195. Better than anyone

As luck would have it, Marcus and I arrived home right about the same time.

Relief washed over his features as he saw me running towards him, opening his arms for me.

“Thank God you’re alright.” He said as he pecked my forehead.

“Marcus,” I said, breathless, “What the hell was that about?”

“We got news that Mary’s Husband, Victor, is part of a rebellion.” He said, “He is a Lycan.”

“What?” I asked, “H-how did he-“

“He mostly probably came as an Immigrant, and is looking to turn our people against us.” He said and looked towards our house. “We need to get out of here, Kiara. Our men are going to take care of it. I’ll deal with him later.”

“Okay.” I nodded and let him lead me into the house.

Within minutes, our bags were packed and loaded into the boot. Hoping into the car, Marcus drove away from there.

“Does this mean Mary was also a Lycan?”

“Most probably.” He said, “Her husband is leading the rebellion. Of course, she’s aware.”

“I knew it.” I mumbled under my breath, “How co
Sia Brown

We're almost at the end of the book! <3 Just a few more chapters and you'll get to read the (hopefully) perfect conclusion to Kiara and Marcus's story. I'm having the hardest time writing the last few chapters because I want the ending to do justice to their journey, and at the same time, I'm sad to let go of the story already. At least I have the next few chapters to submerge myself in the world of Kiara and Marcus, I guess :')

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Michelle Cornick
Yes pleas let Marcus and Kiara finally have a happily ever after bcuz they have been thru so much and they truly deserve it!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Let there be happily ever after for Marc and kiara… I wish to see only the best and happy ending for Marc and Kiara xxx
goodnovel comment avatar
Diann Cannon
Thank you for allowing me to go along with you as you see your Characters great up date

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