Never Let Me GO

Never Let Me GO

By:  Valerie Sax  Completed
Language: English
62 ratings
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Tired of hiding herself from a persistent guy, to get rid of the unwanted admirer, she kissed an unknown handsome man in a masquerade ball. What will happen when she finds out the same guy is her ruthless boss? *****She fell in love with a man who never felt her existence. Her broken heart gave her the desired pain to become the biggest sensation of the country; She became a singer. The time he realizes the emptiness in his heart belongs to her, he ran to her, but her gaze gave him a strange look. What will happen when he finds out the truth behind her strange behavior. Did he lose her forever? Or is this the beginning of a new story?

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good reader
I liked the story but a little more of what's to say spiritualism was there but overall nice reading
2023-06-16 13:24:25
user avatar
Brenda De La Mater
Such a great story.
2023-06-07 09:41:25
user avatar
Chital Shah
Nice book. Short and sweet
2023-02-26 00:01:00
user avatar
Poonam Thakur
so good plot ...
2022-10-16 15:23:52
user avatar
palak dhingra
hey dear...Can u also upload "When Bully falls in love here" pls I so wanna read its second part....
2022-07-18 16:14:20
default avatar
Beautiful story great job!! I’ll be looking for more from you! Thank you
2022-04-26 01:37:33
user avatar
Christie Bermejo Mansueto
Good Book nice one author.........
2021-08-19 16:33:51
user avatar
joselito vergara
can I have a full chapter
2021-07-29 20:17:55
user avatar
Ashley Barbour
i really loved this book
2021-06-15 09:50:13
user avatar
Deborah Barnes
I couldn't stop reading this! I loved that it had a great story and not just sex. Def would love more stories like this.
2021-06-14 10:48:03
user avatar
one of the beautiful and we'll written story .. I enjoyed it's whole journey ... you are an amazing writer keep it up dear and all the best for future plans .
2021-05-17 13:40:05
default avatar
Ritu Rathore
Why is this book again showing to be continued I paid to read it and now I can’t complete ridiculous
2021-04-13 09:26:35
user avatar
Verena Monica
I love this story very much. Success for you! Please write more like this. ❤️
2021-04-07 11:48:12
user avatar
Alicia Dunn
loved this book!!!
2021-04-03 19:55:01
user avatar
Jacqueline Vorster
emjoyed the book very much
2021-04-03 13:59:21
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56 Chapters
Chapter 1: My Home, New York
~Alyona~I’ve heard that people come to New York for two reasons: to follow their hearts or their dreams.The first time I ever traveled to New York was when I was in my mother’s womb like a peanut.My parent’s short love story brought two kids into this world, including me.Their particular love didn’t last long. Predictably, for the former reason - because of another woman.But the allure of the city that never sleeps has never left my mom. After all, New York City is one of the most (maybe the most) iconic city in the world for a reason; the art and the history; the music and the architecture; the diversity; the noise; the never-ending lines of yellow checkered cabs punctuation every block.Growing up in New York, I believed life in the city was for masochists. In the summer, we complain about the heat. In the winter, the cold.At present, it’s a harsh winter. Keeping calm is vital when we are blasted with terrifying storms like the present arctic-polar-vortex-bomb-cyclone.While wa
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Chapter 2: The Alexander Hunt
In the middle of the night, an expensive Boeing private helicopter landed with a whirling-whapping sound on the world’s tallest residential building in New York.The thrumming of the helicopter blades twirling the chilly weather into the gale of icy wind.As the door opened, an elegant young man wearing an expensive business suit designed by his couturier came out.His arrogant, cold looks perfectly matched his classy moves.At nearly 1,400 feet, looking down on the Empire State Building, you aren’t just above New York City - you lord over it. Cars become toys, and people become dots. Central Park shrinks from a lush oasis of trees and playing fields to a small grass welcome mat for your private domain. Your head is truly in the clouds.He lives on the top floor of the world’s tallest residential building.The penthouse on the top floor is called the statement.He is the owner of New York’s top fashion company named Enamore. Recognized as the youngest entrepreneur, he liked to stay on
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Chapter 3: My Dream My Family
~Alyona~“Will you be my girlfriend?” Shawn purred.“Shawn, I have never seen you like this. I don’t love you.” I answered as I was trying to get rid of him.“Please give me a chance,” He jeered.I tried to run, but my leg seemed stuck in the ground.His face is getting bigger as he pouts his lips towards me.I saw a stick to hit him, but when I picked it, it recast into ice- cream.What the hell is happening to me?“Alyona Marshall,” a sound was calling my name from far away.I looked here and there.“Alyona, don’t make me come up there,” it’s my mom screaming at me.But where am I?I woke up in a shocking state. My mother screamed my name as she called me to come down and have breakfast with her.But to whom I was running into my dreams.I shook my head.Suddenly, I remember. My clingy senior wanted me to be his girlfriend. He used to be my unwanted admirer.But why am I dreaming about him?I thought to myself,“Alyona, if I have to call our name again...”“Ahh... coming, mom,” I ans
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Chapter 4: Dress Hunt
Mom loved the way these two people made me happy. We don’t expect big things; these small moments we live with our friends and family will be our lifetime memory.Olivia and Ivy grabbed my hand as we went into my room.“I am leaving, Al,” mom called before leaving.I ran down and hugged her.“Thank you, mom, for everything you have done for Cassie and me.”A mother knows everything even when you don’t say it.“And thank you for allowing me to go with my friends.”I hugged her tightly.“Ok, ok... there is an envelope under my bed; you can take it for your shopping.” She patted my back.“No, mom. I don’t want money. I can manage by myself,” I answered.She touched my cheeks and said.“I know you are a big girl. But for me, you are still that little girl who wanted everything to be done by her mom.”She kissed my cheeks and took her coat from the hanger.“Mom,” I whispered.“Choose a beautiful dress for yourself. Maybe you will get your Mr. Right in that Masquerade ball.” She winked at me
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Chapter 5: L'ultima bellezza
~ALYONA~Standing in front of that gigantic mirror, it lost me in my thought surrounded by these beautiful creations.Indeed, Mario did his best at work. When passion becomes your profession, nothing can stop you.“He is the best,” We heard the screeching sound as another rack came into the room.Mario husked in his manly voice. “Girls, here is my collection. My Assistant will help you try these dresses.” He signaled towards his assistant and sat on the couch next to us.“So, who wants to go first?” Ivy said.We thought it would be good if Olivia started the show.The dress looks fantastic. I would say the red was not bold; it’s the red taken from fresh tomatoes; Olivia seemed so beautiful in that dress. It revealed her flawless skin in this dress. She wore a black mask and made a messy bun as we stared at her without saying a word. She shrugged at us, waiting for some compliment.“It’s gorgeous,” we said together.She gazed at Mario as Mario winked at her, taking pride in making such
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Chapter 6: Meet The Stranger-1
Excited, we three settled n the taxi—the churning of thoughts, the turmoil of enthusiasm keeping us on our toes. As the tires screeched in front of the gigantic building, my heart skipped a beat, thinking what was waiting inside was more than enough for me. There were so many people entering the building.Olivia stopped us and told us to come from the back door.“Guys, follow me,” she said.“But why are we not going from this entrance?” We asked.“That is for VIP guests, and for employees, there is a back door.”We followed her and entered the back door while she was busy greeting her boss.Ivy and I walked inside and saw a beautiful sight.A gigantic chandelier was hanging in the middle of the hall, sprinkling colorful light over every being presented inside.The hall was filled with beautiful people; some held their masks while others covered their faces. That reminds us to wear masquerade masks.“Mask,” I said to Ivy.The booming sound and colorful lights filled our spirit with enjo
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Chapter 7: Meet the stranger -2
~Alyona~I walked on the floor with this unknown, handsome man.As we walked, every peer diverted toward us.All the girls filled their eyes with jealousy as their jaws dropped to the floor. He delicately kept his hand on my waist, and a shiver ran down my spine. Our eyes collide with each other for a few seconds. He looked forward and smiled.His smile could kill thousands, and I was one of them. He got a cute dimple on his right cheek. Oh! God, I want to die for this dimple. Keeping myself calm, I got busy looking around, people gawking at us. Again, with my stupidity, I was about to stumble, but he held my hand.“Are you ok?” He said.His manly voice brushed my ears and suppressed all the surrounding sounds. I wanted to hear my name in his husky voice. I blinked my eyes again and again as I was damn sure I was in my dream. Dancing with a handsome guy like him can only happen in my dreams. He touched me again and asked,“Are you ok?”“Yes,” I replied in a guttural voice.No, I was no
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Chapter 8: The Rare Beauty
~Alexander~ The party was at a peak when I entered it. Rich people were showing off their brands and money. That is what the party was all about. Tucking my suit button, I scooped my eyes through the crowd. It’s all about the plastic beauty ready to lure you for your status and power. No genuine appreciation for the work; it’s all about showing off. The men were complimenting others wives, trying their luck for extramarital affairs, and some were ready to turn their business deals into sustainable relationships by tying their kid’s life together. I didn’t come here to check on these people, but because I wanted to celebrate our achievements with Esrael. I saw the arrangements and signaled my manager. “Is everything ok? Boss,” “No,” he wanted me to tell him where the room was for improvement. But as my employee, he should know and assess the situation by himself. “What do you think I don’t like here?” He looked around, trying to pinpoint, but found none. “You are fired,” I r
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Chapter 9: Back Of The Mind
~ALYONA~ We reached home, but I left my heart with that stranger. His beautiful smile and hazel eyes caught my attention. Olivia was stressed about losing her job, as she was sure her boss saw her with me and he would ask her about us. Ivy warned her not to shout or talk to me about what had happened at the party. We all went to my home, as we were sure only my house would be where we could talk about the chaos I had made. We entered the house, ran towards the room, and hastily changed the dresses as if mom would see us in these expensive dresses; she would investigate everything. After changing the dresses, Olivia called the person who took the dresses to Mario with a thank you note. We three laid down on the bed; quietly. Nobody attempted to talk to me. I was quiet and lost in my thoughts. What a beautiful evening it was! It was the first time I felt good after meeting Shawn. It’s because of him I met this stranger. My mind was stuck, and kept repeating his touch and his passi
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Chapter 10: Interview call
An entrenched feeling developed in their heart; whenever they thought about that beautiful incident, it made them smile. The reminiscence of that beautiful moment, although Alexander asked Olivia about that unknown girl the next day, which she quickly reasoned. She informed Ivy and Alyona about this reasoning and thanked them for feeding the answer in her mind. They met only once, but it seems they have known each other for a long time. Soft-hearted Alyona wanted to meet her, Mr. Right. She felt the man she met once and kissed could be her Mr. Right. She left everything in her God’s hand as she presented her desires in her prayers. “Father, It’s you and only you who knows what my heart wants, but I believe you will give me the best. If you want me to meet him, you will make the way. Amen,” She smiled and passed her kiss to her heavenly father before she went to sleep. It’s been two weeks; everything worked out for Olivia as her boss didn’t have clues that the stranger girl was her
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