My Moon My possession

My Moon My possession

By:  Pixiepiu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Warning-(mature content) *No rape* Olivia is a beautiful, intelligent, and highly educated girl. She aims to find her father and take whatever is taken from her family. There is a handsome hunk Max who is a young, handsome and highly skilled businessman but he has a dark past as everyone does. **[some chapters may have some explicit content ]**** Their bodies had met in perfumes, in sweat, frantic to get under that thin film with a tongue or a tooth, as if they each could grip character there and during love pull it right off the body of the other." You are mine Olivia, your body and your soul everything belongs to me. Max has never been with any woman before. He is a total clean freak but when he meets Olivia his world was changed completely. Max, I am not ready to be in a relationship. 'Olivia darling your resistance arouses me even more, don't ask me to wait for any further I am on my edge love or I might be collapsed in the future, pity my darling! " .... Max's life is full of mysteries and Olivia's life full of miseries.. but one day they both feel that they need each other's support and love. Vote for me and reviewing this book will make me encourage to write more. If you have any queries you can text me on Instagram @piu348. .. ** EVERYTHING IS COMMISSIONED AND STRICTLY COPYRIGHT BY ME***

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22 Chapters
We meet
“Olivia, two whiskeys and wines on that table and the last table in that corner please take care of those too. Umm! Please don't mind, Oli, I need to leave soon, please," Lucinda pleaded to Olivia with pitiful eyes as she made a plan to hang out with her boyfriend. But their manager was fucking stubborn not to let her go. ''Okay Lucy, have fun,” Olivia said politely, smiling at her friend. They were working together for almost a year and she was the most supportive partner, unlike the others. "Seriously if the manager hasn't been so pushy today, I'd have taken you too," Lucinda complained angrily. Plus their manager worked overtime with them to prevent cheating at his workplace.''I'm fine, Lucinda. You know I barely arrange times to make fun,” said Olivia with a tight-lipped smile. This was the absolute truth of Olivia's life. ''Oww! My girl, don't worry. I am positive, one day your hard work will pay off,” Lucy paused at the sweetest girl. “Love you, bye.” Lucinda tightly hugged
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Some pains never goes away
Robin Jackson had four sons, the rumors spread after Robin and his wife died that Max Jackson killed his elder brother and crippled his second brother just to gain power and money.From then on, Max's name became famous as the most ruthless and powerful businessman. Everyone says he can kill someone for his profit and these little words has made Max so strong that even his enemies have to be born hundred times to break him.  But he has a weakness which is that he could not save his family. He was not present at that time when all this happened to his family. He did not know that his elder brother had died the day his second brother had crippled, he then studied in Australia. Then his fate played such a game that he lost his parents too.   ************   After taking a quick shower Olivia sat up in her bed and thinking about her dad, remembering their good memory. How much her dad loved her, in her eyes her father is always a king.&nb
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The next day after college Olivia and Laila decided to go shopping. They came to the nearest mall to buy some fashionable clothes for the banquet. Olivia doesn't want to buy anything because she had no money, the money she earned was used for her study or on the monthly necessities she needed for her family.  She doesn't want to spend her best friends' money because she knows how hard is to earn a single dollar.Laila saw Olivia standing quite at the corner,  she already guesses what was roaming inside her head. Laila squinted her eyes and glared at her, ''Why are you standing over there like a mannequin Olivia? come over." she held Olivia's hand and started lecturing again, "listen woman we need to get the best understand and I'm hungry too." Finally, Olivia opened her mouth, ''I have lots of clothes Laila so there is no need to buy anything for me."  Laila's guess was right so she raised one brow on her ag
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Meeting 2
  Stand up, now get out of this room and take your damn file with you,"' with this saying Max thew the file in his face.Now everyone in this conference room gulping their saliva.They are facing their king's wrath only for this man.Max always treated his Co-worker as his family but there were some rules in his office which everyone has to accept...  Rule no 1 is always to Stay faithful to him. Trust is everything to Max so whoever broke his trust must be sent to hell by him. He will leave the person completely ruined. The person before him broke his trust and he made the biggest mistake of his life.'I gave you an opportunity Mr. Thomas and what did you do.''Sir sir please I made a mistake please sir forgive me for this time,'  Thomas kept on begging forgiveness.  'Do you think about this before cheating on me, how much money did the man spend to buy your head, Thomas?''No no sir I was drunk, I am sure I wasn't
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Meeting 3
  When the four of them were drinking and chatting then Josh told his sad story in front of everyone.Josh's parents keep nagging him about marriage especially after seeing his cousin's wedding."They are already setting me up with six girls, can you believe this.?"   ''Hahahaha you deserve this,''  they are all started laughing together especially Fred. Suddenly out of nowhere, Brandon Stuart came towards them,  ''Hello everyone! it's nice to see all of you here together, usually, not everyone is seen all time."''You are speaking truth Mr, Stuart, how's your business going?"  Fred asked holding a polite smile but the other three still holding their poker face on Brandon.  After a while, one black Jaguar pulled up in front of the banquet. Two beautiful women got out of that car and make their seductive entry to the banquet. If you wandered your eyes you can see jaw-dropping men in every corner of this banquet hall
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First dance
  Hey beautiful! can I have a dance with you ? my name is Josh". Laila playfully smiled at him "why not handsome.. you are quite a match of my taste'.  Josh chuckled after hearing her then he took Laila's hand and lead her to the dance floor. Laila turned her face before leaving with Josh  "Olivia darling don't get bored,  get yourself a gentleman".     ''Hahahaha don't worry go ahead, have fun '... ''I want to dance with her'' Ryan frustratedly pulled his hair...   Fred is completely drunk, he can't even leave him alone and Max was nowhere to be found...  Ryan saw Josh and Olivia's friend on the dance floor.   ''Another fish in Josh's net, luckily he didn't call Olivia or he would go home with his face broken.''   '"Max where are you brother, seriously Fred if today I can't dance with Olivia then tomorrow you will be beaten to death."
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Her Only World
  After the banquet, Laila decided to stay at Olivia's house.  Meanwhile, Max has gone crazy thinking about Olivia,  "what is happening to me, Agh! Olivia stop messing with my mind, where is my damn phone I have to call roger.  ''Why is it so late to pick up the phone ''... Roger heard someone's angry voice from another side, ''Hello boss, it's so late I have been sleeping so..."  but Max didn't give him time to talk. ''Okay whatever now listen find every detail about Olivia Stuart I want all the information immediately '', then he hangs up the phone. Roger said in tears, "Boss it's almost 2.30 a.m. and I am freaking tired, I am not in a position to do it immediately." The following day after college Laila dropped Olivia at the bar, as usual, Olivia started working after putting on her mask.''Olivia can you come with me for dinner. I want to tell you something,'' her manager suddenly asked her. But Olivia
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Olivia's World
  When the doctor came out to the operation room Olivia ran towards them and asked in a shaking voice,  ''Doctor how is my mother? I want to see my mother once please." Olivia couldn't imagine what she would do if something happened to her mother.Uncle Martin and his wife also came to the doctor in a hurry. "Is she out of danger?" uncle Martin asked and his wife pulled Olivia towards herself.  ''No! We just checked her internal damage and fixed her fractured leg but the main problem is the blood clot in her head if it is not operated on soon then we can't help her," Doctor Luis said.  Olivia said in a sobbing voice, ''Then why don't you start the operation? please save my mother, she is the only one I have." ''Okay come with me to my chamber miss Olivia," Doctor Luis said.Suddenly her manager grabbed her hand and said, I'll come with you, Olivia." "No Rohan you don't have to come, go to the bar now, I'll manage here
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Jackson's Office
"I've called about four times but why isn't anyone picking up. God, I can't be late anymore, please help me?" Olivia put up a call once more but this time someone truly picked up her call."Hello! From Jackson enterprise, how may I help you?" Olivia heard a woman's voice from the other side of the phone and she understood it was a receptionist. "Hello, I am Olivia Stuart. Can I talk to Mr. Jackson last night a friend of his gave me a visiting card and said Mr. Jackson was looking for a teacher for his brother," But Olivia heard a chuckled instead of getting an answer?"Hello, anyone!" Olivia asked again, completely ignoring that chuckle."Sorry if you hear anything, actually thousands of girls like you call here every day with some nonsense so that they can't offer their love to Mr.Jackson, and I remind them of the same thing every day here that only official talk takes place during office hours, understand," just that receptionist will go to cut the phone&
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Fighter Olivia
"Thank you, Sir! You won't get a complaint about my work. I promised," Only Olivia knows how light her mind has been, how happy she is from within. Why not, she can start her mother's operation now.Olivia's big Bright smile dazzled Max's eyes. He didn't think such a small thing could make Olivia smile so beautifully, "It's okay miss Olivia. It's our office rule to help each other when needed. Text me, your bank account number I'll transfer you in an hour but yes you have to keep your word or I won't tolerate liers."  Max was looking for complete confirmation of Olivia from this side, he didn't want Olivia to get out of this deal anyway because he took a lot of time to make this plan. "Yes, Sir! My words won't waver When I promise, I'll do it, I won't take advantage of it in any way," Olivia won't take this amount even if someone doubles it, because she can never do bad things to someone who helped her with her difficulty, she knows how much words cost. 
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