My Lady Butler Love

My Lady Butler Love

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A Rich Boss, Mr. Martin, fell in love with their family lady butler, Ms. Jasmin. He was obsessed and in love with their family lady butler. Jasmin had a crush with the boss since the first time she came to the mansion. Mr. Martin made her fall in love with him in his sweet domineering way. Jasmin fell deeply in love with him. The secret love affair took years of a relationship that made them more deeply in love. One day, Jasmin meet a guy who fell in love with her. This made Mr. Martin got jealous and planned to make Jasmin get pregnant to make her stay in his life forever. Getting pregnant made her decision of leaving her job as a family butler of her sweet lover. She left the city and give birth to a son, an heir to the business throne of Mr. Martin. After four years, Jasmin came back with his three-year-old son and accidentally meet her son's father, Mr. Martin. The accidental meeting has begun the chaos in Mr. Martin's life. Running and hiding started in Jasmin's life trying all her best not to meet again Mr. Martin. The Rich Boss had never stopped looking for Jasmin for four years. What now? he got a son with her and will never give up on them. At the end of nowhere to go, Jasmin tired and stopped running. She has to faced him now to make things clear for both of them.

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53 Chapters
 NIGHT IN THE MANSION:        In a rich mansion home, there was only one room that still had an opened light switched on.  A man's eyes were widely open peeping in a slightly open bedroom door on the main floor of the mansion. The woman inside the bedroom had started to unbutton her dark blue shirt, she wasn't aware that her bedroom door was not closed and locked behind her when she went inside her room hurrying.         The lights on the main floor of the mansion were already mostly switched off as people inside the home were already in their respective bedrooms.  Only one lampshade was dimly open in the living room waiting for one person who most of the time late coming home, which was the Boss in the house, Mr. Martin.        Mr. Martin came home late and was about to knock on their family Lady Butler, Ms. Jasmin but it was slightly ajar and became curious, he slightly pushed t
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        Suddenly Mr. Martin felt a heat spreading inside his body making him swallowed briefly like his throat became dried.  He felt his core moved and became hard inside his trouser.        " Oh fuck!" softly came out of his mouth but controlled the sound.        " Oh gosh! she's so sexy!" he exclaimed almost loud and covered his mouth worried she might hear him.          Mr. Martin touched his hardcore inside his trouser which was already wet on the tip. He had not had sex for a few months now. He was been starving with sex because of a big reason with his wife.        "Hmm gosh.. I'm so hard now hmm" he groaned as he touches his self. His cock was already swelled inside his trouser.         Mr. Martin unzipped his trousers and brought out his hard cock hold and slowly stroking it.  His purpose of
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THE FAMILYTHE BOSS IN THE MANSION        The Peeping Tom, was the man of the mansion, the boss. He was Mr. Ryes Martin.  The owner of one of the top big companies in City A. He is a well-known businessman in the neighboring cities. Among the top big companies in the city, his company was the leading number one.  Mr. Martin started in the business world young at the age of twenty-one as his family was one of the rich families in the city and could be said to be the richest family.        He was a married man at the age of twenty-seven. His marriage was a parental arranged marriage from two rich business partners. He was so concentrated flourishing the family business on top successfully that he had no time dating, so his parents find him a match.  He was married to a rich woman from a rich family.  They had a for year old daughter.        However, a married man he was, he w
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THE LADY BUTLERMR. MARTIN        The lady butler of the family was Ms. Jasmin Rheas.  She lived on the main floor of Martin's mansion. She was twenty-three years old. She was the only service that could stay inside the mansion at night for emergency services needed by the family during the night.  Jasmin was needed for Mr. Martin's needs whenever he comes late at night. She prepared warm food for him when he was late for dinner. She took care of him whenever he stayed in the main floor until he goes upstairs to sleep. When he works late in the study room, she brought him coffee or tea. When he wanted to stay late near the pool, goes swimming or drinking, Jasmin was patiently waiting for him till he retired for the night.        Mr. Martin spent more time doing things making his self busy when at home at night to avoid any physical contact with his wife at night in bed. His wife didn't want any sexual relations
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A YEAR AGOJOB INTERVIEW        Ms. Jasmin Rheas has applied for the job as a female butler in Martin's mansion because the salary offer was high, a pretty good sum with some benefit, health, dental and insurance benefits but the job was a little tough and demanding. Thinking the salary was high offered, this would help a lot to her family as she came from an average family status.         It was a wide range of responsibilities to handle this job in the mansion. The responsibilities have a wide scope to take. It was to handle the unpredictable and predictable needs of the household. To become the highest rank of a servant in the mansion, managing as well all the services of all the workers in the mansion.        Jasmin was interviewed by Mr. Martin with his wife's presence.  The man boss, Mr. Martin did most of the questioning. Mrs. Martin just seated beside him and listened or mayb
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Jasmin Mr. Martin       Starting the job in the mansion at the beginning was tough as Jasmin was like a boss of all the people serving the family. Observing everyone, listing every need and concern of all people in the mansion, especially Martin's family concerns, and requests.  The family's daughter has her own maid but its Jasmin's concern of bringing her to her kindergarten school and picking her up after school with the driver unless the parents would want to pick up their kid from the school.        Lady Butler Jasmin most of the time responsibilities were taking care of the man of the house, Mr. Martin. She waited for him every night coming home as if she was the wife, waiting for her husband to come home every night.  She was only the service left in the evening as all the mansion workers already all out inside the mansion when the clock struck seventy-thirty in the evening.   &nb
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Mr. Martin Jasmin        Mr. Martin having observed their lady butler looking at him in a daze often became aware of Jasmin's presence every night being with him taking care of his needs. She never left Mr. Martin being alone downstairs unless he told her to go rest or sleep and can leave him.  Sometimes she let her rest for a while and just call her if ever he needs something, like making her coffee or tea whenever he works late in the study room.       One night, Mr. Martin asked Jasmin to prepare him his towel that he will go swimming after watching the news in the television.        "Ms. Rheas, can you please prepare me a towel and  rob at the pool?" asked Mr. Martin.        "Also a red wine please..." he added.         "Yes, Mr. Martin, just a minute," answered Jasmin.        M
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Mr. Rhyes Martin        The next day, it was Sunday. Mr. Martin woke up at lunchtime. Opening his eyes came the thought of last night.         'Had she woke up and remembered last night kissing her? Did she already went out?' he ponders. He stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash and get dress. He went downstairs, looking down as he descended. Jasmin was not around, she took her day off and already out.        "Daddy!" shouted her daughter as she rushes. over to Mr. Martin.        "Sweetheart!" gladly said Mr. Martin as he reached her daughter to carry on his arms.        " How was my baby girl today?" Where do you want to go today?" he asked her daughter.        "Good Daddy! I want to go amusement park with Daddy and Mommy! said the little girl, Chloe Martin.        "Al
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 MS. jASMIN POINT OF VIEW:        Waking up with a little headache, frowed her eyebrows and looked down her uniform still wearing them in her body.        " Omg! What happened last night??" I gasped in shocked with my mouth widely opened.  How did I went to bed without changing my uniform??" I asked myself, 'of course I can't answer myself, not knowing what I did last night that could not remember.        Remembering back about last night that I was with Mr. Martin at the pool chatting and had some drink of red wine.  " Did I got drunk? Why I cant remember what happened last night after that at the poolside??" thinking racking her brain.        It would be shameful if Mr.Martin help me to my bed last night. I did not even know if I did something weird last night while I dink with him.  Wish I did not do weird things last night. I gasped covering
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  MR. RHYES MARTIN POINT OF VIEW:        Arriving at the mansion at the same time with our lady butler who had just had her Sunday day off.  I looked behind  while she was getting off from the taxi, she looks sexy.  She was in a light blue jeans and red shirt, wore an average height of heels.  She looked really gorgeous in her outfit and with her ponytail almost on the top of her head. She wore only a simple earing, no other jewelry.        I had never saw her in casual dress, she was mostly in her uniform whenever I see her at nights.  Whenever she was not in her uniform when i came so late at night, she wore her robe which is below her knees long.         I grabbed my daughter inside the car and carried her in my arm, walked heading to the door of the ,ansion behind my wife who alighted first from the car after I parked the car.  My mind drifting
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