My Second Chance With The Alpha

My Second Chance With The Alpha

By:  Sia Brown  Updated just now
Language: English
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After being rejected by her mate, Kiara thought that she had lost her only hope. She believed she was doomed to be alone for the rest of her life, but that was until she met Marcus, her combat trainer for the semester, who also turns out to be the Alpha of one of the most powerful packs. Despite her inhibitions, Kiara finds herself drawn to Marcus. His sudden interest in her only makes her want him more. He was not only one of the most handsome men she'd ever met, but also the most intelligent and powerful. Everyone knew Marcus was a force to be reckoned with, and to win the heart of such a man? It seemed next to impossible. Little did she know that behind his tough exterior, there lay a tender heart yearning for love. And despite what the world believed, she might be the only one he was willing to lose his heart to.

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Melanie Burnette
Great Book!
2023-09-18 09:30:51
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Delinda Schumacher
94 chapters 9-15-23
2023-09-15 19:51:52
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Stephanie Opsahl
hardly any wolf action. just took ages to express what she is worried about. it is in depth but not where it should be to keep the reader here. hypocrite I know since I bought all chapters. it's interesting but not worth the money
2023-08-18 15:55:42
default avatar
Love the book so far!!
2023-08-15 13:20:23
user avatar
Christine Owings
28 chapters 7/29/23
2023-07-30 10:46:09
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
9 chapters 6-26-23
2023-06-27 09:33:42
109 Chapters
1. A traitor's daughter
Kiara’s POVAs I gently nudged open the door to my dorm room, my jaw dropped in utter disbelief. The sight that greeted me was nothing short of a chaotic whirlwind. My once neatly arranged bed, desk, and dresser now lay in disarray, overturned and scattered haphazardly. Torn books littered the floor alongside dusty clothes and crumpled fabrics, while a toppled vase added a touch of shattered fragility to the scene.Appalled, I looked toward my roommate, Anna sitting on her bed with her eyes looking towards the ground, hesitant to meet mine.“Anna, what the hell happened?” I asked, worried that people might have broken into our room and tried to harm her. However, thankfully, there were no signs of injury on her body. “Are you alright?”She nodded and looked up at my face with guilty eyes, “I’m sorry.” She said, “Leslie knocked on the door half an hour ago and threatened me. She said if I didn’t let her in, she would make my life a living hell like she did with you.”“Oh, God.” I mumble
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2. How could it be you?
Kiara’s POVAs I stepped into the magnificent halls, an overwhelming sense of not fitting in washed over me. With my Plain Yellow button-up shirt and blue jeans, I knew I would inevitably attract attention. Unlike the others, who were impeccably dressed for the occasion, I felt out of place. Walking through the crowd, I could see the lights bounce off the people on the dance floor and illuminate the entire place. The music was roaring within the room, but I was far from enjoying it.Sensing my unease, Anna grabbed my hand and led me to one of the corners, where we spotted a small table farthest from everyone and decided to sit there.“Kiara, wait here for me, will you? I’ll go get us something to drink,” she said.“Just water for me, please. Thank you!” I responded, but I doubted she heard me.I lost myself in thought as she vanished into the crowd we emerged from. Despite this being our final semester at school, a small part of me held onto the hope that things would take a different
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3. Rejection
Kiara’s POVFor a solid 20 seconds, Asher stood frozen in disbelief. His complexion turned pale, resembling someone who had encountered a ghost. While everyone else seemed perplexed by his reaction, I understood all too well. My heart pounding within me was deafening, and I dreaded its intensity tearing me apart. This couldn’t be real. It simply couldn’t be happening. “Babe, are you alright?” Leslie touched her boyfriend’s face. “Why do you look so scared?”“I…” He was at a loss for words, “Leslie…”I could see that Asher lacked the courage to confront the truth, let alone admit it to his girlfriend. What did this mean for us? Asher has a girlfriend, and I end up being his mate? How are we ever going to resolve this? Will Leslie even let us be together? Will Asher fight for us?A million questions were racing through my mind. As Asher struggled to compose himself in his newfound reality, I shook with the fear of endless ways this was going down.I watched as Leslie wrapped her hands o
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4. We weren't meant to be
Asher’s POV As a wolf, the luxury of choosing one’s mate is nonexistent. In many respects, everything is predetermined, including the course of your life and the partner you will be bound to. However, whether you embrace that connection or opt for your chosen one remains within your realm of control. Yet, this autonomy comes at a significant cost, one whose gravity had eluded me until now.After the party, Leslie decided to stay the night at mine to keep my mind off things. However, I suspected that she would be the one to benefit from it rather than me, as unlike her, I did not fear losing my partner. Since Leslie learned she wasn’t my mate, her hold on me got stronger. She was reluctant to leave my side for fear of losing me to someone else. Someone like Kiara. She had to be a mate out of all the people in the world. Honestly, I never had any personal problems with her. She was a harmless person and never did anything to anyone for her to deserve the wrath she’s been subjected to b
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5. Not going to end well
Asher’s POVI reluctantly pulled up in our school’s parking lot the next morning. After learning about Tyler’s distaste for my decision, I was not looking forward to knowing what the rest of the school was thinking about me. I wouldn’t typically care about what others thought of me if I wasn’t in line to become the Alpha. Regardless of my personal preferences, I needed to garner support from others. As my father had emphasized, it was the fundamental rule of leadership: to have unwavering backing from one’s followers. A pack could not endure disloyal members or unreliable leadership.It would be a waste of a sacrifice if my pack weren’t happy with my decision. It would have been counter-intuitive as I had essentially rejected Kiara for them. Kiara. There you go again. Since last night, I just couldn’t get my mind off her and every thought I had eventually led up to her. Why was I acting like this? Is this guilt? Or is it something more? Sighing, I exited the car and started walkin
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6. Lost within your arms
Kiara’s POV“You better be ready, coz I’m gonna kick your ass, and nobody will come to your rescue.”Despite no longer being my mate, deep down, I couldn’t help but believe that if anyone would stand up for me, it would be him. Even though my mind had come to terms with my destiny, my heart stubbornly resisted. A tiny fragment of it still clung to the hope that he would reconsider and pick me instead of her. Yet, his hesitance to act spoke volumes, providing my sought answer.Moving my head away from him, I tried to focus on the problem at hand. I knew for a fact that I could not train with Leslie. Even though it was meant to be a practice session, Leslie wouldn’t miss any opportunity to harm me. Despite being aware of this, I couldn’t afford to back down.“Let’s start, shall we?” Leslie said and brought a fist toward my face. Instinctively, I ducked down and took a step back.I once again looked at Asher, pleading with him with my eyes to do something. In response, he only looked away
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7. A pair of blue eyes
Marcus’ POVWith my palm pressing against the cold tile of my bathroom, I lost track of how long I was standing in front of the shower head. Endless streams of water dribbled down my spine as I lay there, reminiscing about yesterday. I struggled to understand the significance of that encounter.I had just finished speaking to the authorities and was returning to my car when I heard someone sobbing. Curious, I went to see if they needed help. I could see a girl sitting by the tree, but I couldn’t see her face. I only noticed her arm was bruised and wanted to know if she needed my help. Little did I know she would be the only thing running through my mind all night. I never felt a connection so strong before. And I didn’t even know who she was.Exhaling deeply, I turned off the tap and stepped out of the shower. A glance towards the basin compelled me to focus on the small charm resting on it. It was a delicate gold bracelet I had stumbled upon near the tree just yesterday as I was about
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8. Comfort of his embrace
Kiara’s POV: We weren’t supposed to have a combat class until Thursday, but much to my dismay, we did. When I tried to find out why, I was told that it was because the new combat trainer had joined for duty today and in order to conduct our introductory session, our combat class was postponed. To be honest, I was relieved to know that I no longer had to see the substitute teacher who did not care enough to supervise our sessions. It was in his class that Leslie beat me and it didn’t even come to his notice. As I made my way to the combat class, I secretly prayed for a better combat trainer who acted like a professional. Little did I know what was in store for me. As he stepped into the class, I felt my breath hitch in my throat. Blood drained from my face as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Of all the people in the world, how did he end up being my trainer? How was I supposed to take this seriously after knowing that I wept in his arms merely a day ago. This was beyond embarra
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9. Craving for his attention
By this point, I was beginning to gain some of my composure back, but I still did not have the strength to move. When I was placed on a soft surface, I lay limp, unable to form any words. Seconds passed before I could see again. As soon as I opened my eyes, I found my trainer looking down at me.I felt his hand on my head as he rubbed my forehead all the way back to my hair. “Are you alright?”He was so close to me that I could feel his breath on me. If I moved just a few inches, our lips would meet. Afraid of the consequences, I remained in the same position and mumbled a quiet, “Yes.”Relief flooded over his eyes at the sound of my voice. Leaving my side, he quickly went to fetch me some water. As he was approaching, I slowly started getting up. The wound on my back made me wince in pain, and I struggled to sit straight. Seeing me struggling, he wrapped an arm around my back and pulled me up with him so I could rest against the wall behind.“Have some water,” he said and pushed it t
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10. Retaliation means a war
Marcus’ POV The principal’s office lay at the epicentre of the school’s administration department yet remained shielded from the chaos. A couple of couches lay outside his room and a glass teapoy was placed in the middle. Since it was after the official hours, I doubted that he was with any company. Taking my chance, I walked up to the black wooden door that lay as a passage to his chamber. A golden metal plate was firmly fixed into the wood, with the words ‘Sherman Fields’ written on it with black ink. I knocked on it twice, and instantly heard his voice. “Come in.” Twisting the door knob, I stepped into the room as I opened the door. Sherman looked up from his paper and gave me a grin. “Oh, Marcus, please come in.” Nodding, I closed the door behind me before I walked to his table, “You wanted to see me?” “Yes, but before that, how was your first day?” I shrugged, “It was alright. Nothing I hadn’t expected.” “I’m sure you’re impressed with our students. They are very skilled.”
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