Chapter 12

I can't find any pictures of Nicholas with his girlfriends. And of all the photos on the internet, not a single one is smiling. His cold and intimidating face dominates the photos.

I glanced at his picture in the latest article about his latest case. He was wearing the same suit when we met at the Shaw&Partner building that night in Manhattan. In the article it was written that he was attending a charity event. His dark brown hair neatly combed back exudes an intimidating aura, his slightly arrogant jawline and cold expression clearly visible on his face as he looks straight into the camera.

But that night, when we met in the elevator at the Shaw&Partner building, he looked at me in a way that was different from this photo.


My hand moves automatically to hide the web I'm opening on my computer. I looked up to see Oliver standing in front of my desk, smiling at me.

"Are you ready?"

"What?" I furrowed my brow a little confused.

"Lunch. You owe me lunch, remember? It's already lu
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