My Mate, My Bully

My Mate, My Bully

By:  Mairee  Updated just now
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In the twisted dance of fate, I'm Dixie – a feisty 17-year-old caught between the human world and a werewolf nightmare. Life was chaotic enough, but then Trix, the bane of my existence, reveals he's not just my high school bully; he's an alpha with a destiny entwined with mine. This revelation left me floored. Forced into a marriage I never wanted, I'm now tangled in a supernatural mess where Nardoos threaten our existence, and every step feels like I'm walking on a tightrope. As tension rises, I find myself questioning everything – from my identity to the very essence of true connection. As I wade through the chaos of being a halfling in a werewolf pack, forbidden love, and an ancient prophecy, I spill the beans on this wild journey where I hold the key to a destiny I never signed up for in my palm. Can a rebellious girl and a fierce alpha rewrite the rules, or are we destined to be prisoners of a fate we never chose?

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29 Chapters
Bölüm 1 : Bite Marks and Broken Rules
= DIXIE =Sweat plastered my hair to my forehead as I pushed through the overgrown bushes. Grandma had warned me a million times about exploring this part of the woods, but boredom was a relentless beast. Besides, who knew what cool stuff I might find? Maybe a hidden cave full of pirate treasure… okay, maybe not pirate treasure, but something cool nonetheless.As I stepped into a clearing bathed in an ethereal glow, a shiver ran down my spine. The air crackled with a strange energy, making the hairs on my arms stand on end. It was like stepping into some fantastical movie scene. In the center stood a massive oak tree, its branches sprawling like gnarled fingers reaching for the twilight sky. A strange pull, almost magnetic, drew me closer.Just as I reached the base of the oak, a guttural growl echoed from the shadows beneath it. My heart hammered against my ribs as a monstrous figure jumped out from literally nowhere. It was a wolf, unlike anything I’d ever seen in a cheesy monster
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Bölüm 2 : Mark of the Blade
= DIXIE =The pull was undeniable. Like a magnet tugging me back to a scene of an accident, I found myself drawn to the clearing again. Maybe it was the strange energy I felt there, or the memory of the terrifying yet oddly captivating battle between the two werewolves one being Trix (which I haven’t still quite wrapped my head around). Whatever it was, I couldn't ignore it.Grandma would have my head for this, I knew. She'd warned me a million times about staying away from this part of the woods, but sometimes, the quiet kid in me who always followed the rules craved a little excitement. Maybe that's why I was always a magnet for trouble, even if it meant potentially getting mauled by a giant wolf.Sneaking through the undergrowth, I kept my head down and my senses on high alert. The silence of the woods was broken only by the rustle of leaves and the occasional chirp of a bird. Suddenly, a guttural growl ripped through the stillness. I froze, my heart hammering against my ribs. A m
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Bölüm 3 : Discouraging Circumstances 
= TRIX =The meeting hall went quiet, and Alvera's words hung heavy in the air. Dixie had a mark on her hand that she hadn't seen herself, and it was the same symbol that the rogue pack had talked about—the mark of the Blade. It was the same mark that was on the wolves who killed my brother.The memory of that afternoon pricked my veins. I hate remembering it, I so hate remembering that accursed afternoon. Everything was going well, it was not meant to end that way with my brother’s lifeless body dangling from the ceiling fan of an abandoned classroom, but it did. And I only have the gharry scene imprinted in my head from that afternoon to ever be the last memory of me seeing my elder brother’s face.I took a deep breath.Focus on what’s happening now. What’s happening? Dixie, that green and four-eyed blonde-haired bothersome piglet! With how short she is, I wonder why she always seems to stumble into the wrong places and get the attention of everyone in the room.It happened once dur
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Bölüm 4: My Bully, My Husband
= TRIX =The morning mist hung around the trees like a blanket, making me feel as cold inside as the air around me. Sleep had been a stranger the night before as the heavy burden of responsibility weighed on me. The rogues, the attack, the missing Tear - thoughts of them churned in my mind like a wild storm.But another face kept flickering through the chaos – Dixie. The way she looked at me defiantly in the clearing, her eyes filled with fear and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on, it really shook me. Alvera had told me that Dixie disappeared after our last unfortunate and inconvenient encounter. Part of me was relieved – at least she wasn't in immediate danger. Another part, a part I couldn't explain, felt a pang of… concern? It was a foreign sensation, one I quickly pushed down.Alvera appeared next to me, and her constant vigilance always made me feel safer. "Any sign of her?" I asked, my voice lingering in the cool morning air.She shook her head, her expression w
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Bölüm 5 : A Forced Union
= DIXIE ="I'm not marrying you!" I practically screeched, totally shocked by the craziness of it all. Here I was, back in Grandma's cozy cottage, only this time, the living room wasn't filled with the familiar scent of freshly baked cookies. No, it was filled with tension so thick I could practically chew on it. Trix, looking like a thundercloud in a designer two-piece, glared at me. His right-hand woman, Alvera, stood next to him all serious, not showing any emotion. And there was Jackson, my childhood buddy, who stood beside me with tight fists and eyes full of anger and worry for meTrix shot up from his seat, towering over me with those infuriatingly intense eyes. "Then we're all gonna die, stupid!" he retorted."I'd rather die than marry you!" I fired back as my hands trembled with anger. Marry Trix? The guy who had made my life a living hell, and recently I found out he's some werewolf alpha? Totally bonkers!How the hell did he even find out I was staying there? "There's no
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Bölüm 6 : (Kidnapped) Wedding Vows
× Dixie ×Ugh, these days feel like they're on slo-mo. Trix, the total pain-in-the-fur alpha, has granted me temporary refuge in the Slater territory, as if I needed it. But of course, it's not chill in any way; it's more like being stuck in a reality show with Alvera, who I now know is his Beta or what do they call it, and Ryder, his best friend, watching my every move. Ryder's got this intense glare, like I'm a ticking time bomb and he's waiting for me to explode or something. Alvera's vibe is more 'whatever,' but her eyes are lowkey tracking me even though she pretends to be indifferent about me staying here.Living in this werewolf soap opera is seriously making me crave normalcy. I mean, who signed up for this supernatural drama anyway? Not me.Remembering that first encounter with werewolf Trix always gives me major regret vibes because I know wholeheartedly that if I had left when he had told me to, I wouldn't be where I am now. In a confined room, in his house, with a fuckin
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Bölüm 7 : Regrets
× Dixie ×A freakin' week trapped in Trix's house feels like an eternity. Seriously, if someone told me I'd end up married to the guy who has made my life a living nightmare, I'd have laughed in their face and scoffed at the absurdity. It's like hate is this unwelcome roommate, lurking under my skin, making every moment in this suffocating place unbearable.Every freakin' time I try to figure out what the heck Trix is scheming, he shuts me down like I'm just a pesky mosquito. "Stay put, Dixie," he barks, like I'm some obedient dog waiting for a treat. It's infuriating, and I can feel the itch to break free crawling under my skin.This house, it's like a cage, squeezing tighter around me with each passing moment. I'm dying to know what's going on, dying to be a part of the dang conversation. But no, Trix thinks I'm better off twiddling my thumbs until he decides I'm worthy of his grand master plan revelation.Curiosity is clawing at me, tearing through any semblance of patience I might
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Bölüm 8: The Prodigal Son
× Trix ×As the messed-up days keep rolling, Ryder's practically breathing down Dixie's neck. Suspicion radiates from him and you can practically touch it.One cool evening, I'm hanging by the balcony, checking out the training session just a few yards away. Most of them are weak and pathetic. I dread the mere mention of war just cus I know we'll be completely obliterated. “Urgh…” I slap my forehead and look elsewhere.Dixie's with one of the female volunteers from the hospital, playing board games. I study Dixie carefully. The way she does things has always irritated and intrigued me at the same time. Her voice, the way she speaks, the way she laughs and cries, the way she carries herself, the way she makes decisions…“Urgh…” I need a drink. A maid, as if reading my mind, comes in with a bottle of water and lays it on a high table beside me. I take it and gulp down.My mind strolls to the meeting that I had with the elder about this same dilemma that has completely upended my life.
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Bölüm 9: What the F*** is a Halfling
× Dixie ×In a desperate hunt for answers, ‘cus Trix doesn't seem he'll tell me any anytime soon, I kinda latch onto Jennie. She says she's around my age and she works as a volunteer nurse in this pack’s healthcare centre. Apparently, they have only one hospital.Jennie's a firecracker, seriously. She's short, spunky, with these crazy curls that have a mind of their own. She rocks the whole 'effortlessly cool' vibe with ripped jeans and band shirts, but there's always a hint of glitter somewhere. I swear, she's like a walking disco ball. Plus, her laugh is contagious – you can't be around Jennie and not end up smiling. She's this rare beacon of sanity in this bonkers werewolf universe. And let me tell you, she's got the patience of a saint.Patiently, she explains this whole werewolf pack drama – hierarchies, rules, and whatnot. Never in one million years would I have ever thought I'd be living inside a werewolf world with werewolves?! Like as if I'm in a fantasy series or something.
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Bölüm 10: A Warning
× Dixie ×The room feels super tense as Trix talks with the older folks, hashing out plans about strategies and the impending threat from the Nardoos. Trix's voice is loud, filling the room as he goes on about plans with the elders.I stand idly by, kind of like the only outsider in a world that has suddenly become mine. I'm just hanging there, watching, and this thought pops into my head. Maybe I should say something that could actually help.Can't hold back, so I go, "Hey, what if we try talking to the other packs? Like, make allies and join forces against the Nardoos?"Trix's eyes narrow, and a derisive smirk twists his lips. "And what would you know about werewolf politics, Piggy? Stick to your human concerns," he dismisses me harshly."I just thought..." I begin, trying to defend my idea, but he cuts me off."You thought wrong. This is not your place. Keep quiet, or I'll make you," he threatens with his alpha dominance radiating in the room.I clench my fists, "But maybe if we—"
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