwick said. "Please don't mind me." When Charlotte peered back at Liam, she saw how he was squinting at Chadwick. He glanced at her and then returned his gaze to the front. He narrated, "Just two days ago, I closed an excellent deal at Alberto City. I bought a comme
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