My Royal Gay Wedding

My Royal Gay Wedding

By:  theCrownPrince  Ongoing
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Crown Prince James Reynolds felt love in an unusual set-up, with another Prince, Raphael of Ayatullah. A relationship that shaken the foundation of Royal Families during that era. It urge several military and political struggles, those years also brought pain and tears to the couple for losing families and loyal friends caused by territorial expansions of neighboring countries when He took the Kingship. But this struggles reshape and redefine Monarchy when the relationship was accepted by the people which made possible by acceptance for the people. Witness the genesis of a new Kingdom.

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a love by the people for the people...
2023-03-11 01:40:52
13 Chapters
The Royal Meeting
It was 5:09 in the morning, Los Angeles Palace. I am drinking my coffee as I continue reviewing my preparation for a quite unusual wedding of mine which will happen a month from now in my Kingdom's Cathedral. As I was rechecking the lists of our guests and sponsors, our memories suddenly pops-up in my mind just like the beat of my heart that comes one at a time like a music in my senses.On the top of the list, I saw Mr. Simons, the director of the National Junior Legislator's League. He was the one who introduced me to the person who will be my partner, in one of the gathering in our country about 12 years ago. I was in my second year as the Crown Prince of the northern, largest and richest Kingdom in our country. After my regular morning routine, I went to my office and do my daily schedules; check documents, read memorandum, petitions, call for a meeting, plan for an activity, etc. I was about to open the first folder on the top of my table when m
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My Royal Seal
As I took some view from the window of my room in our summer vacation palace in Los Angeles where I temporarily reside as part of the tradition of the royal family wedding, I saw two birds flying together in the fresh morning sky. I did remember a lot on the second person in our list of sponsors, the Crown Prince of Ayatulla, Prince Reuz McCabe IV and the eldest brother of my husband to be because his official royalty seal is a bird, an Eagle.From my latest event away from our kingdom representing the royal family in the National Junior Legislator's League,  I was given by the Queen Mother a three day official rest from royalty duties and responsibilities which I spend studying the Kingdom of Ayatulla because I was impressed by how Prince Raphael described their growing arts and architecture. It was quite different from ours because we focused a lot on exporting of our military products including on the production of preserved foods that are patronized in the i
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My Baltimore
I was still smiling when I took a sip on my coffee, remembering how my husband to be praises my kingdom, which will be his after a month from now. I suddenly took a deep breath when I saw the other names on the list of our sponsors, The Kings and Queens of my country, the United Kingdom of Aseana followed by the names of the Kings and Queens of the Allied countries of the United Kingdom of Aseana.My Kingdom, Baltimore has been the center of military and commercial services of our country for almost half a century now. We produced stuffs for War including high calibre guns, swords, darts, bombs, carriages, ships, etc. This was the reason why my Kingdom was respected by the other kingdoms of the country and highly recognized by the six allied countries. We have the largest number of Armies for War giving half of the country's total Reserved Armies. I remember when I was 12 years old seating beside my Grand Father, The Great King when a messenger from the United Ki
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The Proposal
I was about to call my secretary when he came, "Your Majesty, you have a phone call from Prince Raphael III twice last night but I decided not to awake you because I know you are tired of your horseback riding and meeting with the wedding coordinators the whole day." He explained. "Give me my phone and I'll call him back, you may give this list of sponsors to the coordinator for invitation and programs. Send a final draft to the Queen Mother and the King." I instructed. "Yes your majesty." He replied.He handed my phone and immediately leave. I dial his number. "Your majesty, good morning, how was your official travel in the United Kingdom of Moors? Have you eaten your breakfast?" I asked. "Can we not talk this way please, I am in my room and no one could hear me so please hon. I miss you. I was greeted by the King and Queen of Moors for our wedding. They also prepare a banquet for me and my comp
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The Garden of Baltimore
From Los Angeles Palace at the Isle of Los Angeles, one of the Five Protectorates of Baltimore, I was on my way by sea to Baltimore for my duties as the Crown Prince on board of the Royal Ship "Ma. Victoria Aseana". "What are my scheduled events in Baltimore?" I asked my secretary. "Your Majesty, you will be visiting the ZCS Corporation a government owned corporation mainly focused on telecommunication and media. To followed by your meeting with the prospected investors from the United Kingdom of Sour and Tieste your majesty. Those investors are planning to built a mall at the City of Sadso, kilometres away north of Westbledon your majesty." As he handed me profile folders of ZCS and the plan for mall construction.I went into my own cabin while holding the said folders. I was reading the profile of ZCS Corporation when I remembered my effortless communication and conversations with my husband to be made possible by my first Birt
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The Royal Escape
When we are about to reach the port of Baltimore my phone rung. "Yes Your Majesty?" I answered. "Can you just call me Hon? I am no Prince for you, I am your husband to be." He asked with sweetness in his voice. "Oh, Sorry my dear, I am seating beside My Secretary." I answered whispering. "Have you reached Baltimore? Please be safe for me okay? And be nice with the ZCS Corporation and the prospected investors okay? I love you, I am in my room now preparing for the cultural show later." He said. "Aha, wear your ring, I mean our ring. Hmmp. At least incase you forget that your getting married, they may observed." I answered with a smile. "Oh, Hon, I am yours, solely yours." He replied. "Okay Hon, I love you. Call me after the event their okay? I am on my way to the Royal Carriage waiting. I miss you. Bye." I answered.            When I am on my way to the ZCS Corporation, I again witness how our people respected the Royal Family by wav
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Gardenia: The War for Love
             Right after my meeting with the ZCS Corporation, I took some minutes of break before attending with some prospected investors from the United Kingdom of Sours and Tieste. I know it would be very challenging to decide and be convinced about the business proposals of the two kingdoms for Baltimore knowing that they are supporters of our former enemy, The United Kingdom of Anglutica, who tried to seize our two protectorates overseas, The Royal Isle of Los Angeles and The Royal Isle of Reuka Santisima. "Your majesty, Prince Raphael's secretary has informed me that his majesty decided to return to Baltimore tonight from his official state visit to the United Kingdom of Moors." My secretary informed me. "Had they set off from the Palace of Moors?" I asked. "Yes your majesty and they are expected to be here after 18 hours." He answered before leaving me. I don't understand what I feel upon receiving the news. I don't know why I feel nervous a
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The Confession
"Have you checked the deliveries of all invitations?" I asked my secretary. "Yes your majesty, I have instructed the clerks to deliver them on time specially those in the kingdoms of Akazia, Asturiaz and Vasilica considering the delivery time your majesty." he answered while handing me my schedule for the rest of the day. I review the schedule and pick up the Weekly National Newspaper circulated in the country. I suddenly smile when I saw the headline and front cover showing photos taken during the recently concluded annual offering week held in Kingdom of Ayatullah.As i continue reading the article, I remember how he confessed about US in front of everyone during the same event in the same place without me.My father called me immediately upon hearing this rumors during the said event. "Do you have something to tell me about before hearing it from anyone here?" He asked me.  "I have nothing to tell you your majesty." I answered without knowing
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My Akazian Blood
"Brilliant! I am so excited with your marriage, I can't wait to see my handsome nephew tie the knot with his husband! Thank you my dear for always looking after your aunt. See you then, I will wear the most beautiful dress for your wedding day! Have a great morning my dear. I miss you, always remember that aunt is always with you. Bye Bye!" my aunt Ma. Catherine who's the current Duchess of Akazia said while hanging off her phone.  She's the godmother who protected me when i open my personality to the world. I still remember when my father come back from that Annual Offering Week."What on earth is happening? Why did you do that? How will we  face the outside world? What will others think of us? of you?!" my father said angrily.I don't even know what to say and where to start talking with his many questions.He immediately called me for a private conversation right after he arrived from Ayatullah. "I almost lost my face while standing in fron
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The Royal Bazaar
In preparation for this wedding, I have been very keen enough to consider cultural differences of visitors. I may be busy attending my royal duties for both Akazia through the aide of my very supportive aunt and as Crown Prince of Baltimore. "Your majesty the meeting for the final presentation of your wedding preparations will be two days from now." my secretary updated me. "Prince Raphael will be arriving tomorrow for the said event while representative from the Royals of Akazia are on their way and expected to arrive early tomorrow too your majesty." he added. I browse the files in front of me to simply hide my excitement of the arrival of my husband to be. While looking at the folders, I recognize the list of materials to be used for the wedding which reminded me of how Raphael visited me in Akazia by surprise. "As you stay here, we will attend and visit events and royal gatherings. I want you to be close with our people. We have to let them acce
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