197. Following my heart

My hand instantly wrapped around her, reclining her onto a nearby stretcher. Thank God I’d asked for a midwife to stay on stand-by, I was suspecting this would happen.

“Take her into the operating room right now!” I said as the nurse took over.

“Kiara.” She clutched my hand, forcing me to come with her into the room, “I… I need Ethan.”

My heart twisted in pain as I looked into her eyes. Conflicting emotions arose within me as I contemplated what to say to her, making me temporarily devoid of voice. Noticing my hesitation, she shook my hand once again.


“Yeah…” I said as I found the courage to answer her. There was no way I could tell her the truth in this condition. I would have to mask it with a good lie until she was in a position to hear the truth. “Natalie, I’m so sorry, dear. But Ethan is in the middle of a battle. I’ve got the news about half an hour ago, I can’t get him to you now.”

“Oh, God.” She groaned, falling back onto the pillow, “I don’t think I can do this
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