Chapter 2077 Drops Of Tears

Mama’s last will intermittently recorded the last three years of her life.

When Rosalie finished reading her mother’s last word, the dam had broken, and she burst into loud sobs.

The heart-piercing grief lingered in her chest. She kept murmuring under her breath. "Mama, my Mama...hurts so much in her life. She was in so much pain!"

She tearfully looked at her husband. At this moment, Rosalie was like a frightened little animal, her entire body trembling helplessly.

Byron read the will with her. The typically calm and introverted Byron felt his eyes burning and tears streamed down his face.

Immediately, a monstrous anger appeared on his face. He exuded a deadly aura all over. He gritted his teeth and said ruthlessly, "Honey, we must avenge Mama. Violet is not human. She is just a beast clad in human skin!"

Rosalie cried bitterly while hugging Byron, inconsolable for a long time.

Finally, Detective Carter read the contents of the will and remained silent for a long time.

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