My Sugar Baby

My Sugar Baby

By:  Rosa Kane  Completed
Language: English
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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT Colby let his fingers slowly travel up Tanya's thighs. She moaned as she felt a tingling sensation all over her body. "Take me right here," Tanya whispered to him. "Not yet princess" Colby breathed. Tanya Lowe is a beautiful and shy eighteen year old high school senior on scholarship who has had a crush on Derek for as long as she can remember. Being from a poor home puts Tanya at a disadvantage as Derek is the hottest guy in her class with a mean girlfriend, Sheila. While she struggles to confess her feelings for Derek, Tanya encounters a lot of setbacks as Colby Tanner, a wealthy billionaire has his sights set on her. Tanya turns down Colby's generous offer of being his bed warmer but as events unfold, she finds herself reconsidering her decision and falling for his charms. What happens when a misunderstanding leads Tanya into the clutches of a dangerous gangster who doubles as a pimp?

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Tanya's heart beat continually as she walked to school. This was the day she decided to come clean before her crush. She was going to confess her feelings to him and damn the consequences. She wondered though, why Derek didn't give her the time of day. She was the brightest student in her class and people complimented her beauty whenever she walked on the road.Her classmates were the only ones who looked down on her, probably because she was on scholarship and was the only student who still carried an iPhone four but how was that any of her fault? She didn't choose to be poor. She was literally over the moon when her cousin got a new phone and gave her the one she was currently using and even though it was an outdated model, she cherished it so much. Even Elaine, her closest friend since fifth grade had given up on their friendship, she had claimed that Tanya was an embarrassment to her and had given her the silent treatment. After trying so hard to make her come around without s
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"Do you know why Mr. Colby Tanner wants to see me?" Tanya asked the handsome man who was decked in a shiny black suit. He smiled again and said reassuringly, "it's not my place to say, Miss. However, Mr. Tanner is a very busy man, if he wants to see you, then it must be very important."Tanya sighed embarrassedly. Her clothes were quite shabby since she didn't have many and had overworn them. Even her shoes were nothing to write home about. She felt really self-conscious. If she had known that she would meet such a man today, she would have used her savings to get better clothes. "This way Miss," the man said, interrupting her thoughts. "Alright" she replied and followed him into the building. Tanya secretly hoped that she hadn't offended Mr. Colby unknowingly because no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't figure out a reason why he would want to see her.They took the elevator together to the fifty-ninth floor. She was surprised to see that only Mr. Colby's office too
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Tanya turned to walk away but ended up losing her balance and falling flat on her face. Colby Tanner couldn't help laughing at her clumsy behavior. Embarrassed, she immediately picked herself up and ran out of his office. She hurriedly took the elevator and headed down. As she finally exited Tanner Conglomerate, she turned back to look at the tall building again and everything suddenly felt surreal.She couldn't believe that of all the people in the world, a man like Colby Tanner really took a fancy to her. Her self-esteem was now boosted. She decided she was not going to give up, she would try the following day and confess her feelings to Derek. With this determination, she happily walked home.Colby Tanner lay down on his office couch, musing over what had just happened. He wondered what Tanya would do if he forced her into a corner. One thing was certain though, he wasn't going to let her slip from his fingers. She had evoked a certain longing in his loins which no one else had bee
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As Tanya went to school, she couldn't help but worry about her family's predicament. When she passed by Tanner conglomerate, she once again recalled Colby's offer to her.Afraid that he was going to see her, she ran quickly and left the premises of his company. Colby Tanner saw her running away and laughed loudly as he found it quite amusing. He called his assistant and said," If Tanya doesn't agree to my terms today, make sure you throw her entire family out of the house. I want to see what she would do if I happen to be the only solution to her problems."Colby's assistant couldn't help but feel sorry for Tanya. He knew Colby Tanner never took no for an answer and Tanya had innocently come under his radar. There was no way out for her now.When Tanya got to school, she decided to swallow her pride and ask Elaine for help. She was hopeful that, for the sake of the relationship they shared when they were little, Elaine was going to help her.She could probably lend her the money or c
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As Tanya stood in front of Tanner conglomerates, she couldn't make up her mind whether to go back or proceed inside. Just as she was still contemplating what to do, she saw David, Colby's assistant standing in front of her. David smiled politely at her and said, "please come with me." She followed him and they both went up through the elevator to Colby's office.When they got to Colby's office, David ushered Tanya inside and left. As Tanya sat on the couch, her heart was beating rapidly. She was scared of what she was about to do. "This is a bad idea," she said to herself and stood up to leave. Right at that moment, Colby came out of his bedroom. "Where do you think you're going, young lady?" he asked, halting her steps.Tanya stopped moving. She had her back to Colby and was afraid to turn. She didn't know how to face him considering how she had proudly told him that she wasn't for sale, the last time she was here. Colby didn't rub it in as he knew that Tanya would never have come ba
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Tanya instinctively tried to push Colby away but she couldn't do it because he was way stronger than her. "What are you doing Mr. Colby?" Tanya asked when Colby finally broke away."Do you want my grandma to catch me?" Colby smiled and said,"Relax baby, the glass of my car is tinted." Tanya suddenly felt shy as she realized that Colby Tanner had just stolen her first kiss."Why do you look so shy?" Colby asked"was that your first kiss?"Tanya replied yes by nodding her head. She had always dreamt of Derek being the first guy she would ever kiss but it didn't happen that way."You were too nervous just now," Colby said, breaking her thoughts."Let's try it again" As he spoke, he pulled Tanya's face closer for another kiss.Tanya closed her eyes this time around, her heart was beating fast due to fear and she couldn't wait for it to be over. She knew that there was no way she could back out now as she had already signed the contract and received his black card.So, she willed her mind
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Grandma Lois looked at Tanya, utterly speechless with eyes brimming with tears. Meanwhile, Tanya continued speaking,"Mr. Colby Tanner insisted I wear designer clothes because he doesn't want me looking cheap around him. So he allowed me to spend from the black card. I bought a lot of designer clothes, bags, and shoes for myself as well as for you. I even got the latest iPhone for myself and then stopped at a fancy restaurant to have lunch.Here, I brought home some lobster frittata for us to enjoy and in a short while, the sales representative from the mall will deliver all the things I bought right here in our house. I just wanted to give you a heads-up so you won't be surprised when they arrive."Are you telling me the truth, Tanya?" Grandma Lois asked once more. I've heard people say that since Mr. Colby Tanner lost his family, he has been mean and cold to everyone around him and doesn't care about anyone."Tanya immediately replied, "I had also thought so grandma. You can imagine
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Tanya woke up early and got ready for school. Once again, she took Bryce's sweater along. She had done so the previous day but couldn't find him in school so she ended up bringing it back home. She was feeling really beautiful today as she was decked in designer clothes. She happily bid her grandma goodbye and left for school.When she opened her door, she was surprised to see Colby Tanner's Rolls Royce parked in front of her house. She became afraid and quickly closed the door to prevent grandma Lois from seeing Colby.She ran to the car and when he wound down the window, she confirmed that he was truly the one. Before she could say anything, he said "I was passing by and decided to give you a lift to school. Hop in"Tanya sneakily turned to the other side of the car as she was afraid that she will be seen by neighbors, however before she could get inside the car, she slipped and fell on her back.She screamed when she landed on the floor. Colby Tanner immediately came out of the car
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Tanya walked into her class with so much confidence. She immediately noticed Bryce who sat closer to where Derek was. She walked straight to him to return his sweater. He looked at her with so much surprise and when he couldn't control himself anymore said,"Oh my God! Tanya, is this you? If it weren't for your uniquely beautiful face, I would have mistaken you for someone else"Tanya smiled and said "Thank you, Bryce. Your words are sweet."Bryce suddenly snatched the phone Tanya was holding and said, "no way! Is this an iPhone thirteen pro max? Who are you and what have you done with Tanya?"Tanya laughed even more and took the phone back from Bryce. His voice had been so loud that it attracted the attention of the other students. They were all staring at Tanya now. Even Sheila observed Tanya and noticed that both her clothes and shoes were from the Louis Vuitton collection."How did an ugly duckling become a princess overnight?" Sheila asked herself. She wore the most expensive des
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Tanya returned Sheila's slap with twice as much force. It was so intense that Sheila ended up falling on the desk by her right. Sheila screamed as her face contorted in pain. Derek who had always avoided any drama involving girls quietly walked back to his seat without saying a word or trying to interfere in their fightSheila held her cheek with her hand and said, "Just wait and see what I'll do to you, Tanya." Tanya rolled her eyes in mockery. She knew that the worst thing that could probably happen was for her to lose her scholarship and she didn't mind anymore. After all, she now had the money to pay her fees.All these years, she had put up with a lot of rubbish from students because she couldn't afford to pay her fees. She had once even asked her grandmother to send her to a public school but she had refused and said that the public schools were too rough and the private school was the best.In the end, she struggled to maintain her scholarship in a private school but still ende
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