Chapter 132: Charlie - The End

In an intimate chapel in Swaxon, rows of seats were aligned with turtle tree leaves. The same were adorned with peony and lilac blooms.

Chandeliers hang on the ceiling, including hanging wisteria flowers and candlesticks. Gemstones also hang randomly from above, longer ones particularly bordered the aisle.

Liam stood in a floral arch, waiting for his bride. He wore a tailor-fit suit as he held his gaze high, his eyes gleaming in tears. Despite having aged and having formed a few wrinkles on his face, he remained handsome and dignified.

All his children stood alongside him. His twin boys were to his right. Scarlett Cecilia and Caleb Chad took the other side. Surprisingly enough, their little guy was cooperating with the ceremony.

Smoke machines began to emit vapor towards the back of the chapel, and it signaled everyone who attended the wedding to turn to the aisle and turn on their lanterns.

Over fifty small lanterns attached to a stick illuminated Charlotte's path. Most of t

September 6, 2023. Final Chapter. Thank you, Secret Lily and Elle, for helping me name Charlie. An announcement Chapter will follow.

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Joanna Marie
Great story!
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Bra-f*cking-va U did it again and selfishly, I want even more ...
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Dawn Grant
Thank you for these great stories!!

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