Echo of Love

Echo of Love

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Everybody believes he doesn't like her because he never leaves the chance to bully Reese. Whatever she does he always knows how to wrong her. If she says she has to go north, he takes her to the south. She is afraid of him; always try to run away like a frightening kitten as soon as he appears. But what she and others don't know that she is the only one who holds his heart and possessed him. This is a story of Armaan Lee & Reese Beck, whose cute love journey was like a sea-saw, where she is clueless but he is resolute. Be my companion to experience their love story, where Armaan does everything, from knocking out his love rivals to behaving like a little love ruffian, to get Reese's heart opened for him.

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47 Chapters
Chapter 1: She is coming back!
“Mom, can you please speak to brother, can’t he control his temper for a few days, you know she is afraid of him and will not live here”, Aviva Lee said in a pleading tone to her mother Mrs. Zyair Lee & grandmother Mrs. Harlow Lee.She is coming back after 2 years. Although Mrs. Lee was also waiting for her, she is the daughter of her best friend Kal
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Chapter 2: Boss Is Happy.
Who is Armaan Lee? Armaan Lee CEO of Lee Group who directly and indirectly controls the economic life of Philadelphia, known to be a ruthless businessman who runs by his own rules and easily cause people to feel a chill run down their back with his one look. His means of handling things are rumored to be ferocious. No one in entire Philadelphia holds the guts to step up against him. Power and wealth are the words that symbolize him.At the age of 22 he took over the business from his father Mr. Rigg Lee, since then it turned the Lee group into manifolds. His employees are used to
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Chapter 3: Call to Reese!
After Armaan departed from home, Grandmother Mrs. Harlow Lee immediately asked Aviva to make a call to Reese. Everyone is so happy with Armaan’s approval. They all like Reese not because she is the daughter of their family friend. But she holds a unique enchantment that can please anyone.After the death of her parents, Reese custody was given to his uncle Kavin Beck, but Lee’s fought in court and took her custody. With Kevin’s shrewd personality Lee’s never trusted him. Reese’s parents have left enough money & property for her, although it was ju
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Chapter 4: Sworn Brothers….Thought Too Much!
In the evening Armaan received a call from Hernan Bush to have a drink.“Soul” is the premium and most exclusive private club of Philadelphia. Even if you are rich you can’t enter the club; you need to be entitled too. Hernan Bush, Adan Smith, and Dewei Scavo are the sworn brothers of Armaan. Hernan is the crown prince of the media & entertainment in
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Chapter 5: First Encounter with Her, After Return!
On the international class flying to Philadelphia, in the business class, Reese was soundly sleeping.  Almost all were looking at this peerless and pure beauty. A snow-white skin, charming & almond-shaped pair of eyes, an exquisite small nose, and pink moist lips were breathtakingly beautiful as an exquisite doll. Her waist-long black hair was tied in a ponytail, which was angelic. It was difficult for anyone to move their eyes away from her. Today she was wearing a yellow color one shoulder crop tee and denim jeans, which was flaw
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Chapter 6: At Lee’s residence…
Mother Lee was busy in the kitchen preparing all favorite dishes of Reese like beef enchiladas, cheesy rice & broccoli casserole, pan-fried oysters, spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken dumpling soup, and blueberry buttermilk muffins as dessert.Hearing the sound of a car coming from outside, she immediately stopped working and rushed to the main door. Reese stepped out…ran towards mother and hugged her tightly. Although she was her godmother but she always cherished her as her daughter. 
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Chapter 7: New Beginning!
Striking shining rays of the sun were smirking from the window passing through the curtains on Reese's face, making her more enchanting. Feeling the warmth on her face she slowly opened her eyes while rubbing them and sit straight in her bed. Lee’s villa was in the outer suburbs, a closet place to nature not too far from the main city but an exclusive area. It was surrounded by lovely small mountains and natural bushes. With the artificial lake and waterfall, it was just like paradise. So natural!
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Chapter 8: Notification of Love Rival Move!
At Armaan’s office…In a huge office, Armaan was sitting on the chair and his assistant Nolan was reporting him the business matters.A sudden commotion at the door made both of them look into the direction; there comes Hernan again with his amusing smirk. He moves in the direction of the sofa and made himself comfortable as if he was a boss.
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Chapter 9: At Liam Sean’s office…
At the Sean group on the 88th floor, an attractive and handsome man was standing at the French window. His exquisite facial features and the sturdy body were looking exceptionally well and sexy. He was wearing a dark blue color suit and black shirt, which is giving him deep aura. Standing behind him Jace Keen, his assistant, reported him about the Hilltop resort designing deal. He told him that the project is been assigned to a group in which Reese was there. Listening to which Liam turned around with a sweet glint in his eyes.
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Chapter 10: Mid-night Encounter!
Aviva & Reese reached home, although Aviva wanted to roam around but Reese told her that she has to prepare a design handout of the new project which is a little time-consuming. They reached the home and had dinner with all except Armaan as he has some important business to do so he will come late.She went to her room, took shower, and changed to her comfortable night suit, and started preparing the handout plan on the laptop. She worked till mid-night and when she was about to close her laptop, she heard the sound of footsteps from outside.
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