Chapter 11

One of my hands traced the side of my seat which feels very soft, I'll bet the interior of this car using genuine leather. Mr. Shaw got in next to me and drove his car, it was the first time I saw him driving alone.

He was wearing jeans and a black shirt with the band's logo, the jean jacket he had previously worn had been taken off. A beard will grow to cover his jaw. With an appearance like this he doesn't look like an expensive lawyer anymore. Maybe more like a Men's Health magazine cover model?

"Gregory ... Have you gone mad?" Alice's voice sounded strange, so I turned back to her. She leaned against the kitchen counter and folded her arms across his chest. "Nicholas will kill you." She muttered under her breath. I looked at them alternately, what are they talking about?

"This is none of your business." Gregory replied curtly.

Alice shrugged her shoulders with a smile, "You're right." then she tilted her head slightly, "But I can't wait to see the response."

"I didn't know He was-
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