Mr. Reynolds first Love

Mr. Reynolds first Love

By:  Queens&Warriors  Ongoing
Language: English
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‘State you name.’ Luke said. His voice of authority. ‘Vera Rayne.’ He seemed to look like he was in thought. The interview went on. Vera feeling on edge and uncomfortable. Luke, he was just sexually frustrated. ‘Are you married.’ He suddenly demanded. Luke couldn’t help it. Vera was confused as to why he would ask. ‘No,’ she answered, frowning. ‘Boyfriend then.’ Vera frowned deeper. Luke thought it made her look just as beautiful. Vera didn’t know why he would want to know. What it had to do with him. Luke grew irritated by Vera’s silence. His mind going insane thinking that silence meant that she did indeed have a boyfriend. Then he began to imagine, if she did have a boyfriend, what would he look like. What was her type. And so on. ‘No.’ She had finally answered. Luke thought she wasn’t going to. ‘OK,’ he said feeling relieved. Though he would never show it.

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I am hooked! Wanting more please.
2023-06-03 20:24:44
80 Chapters
He stared into the security cameras screen. He was frowning hard. Because he thought that he would never see, the now woman, but at the time she was just a girl who bore his children, again.Back then he didn’t see her as beautiful. Cute maybe. But at the time, when he had looked at her and when he pictured if he had a daughter that he hoped she would be cute like her.So with that thought, he drew up a contract and had it signed by her that night.The contract to bare him a son.And in that contract, it was stated that she had to agree to be blindfolded. Because he had to remain hidden.The contract stated that once the child was born the baby were handed over to him and the girl went her own way.Of course she didn’t do it for nothing.She was a smart girl, even at eighteen. She was a good negotiator.She had agreed if her whole tuition at college. That was five and a half years ago. Just under five years when she
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Vera sipped her coffee wondering if she should google some more job opportunities. She really didn’t want to.She was tired.Exhausted.In saying that, she decided to go back to her hotel and rest.So, when she finished her coffee, she picked up her dishes and hand them to the boy behind the counter, thanking him before she left.There was clear that the boy fancied her.But he was what was said.He was just a boy.Maybe sixteen.Too young for her.She wasn’t interested in immature boys.She pictured that when she fell in love with someone. She pictured him to be mature. She wanted a man.But she wasn’t interested in any of that right now.She was too focused on her career.She wanted to make something of herself.Vera grew up with no money. Her family was always so poor. She remembers that often, her being the oldest of five kids, she always missed out for the
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‘I was going to ring you tomorrow.’ Luke says. His eyes pierced into hers.‘You were?’ She asked. She looked so innocent.And that just turned him on more. And extremely so.‘Yes. I’m glad I could catch you earlier.’‘OK.’He couldn’t help chuckling at her nervousness.‘So, why were you going to call me?’ Vera demanded, feeling embarrassed for why he was laughing.Luke was shocked at first.No one demands Luke without any consequences.But he was finding that he accepted it from this little woman sitting beside him.If anything. It turned him on.‘I wanted to offer you the job.’ He said, keeping his face blank of any emotion.Yet he was trembling inside.He couldn’t wait to see her reaction.And boy did she have quite the reaction.‘You are? Because I thought I done a shit interview.&r
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It wasn’t long before Luke saw Vera step into the living room.Luke silently watched Vera. He had to force himself not to smile when he watched Vera admire all the food.But then she slid her eyes to Luke.‘Please, sit.’He motioned Vera to sit at the table.Vera didn’t think about it and sat at the table. Luke then sat beside her.‘I didn’t know what you liked. So, I figured that I would order everything.’‘I’m not fussy. I’ll eat anything.’ Vera told him.This pleased Luke.Though he didn’t show it.He reached across the table and grabbed a piece of toast and then scooped about four spoons of scrabbled eggs.Luke smiled to himself when he saw Vera grab a banana and a bunch of grapes first.A good girl. He thought.Though what made him nearly lose his seriousness was when the next thing she grabbed was the jug of coffee.
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Boss, where are you? Luke received a message from Josh.He wondered if his trusted friend and personal assistant, had found out anything about the girl who he did not think about it and let her stay in his penthouse and with out him.In my office at the hotel. He messaged Josh back.He expected to see his friend in a few minutes. So while he waited, he lit up a cigarette to calm his nerves.Luke never finishes his cigarettes. But this one he did.He didn’t realise how on edge he was.Soon after, Josh walked in.The first glance at his boss, he could tell that something was troubling him.‘Sir?’ He asked.Josh knew it was no good to ask him, what was wrong. He knew his boss would tell him to keep out of his business.Especially when he looked mad.Luke ignored him for a moment and glanced at the screen.Vera was now out of sight. Luke didn’t like that and frowned deeper.
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Vera rushed into her room.   She felt a little vulnerable.   She didn’t know this man, yet she invited him in.   She just had to remember that he had been nice to her the night before.   It made her to consider to trust him. 
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In the lift, it was quiet until Rayne decided to break the silence. He wasn’t silly. He knew that there was something up with his father.  In fact, his father never agrees to ice-cream. He was very strict when it came to food.  ‘Miss Rayne?’ The boy, asked. 
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Vera felt her heart beat fast. She wanted to smile, but didn’t because she couldn’t get comfortable with these children. She knew that after tonight, she wouldn’t be seeing these children again.  And to be honest, she thought the children were absolutely beautiful. She had wished that her child would have looked like either, Rayne or Sera.  
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There was silence around the table while they ate.  It was the rules at the Reynolds manor.  But Vera did it, because she was used to eating by herself.  But the whole time, Luke was loving having a dinner with both parents are present.  He was imagining them as a proper family. 
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Vera knew she wouldn’t be sleeping in her bed tonight.She seems that she wasn’t supposed to.She only thinks that because she has only been here for two nights and both nights she wouldn’t have slept in her bed.Luke took this as a good time to bring up what she meant when she had told him about not for little kids ears.‘What did you mean?’ Luke suddenly said.It startled Vera to look at him.Luke was already watching her and so, he had seen how startled she had been.It made Luke frown.This made him mad. He was really mad.Not at Vera though.He wanted to protect her.‘I apologize,’ Luke sincerely says to her.‘It’s ok.’ Vera says and then moves over to the chair she was earlier and then sat down.‘What do you mean?’ Vera says.‘When you said not for little kids ears.’ Luke said without thinking.
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