Mr Reluctant Billionaire

Mr Reluctant Billionaire

By:  maramartha  Completed
Language: English
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An erotic romance When Elna's father first suggests an arranged marriage between her and Brandon Stark—the hot British billionaire—she is reluctant to go on a date with the man. On realising the dire state of their family business and the stress it puts on her beloved parents, Elna makes the bold decision to go ahead with it. Her family comes first. What she expects is a cold, cordial marriage. What she hopes is for their relationship to eventually lead to something more, as was the case with her parents. Ambitious go-getter that she is, Elna takes it upon herself to make her calm, controlling, anti-romance husband fall helplessly in love with her. But what she doesn't expect is to be drawn into Brandon's BDSM world of chains and whips, doms and subs. Will Brandon's love be more than Elna can handle?

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118 Chapters
In the Beginning
"You will be fine, El," Pa starts. "After all, your ma and I never married out of love, but look at us now, so in love," he finishes with his brown eyes taking on a dreamy look.He takes my left hand in his, squeezes it as a way to reassure me but I am far from reassured. A foreign emotion claws its way to my throat and I make a sound betwee
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The wedding is a small one, held in the backyard of my new home with my handsome husband. He is white, British to be exact. Pa must have left out those part or maybe if I had gone through the file like Pa asked me to do, I would have known.
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I wake up to light caresses on my face and a hand squeezing my ass. I moan but keep my eyes shut, afraid that if I open it, he might stop. He runs the edge of his palm between my buttcrack, creating friction that has me raising my hips to get access to more of his touches. His fingers pinch my clit before dipping into my wetness. My eyes fly open and I forget all about keeping quiet.
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"You are beautiful. You are strong. You are awesome. You are tough, you are not the student body president for nothing," I say the last bit in a low tone and laugh.I should be proud of myself and ignore my husband's treatment of me. I am tough, the first female student body president my school has had in the last thirty years, it's a big fe
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I don't recall how long I stand there after Brandon leaves but it's long enough for my legs to ache and my knees to feel like jelly. I crumble to the bed and in annoyance, put my hair in one big, messy bun and unbutton the first three buttons of my gown.To hell with Brandon and my attraction to him. I am so over him. My body seems to disagr
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When my eyelids flutter open, a head full of blond curls is fussing over me. I blink twice and my vision clears. I see now that it is the bimbo who was touching Brandon, I shriek and push her off me. How dare her? She can touch, even have Brandon but not me.A small yelp escapes the bimbo's
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A yawn escapes me, I blink to clear the rest of the sleep in my eyes with the back of my hand going over my mouth to prevent another yawn from slipping out. I swipe at the errant strand of hair over my face, putting my messy curls into a bun with a few tendrils falling out as I move into a sitting position to observe my environs. This is a new place.
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His gaze on me forces my eyes to return to my fingers on my lap. "Why did you do it?""Because..." A sigh leaves my lips and I start all over. "I know you won't touch me and when she offered, I could not say no, my body wanted it. I need to feel like a woman."
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Once the door of the private jet slides open, I am blessed with a view of the limousine waiting for us. The chauffeur in black suit is standing by the side, a hand on the door handle, ready to open up. I chuckle at the sight, I have never had a chauffeur, I don't even have a car and I can't help but think about how much my
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No words leave my lips after that and he seems to find it okay. We step into the building and I see it's a hotel, a big, fancy hotel with no one in the corridor except for the pretty receptionist. Her face lights up in a smile as she walks over to hand Brandon a key card without a word spoken to me or an acknowledgement of my presence.
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