104. Trickery

“I call upon each one of you to unite with us to eliminate our enemy.” Marcus said toward the end of his speech, “Stay vigilant, stay protected. But do not succumb to defeat.” 

As he finished his speech, I could sense the pack stir with revived unity and spirit of belonging. Marcus was an orator who conveyed the most powerful message with little words, a combination that was of great advantage to any leader. I seldom saw him as an authoritative figure, but whenever I did, he reinstated my belief that Marcus was born to be an Alpha. He had the ability to communicate and also the capacity to drive people to work toward a common goal. I had heard several stories about such men but it was only now that I was seeing a reality of it come alive.  

As he descended the podium, several men surrounded him.

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Diann Cannon
Bella is going to be the death of her she should have stayed at home and why doesn't her fiance don't feel when she's in trouble

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