Nadia By Nature

Nadia By Nature

By:  Renee  Completed
Language: English
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Tired of being a Sub, Nadia takes on a role of a Dom, but all that changes in a blink of an eye. A series of events leave her at the mercy of a man she never thought she'd see again. Will she be able to escape her past? Or is her past back to punish her? "Remember the safe word Nadia." "Red" She breathlessly answered.

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Mary Mckenzie
Excellent book. very well written.
2021-07-05 15:39:16
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Hi, Nadia. I don't believe in love at first sight too. lol. Great beginning, can't wait to dive in.
2021-06-22 06:12:55
user avatar
Hi, Nadia, I don't believe in love at first sight. lol. Great beginning, can't wait to read more.
2021-06-22 06:11:45
28 Chapters
PrologueMy name is Nadia Burlesque. I don’t believe in love at first sight or love at all. My life has never been like the movies, and I live a very risqué lifestyle. Before I can get into all of that, I feel it only fits that you know my back story. I have only had my mom growing up, and dang, If that didn’t screw me up. The only father figures I have ever known are the many Johns my mother has brought home. My mother is the type of woman who picks up any man who will have her, and one of these days, it will get her killed. I remember growing up and wishing for an average family, complete with the house and the white picket fence. I have never truly felt like I have a home; as a kid, we moved a lot, and as an adult, I still move a lot to get away from someone I would rather not mention.I currently work for Right enterprises and let me tell you my boss is hot with a capital H. I find myself obsessed with him, and I’m afra
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Hot For Him
She couldn't help but feel wet just thinking about his throbbing cock inside her. He stared at her with such a look that would make anyone spontaneously combust. His hair the darkest shade of black, his eyes a cold and calculating color grey, to say she was captivated would be an understatement. She was obsessed."Nadia, are you even listening to me?" Her friend asked, waving a hand in her face.Shit, she was daydreaming again."Um." She tried to think back to the last thing Ella was saying."Really? Nadia, close your mouth before the drool comes out."Embarrassed, Nadia wiped at the corner of her mouth. Her friend's eyes danced with laughter."I knew it, Nadia, you naughty girl. You were thinking about him again." Ella swatted her arm playfully.She looked around the employees' lunch room to make sure no one else was listening. The coast was clear. " Ella, will you be quiet? Someone might hear you?"And by someone, she meant t
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Mother F*cker
She stared down at the medium-sized box in her hands. Luckily being strong was her strong suit; it's not like this was her dream job or anything. Then again, she was pretty sure they didn't pay for what she dreamed of doing.She walked out the door with her head held high, giving the large concrete building one last look. Good riddance, it's not like she was going to miss that place—just her boss's sweet ass and her best friend, Ella.Mentally she scolded herself. Thinking about 'him' is what had got her in this mess in the first place. Walking to the parking lot, she clicked the fob to unlock her beat-up Malibu. One thing was for sure it had seen its better days. The red paint was slowly fading from sun exposure, and it didn't help the dent in the driver's side door, scratched with yellow paint. The moral of the story don't park so close to a pole.She sat in her driver's side seat, allowing only a moment for the dread to set in. Bills, bills, and more bi
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Nadia took her Mother Fucker, slamming it down in one drink. Dear God, she was going to need it. Her eyes went wide; nostrils flared as she clenched her teeth. This man had a lot of nerve."You!" She said in an accusing tone. The man's eyes went wide, and his mouth hung open. She had never seen him in this position before, always the strong suit giving orders as she took them."Mr. Right, you have a lot of nerve, your mysubmissiveslave3000?"His face turned red from embarrassment as he looked at the floor, not meeting her gaze head-on.Was he the man behind the text and emails? He was it the man who wanted to be her obedient Slave? None of this was adding up in all of her fantasies. She'd always pictured him being the dominant one.She was about to get up and leave until a deliciously evil idea popped into her head. She was going to make him pay!"Okay, Mr. Right, shall we go somewhere more private to discuss the contract?"She said as she ga
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Mr. Right's nerves were shaking; he should be the one doing the punishing. He looked at Nadia with a look clouded by both lust and fear."Very good! Slave, they get punished! Now go lay over the padded spanking bench with your ass in the air, I'll only give you five swats with my hand this time, but If you ever touch me again without my consent, your punishment will be worse.""Yes, Mistress." He sauntered over to the bench on the other side of the room to receive his first punishment. He laid face down on the bench, his legs laying on the knee rest. Sticking his ass in the air, waiting for his punishment was torture enough. The position she had him in made him feel both venerable and exposed. His hard limit was anal play. He had heard once that a prostate massage felt good, but he wasn't one for trying it out.His ass stuck up in the air, his head lowered to the bench. She could only imagine how he felt right about now. Receiving the pain both felt exciting and
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D*mn *ss Hat
Nadia sat at the table nursing her steaming hot coffee while looking over the morning paper. She had her pen in hand, angrily crossing job postings out as she went, each one requiring some form of college education and the ones that didn't pay enough to keep the lights on. The phone that was sitting next to her buzzed the table, making her jump, before swiping the screen.  A text message popped up from Slave. He had been texting her quite frequently after their scene three nights before. The excitement and anticipation for this weekend were growing. This weekend would be the first of many she would be spending at his house. It would be their first scene outside of the club. She only hoped things would go well.   "Mistress, May I ask what you are doing?" She read the message and rolled her eyes. He insisted they stay in character when speaking to one another; no other relationship was to form except for Slave and master. Truthfully, she was mo
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The Ultimatum
The sound of rapid tapping on her door interrupted her shower. Nadia threw on a towel with her hair dripping wet; she rushed to the door. She was peeped through the door and saw Mr. Right. What in the Hell? How did he know where she lived?She unbolted the door to let him in, but before she could get the words out, he was grabbing her by the hair and pulling her towards him; his mouth was in a frenzy with hers. He was Both dominating her body and mind. God yes! Being controlled was what she needed. A man, not some little bitch boy. He kicked the door shut and picked her up, carrying her to her room.He Slammed her on the bed, her head in a whirlwind. She always knew he was a dominant man, and now she was about to find out how dominating he was. She laid obediently on the bed, biting into her bottom lip, anticipating his next move.He undid his tie from around his neck. With a smirk on his face." You think I'm an ass hat, do you?"She eagerly nodded her he
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He plunged into her depths with his tongue, causing her to moan out. Nadia could only imagine what the neighbors would say; there was sure to be a noise complaint. Her apartment walls were paper thin. She bit into her lip to stifle the moan. But it was no use the more she squirmed to get away, the more he went deeper, causing her to moan even louder.When he was sure she was a panting mess, he plunged two fingers into her and circled her clit with his tongues; with the work of his skillful fingers, she was once again on the brink of her release."Please, Master, may I cum?" She barely got the words out; she wasn't sure how much more she could take. The dull aching turned into pain, her muscle clenching tighter; she could fill it boiling up inside her. It wouldn't be long before she'd spontaneously combust.Bending his fingers up, he massaged her G-spot. He could feel her muscles clenching and knew her orgasm was near."Cum for me."Those three words were a
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Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a F*ck
The week dragged on slowly, with no calls or texts from Colton. It was like he fell off the face of the Earth. Nadia found herself checking her phone frequently, only to be strangely disappointed. She even went as far as texting him, nothing special, just a simple hi. Her efforts were a waste, It was Thursday, and there was still no reply.  Ella called and begged for her to go out to dinner and a shopping trip. She tried to decline. In all honesty, she was pretty much broke, relying on her savings to get by, but Ella wouldn't hear of it.  So now here she was, a Thursday night staring at her reflection in the mirror. Her roots dyed black to match her long black hair and worry lines on her face. She tried to cover her dark circle with foundation. Not having a job was taking its toll on her. She picked up her phone and checked her banking app, hoping she'd have enough to pay for dinner. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when the tot
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I Own You
 Nadia stood in her doorway long after he was gone, her mind reeling with her thoughts. What the hell just happened? She didn't have time to process her thoughts entirely. Ella pulled up out front; Nadia could see her yellow slug bug from the doorway. Still dressed in her robe, she panicked and shut the door. Taking off in a full strive, Nadia ran into her room and threw off her robe. Then she threw on the first thing that she could find and ran back out the door, only to find Ella was blaring on the horn.Nadia quickly opened the passenger door and sat beside her friend."God, El, I was coming. You didn't have to blare on the horn."Ella looked in the rearview mirror at her reflection, reapplying a cherry red lip stain to her perfectly plump lips."Really, Nad, you should have been ready. We're going to be late."
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