Chapter 2075 Blue Ring

Byron, who has always been calm in dealing with things, felt anxious this time.

The car continued to accelerate. There was no time to lose. He needed to verify personally whether the heirloom left by his mother-in-law were really hidden in the frame of the wedding photo.

Rosalie also looked solemn, and her heart was beating fast.

Violet cared so much about Mama’s heirloom. She was still looking for it even when she could not find it after more than ten years, which shows that this heirloom was of great importance.

Perhaps, there was enough evidence in it to prove that Violet harmed her mother.

Rosalie truly wanted to know; how did Violet manage to poison her slowly? At that time, she had no contact with Mama at all!

In about ten minutes, the car arrived at the Jacobs old house.

Early in the morning, Detective Carter still led his bodyguards to search around, knocking on every wall, trying to find some hidden storage space.

Upon seeing the eager faces of the young couple, Detect
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