When The Original Characters Changed

When The Original Characters Changed

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The story was suppose to be a real phoenix would driven out the wild sparrow out from the family but then, how it will be possible if all of the original characters of the certain novel had changed drastically? The original title "Phoenix Lady: Comeback of the Real Daughter" was a novel wherein the storyline is about the long lost real daughter of the prestigious wealthy family was found making the fake daughter jealous and did wicked things. This was a story about the comeback of the real daughter who exposed the white lotus scheming fake daughter. Claim her real family, her status of being the only lady of Jin Family and become the original fiancee of the male lead. However, all things changed when the soul of the characters was moved by the God making the three sons of Jin Family and the male lead reborn to avenge the female lead of the story from the clutches of the fake daughter villain . . . but why did the two female characters also change?!

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16 Chapters
I: The Transmigration Of The Female Protagonist
Chapter 1: The Transmigration Of The Female ProtagonistHer head was still aching and she was feeling dizzy but still, she slowly open her eyes and massage her temples.She stay up too late last night because she was too engrossed on reading that novel."Ah," She groan and she was about to get up when she finally notice her surrounding.She stilled.Wooden walls, tiny crap light bulb, a small hard bed and a small study table on the side.What's this?!Liu Ri was stunned upon seeing the unfamiliar place that welcomed her.Where am I?!She quickly got up from her bed and sprint towards the window. She glance at the place outside at was even more shock when she saw the unfamiliar place outside.Old houses and there'
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II: Gain Favor Through Sympathy
Chapter 2: Gain Favor Through SympathyAfter obediently doing all her task on the orphanage, she went back to her room with the excuse of studying.She found out that the Female Protagonist was a scholar who was sponsored by some wealthy people that is why she was able to attend school. However, the Director and other staffs in the orphanage secretly abusing her verbally and let her do chores around the place with an excuse of being one of the eldest here. Since she was one of the most intelligent child here, they only mocked here— afraid of being found out.In the original novel, when the Jin Family found her, she was somewhat distant towards her family due to the bad attitude of the orphanage towards her. It also added the reason why her family didn't like her because she isn't like Jin Xiu Ran who was 'always' sensible, obedient and cute.As for her plan, she di
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III: The Unexpected Twist
Chapter 3: The Unexpected TwistShe went in daze as she process the sudden twist of the story.Meanwhile, the last one also stood up and hug her tightly which shock her."My sister! You're finally back!"Wait, what?! I don't understand!The eldest face the Director and nod at him."We will prepare her documents and the donation for taking care of her these past years."The Director grin even more and nod."Sure! Thank you very much!" then he look at her— even more gentler."Riri, why don't you pack your things first, okay?"She just nod and her second and third brothers went with her while their eldest prepare her documents personally.She was still shock by the situation but eventually, a smirk was secretly app
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IV: The Trade Mark Of Each Family
Chapter 4: The Trade Mark Of Each Family"Riri, we wish you the best for your family!" The Director happily wave goodbye at her— same as the others.However, some of them had an obvious fake smiles and a touch of jealousy and disgust on their eyes as they look at her.But she doesn't care. That expression will help her even more and as expected, the face of her brothers Jin Xuan and Jin Li turn grim.Meanwhile, her eldest who didn't know the situation, he just nod at them as he was really a cold man.They went inside the car and start driving."I forgot to introduce myself," A gentle smile was on his face as he took a peek on her on the rare mirror of the car while driving."I'm your eldest brother, Jin Su He."She awkwardly nod. She wasn't surprise to see him smile anymore. She was
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V: Meeting The Villain Fake Sister
Chapter 5: Meeting The Villain Fake SisterEarlier, she wasn't that confident to win but now, she was sure to chase Xiu Ran earlier than the novel.It was surprising to see the changes but she was happy!Right now, they're already infront of the large mansion of the Jin Family."Let's go in and meet them."She nod and they went inside.There, they saw a middle-age couple who was sitting on the large living room.The man has a deep blue eyes— a trade of the Jin, meanwhile the woman has just a light blue eyes since she has no blood of the Jin. But still, it was consider as blue and that was enough.They are Liu Ri's biological parents.They had an anxious expression on their faces and sometimes, they would look at the second floor which she suppose specifically th
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VI. What's Wrong With The Villain?(1)
Chapter 6: What's Wrong With The Villain? (1)From the novels, the white lotus characters will always look like an innocent sheep.And looking at the sick villain infront of her, she concluded that it was true.Jin Xiu Ran— the villain of the original novel, 'Phoenix Lady: Comeback Of The Real Daughter'— isn't look like a villain at all.There was nothing evil on her appearance and in fact, she looks like a doll. From her pale white skin, small face, jet black wavy hair with bangs, big round blue eyes, cute button eyes and a pale pink lips.She was also thin because of her sickness and she looks like a broken doll at all. Far from the novel that she read.However, this was what she was best at. Using her innocent face to covet everyone's favor that results the female lead's difficulty in life.
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VII. What's Wrong With The Villain?(2)
Chapter 7: What's Wrong With The Villain? (2)"What's her situation, Doc?" Mother Jin ask the Doctor while they were watching the pale and sick Xiu Ran sleeping on the hospital bed.Doctor Shen sigh, "It's a genetic disease."Father Jin was startled. "Genetic? This was only inherited by?""Yes, it's a blood disease came from the genes of her family. Although we haven't know how this works since we didn't know the details of her history," He look at them."Is there anyone from the family who has this?"They didn't know what to answer the question."Madam Jin?"Mother Jin went pale. "T-That . . . we only found out yesterday that she's not our real daughter."Doctor Shen was shock and he look at her but didn't ask further anymore."Very well. Accordi
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VIII. When The Original Characters Changed
Chapter 8: When The Original Characters ChangedWhat will happened if the original characters changed?The original female lead was changed into a transmigrator, the original side characters— her three brothers— was reincarnated and the original villain was also a transmigrator.Then what about the male lead?Her lips twitch. Actually, it was better if it's true.If he's reincarnated from the past, then he's sure that he'll leave Xiu Ran and be with her as soon as possible. If he's a transmigrator, either he'll know what will happened in the future just like in the novel or . . . the worst part was he just transmigrated without the future memories.Although it was fine if the soul was more powerful but what if the soul who was transferred inside the villain was powerful?What if everything got mes
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IX. What's Wrong With The Villain Again?
Chapter 9: What's Wrong With The Villain Again?Early in the morning, when Liu Ri came downstairs to eat, she saw the villain on the dining. They're already waiting for her.Xiu Ran was wearing a white long like dress winter coat. It was like a western robe and it has black buttons paired with black circle small shoulder and black knee high lace boots.White. Was this another tactic again?White was the classic colors for white lotuses to act even more gentle and pitiful."Riri? You're awake!" It was Jin Li who notice him first and quickly motioned her to move."Sit beside me, Sister." He grins."Hm,"Father Jin was at the edge meanwhile Mother Jin was on his right. Beside her was Xiu Ran and lastly, Eldest Brother. On the left side, Second Brother was on the first seat, vacant on the mid
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X: Throwing Mud To The Villain(1)
Chapter 10: Throwing Mud To The Villain(1)A week later had passed like a day. It was also the time to go back to school.The past few days was extremely memorable for the Jin Family as they reunite together. Moreover, her three brothers took a week leave on their work just to spend time with her. Same with their parents so of course, that one week was enough to bring their heart's closer as it could be.Also, Liu Ri didn't maintain the original's aloof personality anymore. One was because it was not her real personality and second was because she's comfortable enough being with them. She also think that it was for the best since her brothers doted her even more thinking that this time, all went well due to the absence of the villain.Although it was a pity that she hadn't chase Xiu Ran completely to the family, she was confident now that she was more favoured than anyone else.Furthermore, their parents never mentioned Xiu Ran again. During the first and second day, she had seen her
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