Chapter 2076 My Beloved Daughter

[My dear daughter, my beloved Rosalie, I wonder how many years later will you see this written will? Ten years, or twenty years? Or you may not see it at all."

[Darling, Mama loves you very much, I love you too much. So, it is you who gave Mama the courage to accept my fate at this moment. I know very well that my life is slipping away bit by bit, but I don’t feel afraid at all!]

[However, Mama don’t know why such bad luck happened to you. You were only three years old and just learned to run and jump around, and you’ve just learnt to pronounce the word Mama properly. Despite that, death is around the corner, knocking on my door. Mama feels reluctant, this is such a waste! Mama prays to God, I’m willing to accept anything as long as you live, even if it means falling into hell.]

[You were suffering from a congenital genetic disorder. I took you to many hospitals and finally found a solution. However, the treatment cost is as high as one million dollars. Mama can't afford this at all
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Czarmeh Arreug
wow byron help rosalie avenge
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Charmaine Box
Yes! Time to get them.
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Karlene Tracey Lag
Yey. Dis is it. At last. Byron is so genius

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