Chapter 131: Peace

Almost three years had passed.

Charlotte and Liam's family had a picnic lunch with Carla and Chadwick. The older kids were done with their meals and enjoying their desserts. Only Caleb Chad was still munching his vegetables next to Charlotte.

Liam drank a full glass of water and revealed, "Marian and Tony Cash are getting out today."

Charlotte wiped her mouth with a table napkin. She remembered how Timothy's parents tried their best to evade imprisonment by delaying their hearing, but in the end, they were convicted of tax evasion.

Marian and Tony were sentenced to five years. Charlotte did not even realize it had been that long. She straightened her posture, saying, "Wow, time flies."

"Do you think they will be a problem, though?" Carla asked.

"No, they won't," Chadwick assured everyone. "Our men have already spoken to Tony Cash. We have sent the message. If they don't bite, we won't bite back. They know not to mess with the Wrights."

"So far, Victoria has not been a proble

September 5, 2023. Chapter 2-2. Note to my old readers, Sam has a little sami in Kate's daughter, Sami Amari Ronaldo. Ethan has a little him in Liam's brother, Lewis Ethan. Haha! I know the names are getting confusing now with how many grandkids are there, but there is really no need to memorize them. There are, however, members in our group that have an excellent memory. Thank you always for the love and exchange in these last chapters of the book. The next update will be tomorrow, and it will be the last chapter.

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Comments (26)
goodnovel comment avatar
Damn, how do you make me sympathize with previous villains ...‍♀️
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Carmel Grooms
What a chapter. I'm glad that Timothy, his mom and dad got to see Charlotte and Liam with their children and how happy she is. Timothy you don't need to tell Liam how to take care of his wife he already knows. Find your peace now and move on Tim
goodnovel comment avatar
Carmel Grooms
Me either their love story was the best.

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