Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO

By:  Felicity P  Ongoing
Language: English
9 ratings
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Alexandra Yang was simple but a terrible woman. Timothy Huang was also a terrible man. They fated to meet but will Timothy fall for her when he knew that Alexandra Yang was a more terrible than him? She is a leader of underground organization, a lawyer and a CEO too?

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Just wanna say I really enjoy the story so far <3 I can't wait to see how the story will unfold!! X) I was wondering if you have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-06-26 11:55:23
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Dang Yu Mee
I love the book ❤️❤️❤️
2021-04-13 13:54:09
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Jennifer Delponso
Awesome story i love this author.
2021-02-26 16:18:42
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Colleen Shinstine
It was a good book. Should spell check before posting story and get the pronouns correct.
2021-02-23 21:38:53
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Marjorie Valencia
A very good story
2021-02-01 16:34:37
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Maricel Tampus Slp
i loved it very much the story is somewhat related to reality.
2021-01-02 19:34:30
user avatar
This is outstanding book it’s amazing book I ever read ? much appreciates to the author??
2020-10-29 18:14:58
user avatar
Perla Quidilla
Then presentation of the story is so amazing!
2020-08-23 07:55:14
default avatar
horrible translation.
2021-01-04 15:18:47
52 Chapters
Chapter 1- Hotel Employee (1)
 "On my signal, one, two, three…and a gun shots was fired against the enemy." After a few minutes there was peace, and the only men standing was headed by a woman. "Queen! You are amazing!" Exclaimed by Tao and all the man cheered and agreed. There were about twenty or more encounters happened in the past three years since Alex became the leader of the organization in the Asian Region. But nobody knew and see her because she wanted a peaceful life. Every time they will face an enemy she will disguise herself as queen, during normal day she is just a typical student and community worker. Alex was busy doing her job as room attendant in Lee Mansion Hotel. She is working here 5 days a week. Her job is normally to keep all the rooms neat and tidy for the gues
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Chapter 2 – Hotel Employee (2)
 Tim, was about to approached the children when his assistant told him that, Branch Managers are now gathered in the conference room for the short meeting. Tim, glanced at the kids, and told his assistant. Tomas, please bring the kids to the room. Yes boss. With amusement and curiosity, Thomas asked the kids, Are you okay? It seems that you are so behave now, did you made mistake? Did you commit errors? Tell me, before your dad found out. Asked Thomas. The kids just stared at him and told to him, let’s go uncle to our room said Jarred. Huh?! Okay, said Thomas. This is the first time that the kids called him uncle. While waiting for the lift, Justin and Jarred begun to tease Juliana and telling her a crying baby. They started to become naughty again when they run out with a woman. Ouch! What are you doing? Can you behave yourself? You almost ruin my bag. Did you know how much its cost? S
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Chapter 3 – Hotel Employee (3)
 Thomas, was called to the conference room by Tim. Jarred, don’t go out of the room. I am called by your dad. Okay, uncle. Said Jarred. He is still shocked with how they called him.Alex, finished her shift and change her clothes. She went to the hotel lobby to look for taxi. She will be going to her friend’s apartment. She saw Thomas beside the  man. She smile and said hi sir.. Thomas’ smiled back and nodded. Tim stared at him with questioning look.When they arrive in the room, it was different from the usual. Thomas smiled. The kids are behave. Daddy! Shouted Juliana. The 2 boys also followed her. Daddy, we are behave today, we helped Auntie Alex to clean the room. She also taught us how to clean the room and she told us to eat, to drink and to take a bath. Narrated by Juliana. Tim looked at Thomas who was smiling at him. Boss, I think, you can hire that woman to be the kid
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Chapter 4 – Alexandra Yang (1)
 In Lee Mansion Hotel, after dinner, the kids started to take a bath and change their clothes. Tim and Thomas are both startled. Boss, now I understand. The kids just need someone who will show them motherly affection. See, Auntie Alex has a great impact to them. They just meet them today and yet, they are following her orders. Said Thomas. Tim has no reaction but thinking about what his assistant has just said. When the kids was asleep, Tim decided to go outside for a drink. Nicole saw her. Hi Mr. Huang, I am Nicole Lee, CEO of the Lee Mansion Hotel. Hello,
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Chapter 5 – Alexandra Yang (2)
 What can I do for you, Mr. Thomas? Asked Mrs. Li, the Executive Housekeeper of Lee Mansion. Do you have an employee named Alex? Asked Thomas. Yes, is there any problem? Asked Mrs. Li. My boss wanted to talk to her today around 2pm at room 1219. Said Thomas. May I know the reason why? She is my employee, I am responsible for her. She is a very good employee and I can attest to that. Described by Mrs. Li. I think, you can just asked my boss about that. I am just following his orders. Said Thomas. Mrs. Li, called Alex. Can we talk? Okay boss. Did you made any e
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Chapter 6 – Alexandra Yang (3)
 When is about to leave, Juliana run to her and hug her legs. Don’t leave auntie alex, you said you will come with us. Alex look and smile at Juliana, sweettie, I have work here, I can visit you and you can visit me. You can also call me when you want to talk to me. I will give you my phone number. Don’t cry sweetie. Alex’s heart ache. She hugged Juliana. Its okay baby, Auntie Alex will be here for you. I will sort out my schedule for you baby. Don’t worry, Auntie Alex will be see you more often okay? Juliana shook her head, she really wanted Auntie Alex to come home. She hugged Alex so tight and don’t want to leave her side. Okay sweetie, auntie alex will come in your house in two weeks okay? I just need to ask permission from my boss. Juliana&r
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Chapter 7 – Alexandra Yang (4)
 At night, Alex called Carol and shared the offer of Mr. Huang to her. What?! Are you sure Alex? Kids are not easy naughty, taking care of them is not easy, do you know how to handle children? Without Carol’s knowledge, Alex is experienced person in handling children. She habitually went to orphanage back home in Singapore. Also, she took up children’s psychology as her first course in college.I am planning to accept the offer, Carol. It may not give me professional growth but I will try said Alex. Anyway, it won’t take long. I have to go back to Singapore. Narrated by Alex in her thought. Can you think it over and over again before accepting please&he
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Chapter 8 – Alexandra Yang (5)
 In the study room, Tim heard everything what they talked about. In few minutes all of the children are gathered around Alex lying. Julian is at the right side of Alex while the 2 boys are on her left side. Good night Juliana, goodnight Justin and Jarred. All of them said in chorus, goodnight auntie alex. Since its already late night, the kids fell asleep immediately. Alex is not sleepy yet. She is thinking her parents and her commitment. What will happen to the kids when she get married. She fell asleep with these thought in mind. When they all sleeping soundly, Tim went inside the room and stare them. This is the first time that the kids sleep with their nanny. He stared at Alex, her beauty is so captivating. Her red lips seems like inviting for a kiss. Her eyebrows and nos
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Chapter 9 – Alexandra Yang (6)
 After breakfast, Alex help the servants in the kitchen. Tim just observing her while the kids are playing in the garden. Tim opened the television and out into global news channel. Airing is the news about the current economic trend as well as the industry outlook of hospitality industry and real estate industry. Alex is watching attentively when Tim glanced at her. He frowned and was confused. How can an ordinary employee have an interest in global news. Even Thomas gets bored at this kind of news, but alex is focused in the news and it seems that something is running in her mind. He opened the documents sent by Thomas and scanned it. He pucker his brow and his mood was changed. It was seen by Alex. She knew that there is a problem in the business.
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Chapter – 10 Villa Hotel
 Alexis is the current CEO of the Group, he plans to hand over the position to his only daughter when the right time comes. However, with the current situation, it seems that it will not soon. His daughter is hiding from them. Sometimes he is asking himself if he is doing the right thing? Is it right to force his daughter to get married for the sake of the company? He missed his baby girl so much. Alex has been a good daughter to them. Whatever they asked them to do she followed. Well, except for getting married to a guy they chose for her. A knock on the doo
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