My famous hubby and his mysterious hidden wife

My famous hubby and his mysterious hidden wife

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l never once in life dream of marrying a famous happened in reality.l married keron Underwood the most handsome and richest musician as well as the ceo of Keron entrprises.On the day he took me to his home,he told me; You can use all the rooms in this house except the in corner on the second floor.l nodded as a reply but day he entered that room and spent hours there.He came out exhausted.The next fay he did the same and forgot to close the door.l peeked inside.l fainted to what l saw. Note;the book cover isn't mine

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93 Chapters
going to a concert.
Rynet what took you so long.l have waited like forever.l heard my best friend Monica shout at me.You are the one who want me to go so bare with the wait.l said while applying lotion on my body.Well today the famous musician Keron Underwood is coming to our U city.He is holding a concert in the nation threater. l have never been to anything like this before.This is my first time and the credit goes to Monica.She comes from a rich family that spoils her with anything she wants.How lucky is that!She is not like me who have to take care of my all family.Although l struggle to get all their needs,lts amuzing experience and l dont regret doing it.l wore a dark blue denim jean pant,a black sleveless top and black sneekers.The weather  being all cold today l decided to go with my lether jacket.You know am asmetic so l cant take risks of an attack.What kind of clothes did you wear? Rynet you so annoying.Monica argued.There is nothing wrong with
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dreaming about him
Keron looked at us and l think we looked funny in his eyes.The way we are star stuck can tell.He extended his hand towards us .l thought that he is inviting Monica but no his hand reached infront of me.l frowned at him.He nodded his head indicating that am the one he is inviting.l looked at the all smiling Monica.She nodded her head as she pinched my thigh.l know she was telling me to stand up and go with Keron.l gave her a angry glare as l stood up from where l was sitting.The people's loud applaud were piercing my ears.Keron held my arm into his and he led me to the stage.I felt like l got electric currents in an instant his skin touched mine.His arms and hands are as soft as cusson.l wonder where such reaction came from.He gently placed me into the chair he was sitting in before.He kneeled down infront of me and sing the rest of the song.People's applaud and screams filled theater until the end of the song.The theater became quiet.l sensed that all eye
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job searching
l let cold water flow on my body.l think l need to get refreshed.l closed my eyes trying to concentrate on the bath but my mind denied me the opportunity.The lustful look Keron gave me in that dream is still fresh in my memory as if he is here with me.His way of touching me with his thin fingers isnt doing anything good to me.We only met yesterday and l dont think there will be next time.So having such weird dreams is of no good.He is a superstar and a dream man for many girls.Poor person like me cant even stand a change to lick his shoes.Dear God  right now l dont need these dreams about sex.What l need is a job that is going to help me earn good money.Yes l need money to pay my rent,to take care of my family and for my basic needs.Having finished baithing,l wrapped my body with my favourite white towel.l used another white one but smaller than the one on my body to dry my hair. l applied my body lotion,combed my hair and tied it into a high ban.l wore a b
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Keron Underwood
l glanced at my phone that is ringing non stop and felt a headache.There is no doubt that my manager is the one calling.l told him many times that am not interested in holding a concert in U city.l hate that city so much .l have bad memorises of it.But according to his way of doing things,l wont be surprised that he already booked the venue,make advertisements and printed the tickets.Although he is so annoying sometimes but he is devoted to his work.Before l could answer his call,my other private phone rang.l quickly answered because the caller only call me once a month when he has a mission for me.Caller;How are you Keron?Me; Am good and you?Caller; Good,good.Well this month's mission is to go to Robert Konze of Konze investments.We need him to join us.Me; Mission understood.He hung off the phone after our little conversation.Robert Konze is a ceo of Kenzo investments.He is one of the richest man in U city.His net worth much up to $5
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meeting her again
The girl finally compromised and came on to stage with felt so good when my arm intertwined with hers.l normally dont hold girls like this .But there is something different about this girl.I dont understand it my self.On stage l gently placed her in the chair and asked her her name.Rynet she said in a voice that is as smoothing as a song bird.She put her head down again like how she has been doing all the time.Little cutie can you please look at me.l requested.She slowly raised her head and our eyes met.The light shown on her so l couldnt tell the colour of her eyes.But one thing am sure of they were shinning.l went ahead and ask her if she had a boy friend or married.She replied has a boyfriend.For some unknown reasons l felt pain in my heart.I looked at her again.Thats when l realised she was lying.Her eyes were also running away from mine.To prove it l asked her the boyfriend's name but she didnt even find one.Usually when  gir
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He stole my first kiss
When Winnie  told me about this new restraunt job,l thought she was pranking me.But today l went to the place and met Max.He is Winnie's cousin.He told me also that they are indeed in need of waitresses.l really felt happy and blessed.My search yesterday didnt go to waste.I think God saw how l suffered and he decided to get me one.He never disappoints.Max and l  waited for Winnie and Charles to come.Both of them also resigned from Effends' restraunt after l did.lf l say am not happy that we got a new work place together,lt would be a lie.l love my friends around.Not because they have been my support system all this while but also the fun and feeling of having them by myside is really something l wanna keep forever and didn't took long for the two to come.Max showed us the restraunt and later he presented us before the owner.His name is Henry a young man  in his early 30s.When we were done with everything we started our work.T
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She is my girl friend
No matter how many girls or women are dying for him, just know that am not interested and l dont want anything to do with him.l said Winnie stopped pacing and said;My dear Rynet,you arenot growing any young.lf the opportunity just like this comes on your way,grap it with open hands lts un invited anyway.Even if Keron is just joking dont deny him anything.She hold my hands in hers and continued;You know time is like virgnity once lost it can't come back.You are growing dear  Don't lose any chance and regret later.That guy is every woman's dream.Thats where the problem is Winnie.He is everyone's dream guy.l wouldn't love to fight with women every day for him.l just want a common man  to leave a peaceful life.Lets not talk about him anymore besides there is nothing between us.This conversation should stop.With that l hold her hand and we went to change our clothes.We came out of the changing room and found Charles outside waiting for us.
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came closer
I looked at Keron in utter dismay.l couldn't believe my ears that he would say something like that.l have fallen for you.The sentence rang in my ears and didnt stop for sometime.He is Keron Underwood.Why million and millions of women around him didn't interests him and he choose me a nobody.He must be joking right?l was still in my thoughts when l felt his hand on me.Its getting late let us go l will take you home he said.l will......he cut my words and said ; Henry send me the bill.He held my hand in his and we left the room up to the parking lot.He told me to sit in the car.He got the car keys from  the driver and he drove the car him self.Just the two of us inside.Tell me your address little cutie not looking at me he said.Kyc apartments near happy supermarket.l replied.Ok he responded.The all drive was silent until we reached my home.Like any other gentleman,Keron was the first to get out of the car and came to open the door for me.Thank you l sa
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Keron Underwood
Finally after some hesitation,Rynet gave me her mobile phone number.lts just a phone number but it made my day.And l cant denie the fact that am happy about it.l released her from my grip and she run from me as if something dangerous is after her life.l laughed at how her bums were shaking while running.This girl is really shy and am sure that she has never been in any intimate act before.After saving her number in my contact list,l put my phone back in the pocket and went back to room.Henry was on phone directing people the way to his restraunt.l checked my emails and entertainment news.After seeing that there is nothing special,l put the phone down and concentrated on watching champion's was a match between Real madried and went 0-0.Keron its time lets go down.Henry told me.The opening celemony of his restraunt was held on the entrance of the restraunt.Alot of people came.Yeah its because they advertised that am to officially open the re
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true love
The drive to Rynet's home was quiet.While driving, my mind took me back at what Rynet said earlier. She was complaining that she needs money and also telling me how hard was it to get that waitress job. Is life been treating her badly.Why will she need too much MONEY? I looked at her she was looking outside. I decided to investigate her.Thinking so, l sent someone a message and told him to do the job. We reached at where Rynet stays. I parked the car in the parking lot. I opened the door and got out to open for Rynet. Thank you she said.She went and opened the door. Like not hearing me coming, she turned and asked if l wanna come into her house. Of course if you invite me l can't refuse. I said and she opened the door widely for me. I gave her my charming smile that l know drove women crazy.Here we are, welcome to my humble home what can l offer you Keron? She said while falling on the sofa harshly may be she was tired. I frowned at her action. But t
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