My Boy

My Boy

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My Boy tells the story of Yuda, a recalcitrant and most wanted student who deliberately changes schools after a bet with his best friend Ridho to conquer Raisa's heart. Their closeness creates the seeds of love, but the secret is finally revealed. Will Raisa forgive Yuda?

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33 Chapters
 -Love at First Sight is not just a myth, but I try to think that it's not real-***"Raisa, wake up kid!"The knock on the door along with Mother's half screaming voice diverted the dream world of the girl in the green pajamas. He was surprised to open his eyes with his hand reflexively took the cellphone."O Allah, Mother why just wake up Raisa ?!"Raisa is confused to see that the clock is almost seven o'clock, which means that in twenty minutes the fence will be closed while the distance from her house is fifteen minutes at a speed of eighty kilometers per hour. Not to mention having to prepare all school needs because last night he didn't have time to put the rooster in his bag."Mother woke up an hour ago, it's a shame you didn't wake up. Who told you to sleep in the middle of the night, you girls actually like balls."Raisa just giggled at her mother's soft scolding when she en
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-Love is just a play on words played by girls and hearts. And I, the man who played it-***'You come here or will I pick you up?'Raisa hung up her phone in a huff, she didn't like anyone managing it. Typical guys who are hated are those who are protective. Moreover, they have not been formally acquainted."Thanks for helping me earlier but sorry I don't like basketball."He got up to the library, but his steps were intercepted by Joey, a former Bela who is known as a land crocodile, a playboy, a kid snapper of IPS 2."Where are you going?" asked Joey, arching his eyebrows, his two friends grinning."What's your business?" Raisa brushed Pipin's hand that was blocking her. Raisa has always been asking Bela not to have a relationship with a guy like Joey, she feels negative energy whenever she is close to Joey."You heard from Bela that I am with her and I have ended, I want you to be my girlfriend!"
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-Love doesn't need a reason. Like leaving without a goodbye for no reason-***"Already ah I'm going to the canteen, I'm thirsty.""Eh, wait Raisa!"Raisa waved her hand, getting out of the pressure from the crowd who were waiting for the final points of the match between Samudera and Antariosa schools. Bela and her two friends chased Raisa's fast steps towards the canteen with various questions."Mbak Mie Ayam each cold tea."After mentioning the order, Raisa chose the corner table that had been her place with the three best friends who had been sitting on their seats."Have the heart ... have the heart ... lo, Rais, hikz." Arifah started her drama."I did not think that all this time you lied, you cheated me ..." Kinta was no less dramaqueen.Only Bela showed a gloomy face without engineering. She was busy staring at the cellphone, waiting for someone's message and Raisa realized that. He wa
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-What I'm afraid of falling in love is that I can't stop loving you-***Too late again even though I have set an alarm. Raisa went down the stairs to the dining table and grabbed Fairuz's brother who was drinking coffee. There were ten minutes left, so he told his brother to take him to school, if he brought his own motorbike it would be late, otherwise traveling with his brother would only cut five minutes. Don't ask how high the speed is, because Raisa never got to see the kilometer needle."Just deliver instead of him whining," broke in Daddy when Fairuz paid him no heed."Her own fault, Dad, it's already two o'clock still struggling with the laptop.""Yeah, it's your brother who told you to hide the channel, right, Raisa has to stream to watch Total Recall, come on!" Raisa shook hands with her parents saying goodbye and then pulled Fairuz's hand towards the trunk.Raisa's eyes opened when her brother said he had a
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-This is how I love you, without expecting more in our relationship-***Raisa is waiting to pick up her brother who has been contacted dozens of times but there is no answer. The school stop was deserted, Kinta and Arifah returned five minutes ago because she herself, who didn't want to be accompanied, was afraid of being a bother. Not to mention Bela's problem that never ends because Bela doesn't attend school today."I already said wait for me." Raisa turned to the sound source who was walking casually towards her after removing her helmet. The voice of the Ninja motorbike was not heard by him because he was busy trying to contact Fairuz."Want to go home, come on!" invited Yuda but Raisa did not heed it at all but continued to press the number on the cellphone screen to connect with Fairuz."How long do you want to wait anyway? Elah, let's go home!" A little harshly, Yuda grabbed Raisa's unprepared hand, causing her cellphone to fal
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-Never hurt yourself if you really love me-***Saturday night is a night of happiness for Raisa, where she can go to the cinema to watch films that are hard to find, both from the internet and VCD. Precisely because the film cannot be downloaded and does not exist in visual form yet.Two hours ago he had watched Flash's follow-up action match and was now waiting for his brother in the parking lot. If other girls her age are enjoying a Saturday night with their crush, it's different with Raisa, she is never shy about traveling with her older brother who is also okay every time she is invited. Since her fiancé is abroad, it is okay to accompany her only sister, especially since she also likes action fights."Want to eat first?"Raisa nodded quickly because she was already very hungry. They immediately left the cinema looking for a place to prop their stomach. The clock was half past ten, which meant t
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-Maybe love is your thing but not mine. Love for me is you-***Raisa descended the stairs deftly to the kitchen. Looking at the memo in front of the refrigerator from his mother who accompanied my father to overseas meetings. Even though it's a holiday, they have a hard time getting together."Brother, where are you ?!" shouted Raisa looking all over the house. Usually, if not in the room, it must be in the backyard of the house, in the small field where Fairuz practiced his karate. Raisa opened the back door, walked unsteadily carrying lots of food.Raisa always teased Fairuz when he saw him practice. He was about to throw peanuts from the top of the tree house and now he was trying to get past the small fence Fairuz had deliberately made so that just not just anyone could enter."Ouch!" A long snort of bazz sounded in Raisa's ears when she had successfully stepped on the ground. A grimace sounded back slowly Raisa passed through t
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-I can understand all foreign language translations but not your eye language which is difficult to translate-***"What are you doing in my room?" Raisa asked with a glare when she found Yuda standing in front of her room."Brother!" Raisa knocked on Fairuz's room which was located not far from his room."Brother Fairuz left an hour ago. You were really in the room for a long time. How come you haven't changed your clothes?""Why-you know why getting into da— ''Yuda covered Raisa's mouth, took her into the bathroom then locked her from the outside while telling Raisa to immediately take a shower and change clothes because they were going out for a walk."Don't be late!" shouted Yuda then sat on his bed Raisa waiting for the girl to wash herself while grumbling in there."You came out for a moment I can't change my clothes!" Raisa shouted from inside after fifteen minutes had passed, meaning that sh
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-Sometimes when you wish that moment you have to be ready with all the answers-***"Why you? Don't have any more money? You don't have to invite to watch if you don't have capital," said Raisa when Yuda was busy checking something in his pocket. Raisa stomped her feet while on tiptoe to take jumbo popcorn then walked towards the exit."Sorry, Ma'am," said Yuda politely after Raisa who had come out to the parking lot."Wait," he intercepted, pulling Raisa's hand, "let's go inside!"Raisa looked at him fiercely. Glancing at the watch, it was nine o'clock in the evening. He was annoyed by Yuda's attitude who was still holding him back even though his friends had come home an hour ago from the game. Actually Raisa is reluctant to follow Yuda's invitation to the cinema because it's just the two of her, but considering there is a list of films with high ratings that she hasn't seen, Raisa can't refuse the invitation to watch.
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-Do not cry for people who waste love because tears are expensive-***Yuda threw his bag at Rio who had just gotten off the motorbike. He walked ahead of Rio who didn't have time to curse. From the front, Ridho walked in a cool style that invites admiration from the women in the corridor."That's so bad," Ridho said, patting Yuda's shoulder and then turning to Rio."He complained, Raisa was the only girl who refused to be picked up to go to school together," Rio said holding back his laughter."Well, now I also say what. Raisa is indeed difficult to beat. You picked him up late, Raisa is already half an hour at school," said Ridho who accidentally passed Raisa's class and saw the woman talking with her best friend. Luckily, Bela didn't exist."Eeh, where are you going ?!" exclaimed Ridho when Yuda climbed the stairs deftly.Yuda waved his hand and walked without looking back. Rio said goodbye to Ridho to foll
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