My french tutor

My french tutor

By:  Greyandwhite09  Completed
Language: English
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Nate is a rich playboy who doesn't care about women's feelings all he cared was his family, his car racer and his friends but that all changed when he met Sophia. Sophia is a french transfer student who comes from a middle-class family, she is a sweet girl who is the girl that wants no drama in her life. What will happen when those two will meet? She ended up being his tutor. She hates his arrogant, fuckboy way. And he loves her beautiful, calming smile. He needs her and will do anything for her. Heartbreak, jealousy, arrogant and mostly manipulation. What will happen between those two? Will they fall in love or nothing will change?

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Great read. Not too long and not too short. Cute story. Definitely recommend.
2023-01-14 03:33:06
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chichi fauziah
Love ur story..
2021-11-18 07:32:26
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Melissa Craig
It was awesome
2021-04-29 03:16:46
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Jitendra Marndi
very good story..I like Nate's possessivness .
2021-01-12 19:59:00
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Good story, grammar needs work but great plot.
2021-01-06 17:04:30
41 Chapters
NATHANIEL BLACKWELLThe moment I met her was when we were in the cafeteria, she was with a girl, she was wearing her nerdy glasses and a crop top with black jeans. She looked beautiful it was like love at first sight. I didn't fell for her right at the moment, I was attracted to her which was impossible since I can't be possibly attracted by anyone, they find me attractive not the other way around."Man, what's up? You look weird." My friend Nelson spoke."I'm good man, something got in my eyes." I rubbed my eyes in fake and glanced at Nelson who looked at me with amusement."Yeah right." He rolled his eyes and smiled. I glared at him and punched his shoulder."What are you weirdos doing?" Carson looked at us, suspiciously."It's not me, it's him who is being weird." He flicked my forehead and I slapped his hand."Don't touch me." I groaned and sipped my drink.We were sitting in a table where no one sits there apart from us and sometimes Grace, my fake girlfriend. This is called the p
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SOPHIA MANSON.Today is the day where I start my first day at a university as a transfer student. I'm from France. A french girl coming to an American college, I always wanted to go to Florida with my best friend and here I had a chance to live like an American student. It's a great opportunity. I hoped to live here as much as I can and had in mind to find my future husband."Sophia t'es prête?!" My best friend, Julia yelled as I struggled to get in my pants. (Sophia, are you ready?)"Ouais, j'arrive à un instant." I replied and finally put on my pants, I took my phone and my backpack then ran downstairs to meet Julia. (Yeah, I'm coming at a moment)My friend and I usually talk in French but we have to communicate in English if we want to be like other people."Gosh, you are taking so much time." Julia rolled her eyes as she 'patiently' wait for me.I lift my head up to look at her and glared at her, "it's not my fault though.""It is, come on sweetheart." She sang with joy and I grunt
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SOPHIA MANSON."So how was your morning?" Julia asked as soon as we reached the cafeteria, it was big with a lot of Americans students."It was cool, I met a guy." I said hiding my excitement, she doesn't need to know that I met my type of guy, I need to know if he's not like the bad boys.One thing you need to know about me is that I hate bad boys, I literally can't stand them. They are so over problematic.Arrogant and selfish people, looking for attention and fun. They don't care about our feelings and own the school as if their dad was the owners."Cool, well this morning was interesting for me." She said as she took a tray with lasagna and a pot of strawberry. I took a chicken sandwich and a slice of watermelon."Tell me everything about it." I urged her and she chuckled, we walked toward a table without annoying kids and sat down."So I guess it was in math, there was a guy who stared at me, every time." She emphasized the end of her word and I gasped, she is beautiful and people
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NATHANIEL BLACKWELL.I slammed the door harshly, making a loud noise. Everyone snapped their heads toward me, a smirk was on my face while I walked in as if I don't care."Hey teach." I said to Mrs Paul unbothered, she was married but that doesn't mean she didn't have any fantasies with me."Mr Blackwell, tu es en retard." (You're late)"Ouais, je sais mais je m'en fiche." (Yeah I know but I don't care)She sighed, "Go back to your seat."I complied and sat behind with Nelson smirking, I don't how fast he came here oh- he used the elevator, that greedy bastard. Being friends with the principal kid is amazing, he gives you a free pass for the cafeteria and even key for your own elevator just for being friends with Melvin, he is only a stuck up kid who wants attention from rich kids."Where were you dufus?!" I hissed hardly as I became annoyed of his face amused."I was somewhere else." He said with his usual smirk plastered on his face."Putain!" (Fuck)"Do you have anything to say, Mr
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SOPHIA MANSON.After the french class was finished, I put my things in my bag quickly and ran toward the door without waiting for anyone.What he said was a lie! He must be lying, there is no way that Melvin likes me!And he never told me that he was the son of the principal.I walked outside of the campus, my eyes looking for Melvin, I spot him with his friends that wore soccer jackets just like him, I walked toward him.He laughed loudly and then our eyes meet, he grinned and urged me to come close, I went toward him since I was about to and crossed my arms."Guys, this is Sophia, the new transfer student." He said dropping his arm around my shoulder.They nodded and some of them whispered to their friends with a sneaky smirk, boys are disgusting.I rolled my eyes, "Melvin, we need to talk.""What is it?" He said bending his head down to me, I look like a dwarf compare to him, looking like a tree."I don't know if I should say it in front of your friends.""Say it." He insisted and I
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SOPHIA MANSON."Love me, love me, say that you love me!""Shut up! Sophia!" Yelled my brother, meet my oldest who decided to join our adventure, Elliot."I want to sing!" I shouted back from my bedroom, I'm too lazy to go downstairs.I heard footsteps coming from downstairs, he must be walking upstairs to scold me. I rolled my eyes, put down the magazine and took my earphones out.The door slammed and here comes in Elliot with an angry look.He got transferred to Florida from France, that guy is an accountant. And a really good one, just an old 23-year guy who have no love life or social life."I'm working, you bitch." He said, him wearing those squared glasses didn't take him seriously but funnier.I tried to not laugh and kept a serious face," I love singing.""The neighbours might have cancer in the ears." He said and left my room who still has boxes left that I haven't opened yet."That doesn't exist!" I yelled and rolled my eyes for the second time."Whatever, he's dumb." I said t
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SOPHIA MANSON.After picking up the dirt that was laying in front of my house, I took a shower because I stink and rubbed my favourite vanilla shampoos all over my body.Soon then, I heard the door opened which mean Julia finally came back from cheerleading practice, I get out of the bathroom to welcome h
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NATHANIEL BLACKWELL.She's beautiful.Too damn beautiful.How can a girl like her exist in this nasty world?
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SOPHIA MANSON.It's been two hours since I've taught him, well actually talked with him. He was really good in french, then why does he need french lesson? I just don't get it."I'm going to go, it's getting late." I said looking at my watch, I'm not even lying, there were thousands of calls from Elliot a
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SOPHIA MANSON."That bitch!" My brother yelled and we nodded."I know right, he's a bitch." I pouted and crossed my arms.
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