Within My Grasp

Within My Grasp

By:  Catherine Edward  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sophia Ava Valentine and Noah Parker are in love with each other for over three years. The lovebirds had nothing to worry until Sophia's father arranges her marriage with a ruthless billionaire playboy, Irwin Pierce to seal their business partnership. When Irwin discovers her love with Noah Parker, he makes it his mission to ruin his life and that of Sophia's friends. Sophia accepts his proposal with one condition - Irwin must leave her friends alone. Now, it's up to Noah & her best friends to save her from Irwin and his not so innocent schemes.

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35 Chapters
Chapter - 0.5 | Morning Routine
The calming breeze brushed against my skin and I inhaled the fresh scents of the ocean and the trees. Doing yoga on a fine morning was not only relaxing, but also refreshing. The luscious waves of the ocean sprayed my face with salty water and I smiled, opening my eyes, as I finished the asana.Gazing into the blue depths of water as the sun soared to the sky to perform its daily duty while listening to the rhythmic beats of the waves crashing into the sand itself provides the full effect of a medication.The distant sounds of seagulls provided an added effect, reminding me of the docks, which was not too far from here. Nothing will give you an instant sense of calm and relief as the sea.I can't imagine a day going without my morning routine, which included answering the nature's inevitable call, brushing my teeth, drinking a cup of warm water, then taking my baby girl Trixie to our private beach, where I did my yoga while she performed her morning rituals, fol
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Chapter - 1 | Meeting Noah Parker
If one thing I was sure about Noah, it was that he liked me. Not just as a friend, but he wanted more. He never tried to hide his attraction towards me and it was obvious. They say 'an action speaks louder than words.' He was always caring and kind. Noah always watched for me, walked me to my next class, sat with me for lunch and gave the stink eye to anyone who dared look at me with a wrong notion. He blushed every time I complimented him on something and vice versa. I clearly remembered the day we met three years ago. "Sophia, honey, watch your steps," my mom's kind warning reached my ears a little too late as I felt myself slip and falling backward on the pavement. My hands reached down on instinct as I tried to prepare myself to cushion the fall. I am well known for my clumsiness and no one can beat my record in my town. I tripped almost over everything, even on the straight road and got injured at least once in a day
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Chapter - 2 | Encounter with the Queen B*atch
"Good Morning, Ava!" Noah greeted me cheerfully and I kind of melted looking at his smile, just like I melt whenever Trixie smiled at me. Also, no one except Noah called me Ava. That was reserved only for him–don't ask me why, because I don't know. Maybe that was a lie. I knew why and I refused to accept it. Gosh, why does he have to be so cute and sexy, all simultaneously? "Good morning, Noah! How was your weekend?" I asked as I occupied the seat beside him. "Just the usual… I worked and a bit of practice." That handsome grin got wider. "How about your weekend?" "I did gardening with mom and we both hit the nearby mall, had ice creams followed by movies and a sleepover," I listed. Again, don't ask me why I told him everything I did that weekend to him. It's just the way of things between us. There are no secrets between us. "So, um... I was wondering if you'd like to attend my sister's birthday party this Saturday," he asked hopefully
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Chapter - 3 | Something is not okay
The smell of chicken stew wafted through my nostrils when I reached my home in the evening. "Hey, mom… It smells delicious," I stated as I perched on the kitchen stool. Trixie went to greet mom with a hug, tail wagging, and licking. "What took you so long?" My mom asked as she placed a cup of lemon tea in front of me. "I went for grocery shopping with Uncle Mac. You know, how forgetful he gets these days," I informed and sipped my tea. "Hmm... his sons are really worried about him. Mac just won't accept their invitation to move in with them," she mused, stirring the stew. "Hey mom, Noah invited me for his sister's birthday party this Saturday. He would love for you to join the party as well. Are you working this weekend?" "That's nice. It's been almost two months since I last met the Parkers. I am sure I can make time," she grinned and suddenly looked all young. Mom and Noah's parents got along well. They had a close relationship with
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Chapter - 4 |The Game
Soon the classes were over and the five of us excluding Noah, Alec and Hayden went to the football ground. Our university was well known for its sports activities and has created a few well-known sports champions. We had an exclusive football stadium built a few years ago. It was the first time for me and Riley, going to a football game. I was glad I had company. I sat at a safe distance from the field while Sana and Riley went to buy snacks and soft drinks for us. The stadium was filling up with students and lecturers just as eager as us to see their students win this match. Jennifer informed me this match was important for the trio sportsmen, who are our best friends. The university would select the best players and will be sending them to the mega football tournament which starts next quarter. I've heard about the mega football tournament between the well-known universities in the United States. I have never realized how important this was to Noah
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Chapter - 5 | Secret Admirer
I screamed in frustration when I failed for the umpteenth time to concentrate. My mind kept wandering back to the recent happenings. Wasn’t meditation supposed to ease my mind? Trust me, it didn't help today. Nothing helped. Not the calming sound of the ocean, the gentle breeze or my yoga. Trixie barked and nuzzled my neck before licking on the side of my face, making me sigh. It's not that every day I felt restless. Just on certain days like this. I didn’t like that I couldn’t pinpoint the reason for my restlessness. "I want to speak to Noah," I mused aloud as I ran my hand absentmindedly on Trixie's fur. She gave me a bark in reply. "What, you miss him too?" I cooed and got another bark as she wagged her tail. "Then, let's go see him today," I said, getting up and she followed me as usual. Doctors have discharged Noah with an advice of two days compulsory rest, so he should be at home. Somehow my mind seemed to settle down thinking a
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Chapter - 6 | Douche Bag
I was home early as Mili came back from her work earlier. So, Noah was not alone.We both didn't speak about the near-kiss experience. We just hung out like the old times, talking and watching movies. I told him about my mom receiving a gift from an unknown person supposedly in love with her.Noah asked me not to judge my mother and to have an open mind to accept whatever she had to say. I would never judge my mother. If she liked the guy, I would advise her to divorce my dad and move on with her life.I was deep in my thoughts when I stumbled against someone and Trixie let out a displeased growl beside me. A strong pair of hands steadied my clumsy being and I sighed in gratitude.However, my gratitude didn't last. When I looked up to thank my savior, words got stuck in my throat.Guess who it is?It was none other than the great Irwin Pierce, elite Douche Bag of the decade."Thanks," I mumbled in a clipped tone and tried to
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Chapter - 7 | The past
Mom patted my arm and took a sip from of her lavender tea as I waited impatiently."The cops chased him when he wouldn't slow down. Jaxon's car collided with the barrier on the road and skipped. He was driving over the speed limit, so the damage was big. His spine and pelvic region were severely injured at the impact.""It took six months for him to get out of the hospital and his parents were shocked by the fact that he couldn't father an heir to their business empire. It was then someone told them about me and you. They met my parents with a marriage proposal.""That's ridiculous. Why would you accept then? You should've married Nolan and you would've been happy," I exclaimed."I didn't agree to it at first. But, Nolan's parents who were equally rich like Jaxon didn't want me as their daughter in law. They came home without Nolan's knowledge and what can I say, it didn't go well.""We may be poor, sweetie. But, as I said we valued our self-respec
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Chapter – 8 | Boyfriend
Nolan turned out to be a much better person than I thought.Initially, I was wary of him. I mean, which man in the right mind would send gifts to a married woman, declaring their undying love for her.Now, I must speak to my mom and see, how she feels about everything. Most important, I must figure out, why she isn't leaving my dad. I never saw something good in him, none.Never once in my nineteen years of existence, he regarded me as a daughter when we were not in public. Not once, he gazed down at me with a love only those proud fathers held for their daughter. He was not even there for my graduation.To him, I was non-existent unless he was with his business associates or in one party he hosted. When my friends got their graduation gifts, all I got was a questioning look with a raise of his eyebrow, him silently asking me if that makes a difference.The only time he spoke was when he wanted me to attend a party or when he wanted t
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Chapter – 9 | I may have a plan
"You remember Irwin Pierce, right?" Tracy asked me and I almost choked on my sandwich."Know him? No one in this table knows him better than Sophia," Jennifer snickered.I rolled my eyes and continued to chew the bite I've already taken."He christened her bed a few years back at one of her father's parties," Riley supplied."Is he really hot like he is seen in those photos?" Sana asked with dreamy eyes and I snorted loudly."He is rotten inside. Don't fall for the charms, Sana," I said, giving her a warning look and took another bite."She's right. He is bad news. The big B-A-D," Riley stated dramatically, making us laugh."What about him?" Noah asked. He didn't like Irwin. Who would like a man who tried to make a pass at your girl at every chance he got?"His grandfather has passed away recently and it is only last week he gets to know about his will," Tracy started."Apparently, the grand pops knew very well about his
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