His Aphrodite And Her Revenge Saga

His Aphrodite And Her Revenge Saga

By:  ~Anami~  Ongoing
Language: English
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How would you feel if one day you went to bed after dinner with your family...only to wake up after 7 years in an hospital with no trace of your family?She wokeup from her vegetative state after 7 years.... exactly... when the doctors were ready to give her Euthanasia (mercy death)!!!Who was she? How she landed in the hospital ? This is the Story of Natalie samrat and.... on her journey towards her revenge, how she became the love of Zieve Stocks... handsome heir of the powerful Stocks family of Ontario and CEO of the Stocks Group of Companies.

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Author's Note-
Dear Reader,This is a work of Fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidetal.It is an original Piece of work and Copying of the content is not allowed. Kindly Note: The information provided regarding medical procedures and related items is fictional. Don't try to immitate them. Everything is just a product of the Author's imagination. Be safe and enjoy reading my creation.~With love~     Anami
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It was not a usual Wednesday in "The max" hospital of Ontario. The Tensed and Unusual atmosphere was predictable from the faces of the Hospital staff.Mrs. WADE, a nurse in her late 40's was working with a heavy heart. She was trying to ignore her thoughts and focus on her work but her mind and heart were not with her today.Mrs. Wade, lost her only child 8 years back in an accident and was able to coup up with the situation only because of Patient on "bed number 37". And today they were going to snatch her as well. Her eyes welled up mere with the thought of it. It's not that she hadn't tried her best to persuade the hospital senior's, she even thought of adopting the poor patient but the expenses of the hospital were very high and with her merge income it was an impossible task to pay them.After all, she was just a poor nurse, although she was working at one of the best and most expensive hospital of Ontario, but her salary was n
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The digital clock in a special ward of "The Max " was reflecting half past 10. This special ward was where "Patient on bed number 37" was shifted. Mrs. Wade was sitting beside her with tiredness clearly visible on her face. She has decided to stay by her side, so as to be available for her  incase, she wokeup  and needed something.Everything happened so fast that nobody got the chance to react, and now nobody knew what was going to happen next.She looked at the young girl sleeping on the hospital bed  and felt a shiver in her heart,what could have happened if things didn't turned out (Today), the way they did. Earlier that day,when Dr. ANDREWS was about to give Euthanasia to "Patient on bed number 37".... something happened...that no one had ever thought of!!!! That Patient wokeup and started shouting in fear!!! The team of doctors lead by Dr. Andrews, were shocked to the core!!!!...not even in their Wildest dr
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Chapter 03: Zieve Stocks
In Thunder bay, while situation at "The MAX" was taking a dramatic turn......a young man in Toranto was standing in his balcony holding a glass of wine and staring at the Full Moon.He was tall...with an height of 6'2", broad chest , perfectly build muscles and a sharp jawline. In the moonlight, his grey eyes were sparkling like diamonds making him look like some Demi-god but....his handsome face looked gloomy...as if someone has stolen his soul from him.His hairs were wet indicating he had taken shower, a while ago. He was wearing a white shirt and grey Pyjama bottoms.... with top two buttons open... showing his bare well-built chest .It was already midnight, but he was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even realise it was already an hour since he was standing there.As he was lost in his thoughts,he heard the footsteps of someone approaching...but he didn't turn his back to look who was there.... ofcourse! he knew who would dare to walk into his room
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Chapter 04: She Don't remember anything!
It was a pleasant morning in Thunder bay and the sun shone brightly. In a special ward of "The Max" a girl was sleeping soundly. The sunrays falling on her face piercing the glass window's made her look more lively, then her usual lifeless exterior. For the first time in seven years, the previous day she had opened her eyes!...and that also when she was going to die! Mrs. Wade stayed by her side whole night guarding her except for an hour break she took in-between, when she was feeling extremely exhausted. She would be back by afternoon and meanwhile, two other nurses were assigned to look after the girl.Natalie was dreaming of her parents when her mind dragged her to reality and she suddenly woke up to the sound of those two nurses, who were discussing something.She made sure not to move or open her eyes and continued listening to them, so as to get a better idea about the situation she was in.The first n
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Chapter 05 : Adopting her
It had been a week, since the girl woke up from her vegetative state and she was doing well under the supervision of doctors from "The MAX". But, a strom was going on behind the scenes, of which everyone was aware except the poor girl. The owner of "The Max " have shown enough mercy on the girl and had given her a place in his hospital from past 7 years but now he was in no mood to continue doing that.  A meeting was organized regarding the same to discuss the next step in her case. They were in touch with the police but unfortunately the officer's couldn't find anything about her family. On the Top of it....she has lost her memory!  The owner, Mr. Victor Max was a man in his late 50's, although he was a kind-hearted, god-fearing man who believed in charity and this was the only reason why Natalie was not thrown out of the hospital. Instead, the hospital bore her expenses and took c
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 Mrs. Wade had made up her mind, she was not going to let that poor girl live the life of an orphan in some NGO... fending for herself on the charity of other people. She wanted to give her a normal life and a future she deserves. Mrs. Wade's husband died just when her daughter was 6 yrs old, and then she lost her daughter as well.... if her daughter was alive...she would have been nearly of the same age as this girl.  Dr. Andrews was aware about the feelings Mrs. Wade has for that patient on bed number 37.  He felt an unknown satisfaction in his heart, he knew this was good not only for that Patient but for Mrs. Wade as well. He agreed to help Mrs. Wade incase, she needed any.  Mrs. Wade also informed Dr. Andrews that she wanted to know the opinion of that girl too, she didn't want to hide anything from her.  To this Dr. Andrews suggested her to
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Chapter 07: Would you like to be my daughter?
Mrs. Wade went home happily, not suspecting Natalie even for once.Natalie choose this name deliberately.... FUOCO means Fire in Italian.....and she was not thinking straight....there was only one thing inside her.... fire!!! Yes, she was burning from inside!She wanted to burn her family's enemies in the same fire ....she wanted to grill them and fed their flesh to the hounds!Natalie SAMRAT is going to hunt them down....each one of them who was involved!!! She wasn't sure if there was one person behind it or many...but whatever may be the case....the end of all of them would be the same!!!!Natalie Samrat was a genius, she was sharp not only in mathematics, science and computer but in language too....she was fluent in 14 languages, infact she was planning on learning more after her 13th birthday...but unfortunately that never happened! This tragedy took everything from her...she not only lost her family but also
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Chapter 08: Taking her daughter home
Mrs. Wade informed the hospital administration about her desire to adopt the girl and as expected they were surprised but happy at the same time. Mr. Victor also took a sigh of relief as deep down his heart he was also ....not satisfied with his decision (of sending her to an NGO facility) himself.  He told Mrs. Wade that she was doing a great job and he would feel more than happy if he would be of any help them in future. Mr. Victor was not a greedy man, but he was the head of an organisation and it was his responsibility to take certain measures to protect his associates from any possible threats in the future. He had a lot of contacts and with a influence like his, it was easy to make sure the documentation procedure for adoption was over within a day. He even had a word with the local authorities and got the matter settled for her regarding other required documents. Natalie was sitting in he
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Chapter 09: New Life, Old Wounds!
The Next day, as promised by Mr. Victor, Natalie received all her required documents which proved she was Fuoco Wade. She felt thankful for this new Identity. This was the first step and she had to still go a long way. Natalie was also feeling bad as she was lying to them but this was the best for all of them at that point of time. She promised herself that in the future she will repay them ten-folds of the help she have received today. As for Mrs. Wade, she will ensure that the good-hearted lady had a comfortable and peaceful life ahead.  What Mrs. Wade has done for her, was something no one would expect from anyone in today's world.  Natalie used to wear the hospital clothes meant for a patient.It had been more than a month after her consciousness but it never dawned upon her about her clothes. So, on the day when she was to leave the hospital, few nurses
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