My Mate. MINE

My Mate. MINE

By:  045-SUVI  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mew only heir of his Alpha parents, has some special powers than others.. who is gonna be next Alpha.. of his Bright Blue package.. on his eighteenth birthday.. He Found his mate.. A normal girl in his package.. who lived a very normal life.. Filoshma is a omega, daughter of normal worriar.. who led a normal life.. and happy with that.. she had a lovely brother too.. who does anything for her sake.. After the day she found her Mate is Mew.. all his life changed upside down.. Gulf a male omega rouge who lost his parents and pack in his childhood.. wandering around to safeguard himself.. when he became eighteen.. he felt a strong and indefinable pain.. in his wolf.. one day when he met another old rouge he explained that his mate died.. that's why he feeling this pain.. He always curse this life.. what sin he done to get all this.. Ken a mighty alpha later came to claim Gulf is his Who loves who?? Who end with who?

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Dwight Wayne
very nice story
2021-02-02 10:30:59
user avatar
Aeysha Khan
really amazing story I love it
2020-09-13 18:55:35
user avatar
Anuja Jinoop
Nice storyline
2021-01-18 23:56:23
user avatar
Migdalia Batiz
The story so far good but hate that alpha luna died and we didnt get to hear how they mated had kids ugh....just skipped to present with boy
2020-08-30 18:00:02
user avatar
Pavithra Mohan
good book very interesting
2020-08-02 17:07:02
16 Chapters
Alpha Mew
Mew stopped the alarm.. morning five. He always prefer to jog then work out because  he want to gain his strength in all means as next Alpha. He got all training in sword fight, archery, self defense and Gun shooting. Now he is almost ready to take his wolf form training. yep. He is  turning eighteen in two days. Then their warriors will train him how to fight in his wolf form. Both his Mom and Dad were alphas and he was born on a rare blue moon day. So his pack elders trust that he was having some special powers. Still he have no idea what they were talking about. He also didn't feel any special things in him but  hoping it will retrieve when he turn eighteen. He have handsome face, tall, well built body with six packs, fair complexion, dark brown hair, sharp jawlines, with pink slender lip and brown orbs which is so mesmerising.  Some days he thought his special thing is his looks that moon goddess
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Omega Filo
Filo opened her eyes barely.  it's early. As warrior's daughter. She was always insisted to get training early in the morning, even she was an omega. Her father and brother didn't see her low.   Filo's father trained her with all defence methods. She lost her mother once she born, her mother was a healer and her father is warrior Beta. And her brother Flin is too a beta warrior. He is twenty, studying Technology in their university. He didn't met his mate yet. They don't know why. He is over protective to his sister because he loves her so much.  More than that she was born in a rare blue moon day. As same as Mew. They share same birthday. Her mom made a promise not to tell anyone that she was born on that day. Still she celebrate her birthday a day after her actual birthday but this time she is going to reach eighteen. She don't know what to do. She will f
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Seeing Mate
Mew fluttered his eyes  in morning.  Today is the day. Yes!.. He heard his wolf's voice. Inner soul speaking to him. He feel extra speed in his legs. He usually took thirty minutes for his run but today he came back in twenty minutes. His mother in kitchen came to living room, she smiled, wished him and asked. "How do you feel?" With wide eyes he said "Exciting!!" His mom chuckled because of his expression then she said. "Wait for the moment.. you will feel more better".  There his dad entered in, with voice. "Son what's your Wolf telling you ?" He answered him just a word. "Many." In monosyllable.  Then he hoped for something from him and questioned." Do You feel anything more.?" He said. "Still nothing dad." With little disappointment he answered. "Ok we still have time. Let's wait.." 
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After Ten years Gulf POV It's been two years Gulf turned eighteen. Until six months ago he suffered the indescribable pain in his heart, ached like hell.  He almost killed himself because of that pain. All he go through is pain, suffer and hard time.  On his seventh birthday. His family arranged great party for him. Gulf's father is an alpha and his mother is sweet kind omega. They lived in Northern territory. Bright Moon Pack.    His pack was totally destroyed by their enemies. He survived but afraid to be there. So he ran away.. because he was too young and an omega. It's very rare a male being an omega, in million years there are only very few males been omegas. That's what all elders thought.    He used to be suffer, no shelter, no proper food. All he do is wander around the different
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New Found Mate
"What's that feeling? I had when I saw that Rouge" Mew thought himself . He was happy that he found his dear daughter, who he lost a week before. But he thought "who is that rouge? Why am I getting hurt to see him cry? My heart racing after long time. No! I don't like that. I don't want that but how all that is possible? I can't smell him why? What's with the pain in his eyes? Why I feel so bad for him".  He was so confused with his thoughts. He want to know the answer. He believes elders only knows the answers so he stroll towards the door, there hii son Mil hugged his leg, he duck down to see him. Little boy smiled brightly. He picked him in his arms.  He voice out with his childish voice. "Dad. Where is my sister??" Mew said him. "He is with healers dear. They were checking her. Once they confirmed she is ok. You can meet her." He nodded his head faster and said. "Ok. dad".  
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Their Life
It's been two days. Gulf came here, still he didn't see Mew. Still  taking the scent hidder, all the elders were so  kind to him and the healers helped him to gain some strength.He get to know about his mate that he is an Alpha, pack leader, twenty eight years, father of two kids, Mil six years, Mila four years, important thing he lost his Luna a year ago, they were together for last ten years,Gulf feel bad for him, thought himself "I suffered most because of my unmet mate, I can understand him." So he decided to give Mew some space.He also thinking thousands of possibilities. "why Moon goddess made them as match.. why? Our mates were dead already.. I didn't hear a story anyone having a person second mate but why us."For this thoughts even  Elders can't answer. They were also in confusion..  All he want is peace of mind, so he decided to wait until Mew make a move. He didn't want to
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Alpha Friends
Mew left his pack to have some time with his friends just to clear everything, mostly his heart. He already had two shots they didn't show up. They were all busy with their own pack, after all, they were also leaders.Even though once in a while. They used to meet in private. Of course, they meet in meetings that were only boring just talked about pack information and discussion. Mew really hate the way they call him in that meetings "ALPHA" actually he almost forgot his own name. He missed his old school and university days. There he felt arms in his shoulder. Almighty alpha turned, it's the ohm. Once he saw him, he gets up. They hugged one another, there they heard a voice. It's another alpha Tay "Shall we join."They part and saw Zee and Tay were grinning widely, then they too join, had a group hug in a second they part, took the bar stool. Mew ordered shots. They all had, then Zee began "How are you doing my mighty Alpha."
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New Life
Another week passed for them. Everything is so good for Gulf. Especially kids. He loves both Mil and Mila, they were so adorable, they made his life more beautiful. He spent more time with them, with the help of maids he learns to cook the favorite dishes of kids. All my bad memories, worries, the suffering went along with thin air. He almost forgot his mate, Mew. Alpha was always busy with his pack activities, the kids were left alone so Gulf got time to know them better.Mil and Mila were going to school. Gulf used bicycle to drop them off. Usually, they used to go in their car but now they prefer to go with their newfound Papa. They said it's kind of excited most importantly they were calling him Papa. It made the omega so happy. He doesn't know a male omega can have pups or not. being a rare creature nothing is real. We only get to know when it happens in his case, even it's true. He can't have one, his mate doesn't
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Alpha Duties
Mew got too busy with pack members, meeting, discussion everything was for upcoming event. Yep a day of rare blue moon. It's coming after long time so all were getting feared because in this day we can't assume anything Mew's powers can double or can totally gone.when the moon is on high.All other packs from different regions were coming to his pack for the event not for peace but for war, till now they were afraid to take steps because of Mew's mighty powers. Now they all know about this day, they were coming here, acting like friends, Didn't I tell.?? Mew can read others mind with one touch.  Even Alpha know the reason why they came to their pack, he was allowing them to come here for meetings and event because he want them to back off on their own by seeing his powers.Mew still have doubts because Filo is not beside him. His new found mate is already forgot him.  Gulf  didn't even went to see him
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Adoring one Another
Gulf barely opened his eyes, still his eyelids were heavy, all his body felt sour. He don't know why. He try to look around and realize tsomeone sitting beside his bed, holding his hand. Gulf was surprised with confusion he blinked his eyes to get better vision then he get to saw  really Mew. His mind began to screame "why is he here?! First. why am I here?. Is this the place of healers?" His thoughts were snapped by Mew's voice "Are you feeling better??"  Gulf can't utter a word his throat was dry so he just hummed softly. Mew was still holding Gulf's hand, he felt warmth from Mew's grip. Male omega try to get up so his mighty alpha helped him. Now Gulf relaxed himself in headboard. Mew sat beside Gulf.   Mew's smell making Gulf calm, then he thought of kids "what are they doing now, did they had dinner??" With this thoughts he motioned Mew to get water, without any hesitation  Mew did get wa
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