keira the ruthless lady ceo

keira the ruthless lady ceo

By:  DOBOLYU W  Completed
Language: English
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Keira Greene is a domineering CEO, a relentless boss being the only heir of a conglomerate she is set to prove her worthiness for her position. She is known as the “Lady Devil” because of her ruthless work ethics. Everything changes when she gets a new executive assistant; the hot Clarke Watson. She is determined to make him fall for her. Will she succeed? *** “Are you a virgin?” Keira asks Clarke, who was surprised with her candor. “Is this line of questioning, part of the job interview as your secretary?” Keira smirked at him and answered him with a straight face. “No, not as my secretary, but as my future husband.”

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60 Chapters
"The Lady Devil is here!"The whole management department is in a rush to go back to their respective work stations. As soon as someone signals her arrival in the building, all the chatters disappear and the whole department turns so silent you will be able to hear a pin drop."ding"The elevator sound resonated loud since the whole floor is dead silent. Everyone can hear the stump of the Lady devil's stilettos. The pace is fast, you can hear the steps fo
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2. Seven Years Ago
"Keira, I need your help, please help me,"  Tara Moore called, begging Keira for help. "What is it that you want this time?" Keira was quite annoyed with her friend who always brings her trouble."Please say yes first!" Tara was persistent to get Keira to agree with her request."Okay, okay, I agree, but you owe me for this one okay?" Keira was bargaining her end of the deal."Okay! You are really the best ever! I'll go to your house."  Tara was so excited that she arrived at Keira's place in 10 minutes."That was quick!" Keira was laughing at her friend. "So tell me what this is about, come on spill the beans.""Go on a blind date for me.”“What? No!”“Come on, you already said yes, besides you can be rude to him to end the date faster, you just need to show up." Tara's explanation made it simpler for Keira
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3. One Night
Stephen grabbed Keira closer to him, while Keira carefully placed her hands at the back of Stephen’s neck as if she’s inviting him closer. Keira can feel the heat coming off their body like steam she can’t contain. His kiss was passionate, seeking, exploring Keira, something that nobody dared explore before, he tried parting Keira’s lips with his tongue; she did not know what to do, despite that, she let him teach her. Stephen’s hands seemed like they had a journey of their own firmly holding and exploring Keira’s body. One of his hands was supporting Keira’s head while they were kissing; the other hand entered her clothes trying to discover more of Keira’s body. Everything that’s happening was new for Keira, she was nervous and excited at the same time;  “Am I really doing this tonight with this stranger?” Th
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4. Makeover
“My Keira, this is Maurice Loup and his team of stylists from Paris”“Really, nana? You had to import help for my makeover? Do I look that bad?”Keira and her sarcasm made her nana chuckle.“No one in the Greene family looks bad you have to keep that in mind, it’s just that you deserve the best, that’s why I’ll go to great lengths just to give you what you need.”Her nana’s sweet talk is unparalleled; she can get out of the stickiest situation easily.“Bonjour mademoiselle, I am Maurice and let me help you unleash your beauty, shall we begin?”“Okay, whatever.”Maurice circled around Keira inspecting her from head to toe; his assistant was following him as he takes note of the procedures that will be done to Ke
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5. What A Total Jerk!
“It’s true, he was asking for another date, well I did not see his message right away because I was out with Jane that time and guess what… he was also asking Jane out..”“What a total jerk!” Keira was so disgusted with Stephen and at the same time sorry for herself.“I know right! The nerve of that guy, I know you tried to shut him out immediately that’s why I was surprised that he was asking to see you again.”Keira blushed thinking of their date.“Hey, you’re blushing. Wait, do you like that a*s?”  Tara was mocking her.“Silly me, it is the very first time to like a guy and I ended up liking such a tool,” Keira whined.“Why? Did your jerk detector malfunction? You can easily determine my date’s true intention how c
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6. First Day of Work
Keira moved back to her own house because it is closer to the office. She promised her nana that she will be visiting her every weekend also during office hours when she can sneak out to check on her.Keira has been standing in front of her closet for a good five minutes already; trying to figure out what to wear for her first day at work. She wants to leave a good impression but does not want to be too eye-catching.She ended up choosing an off white cashmere fabric tulip dress with a bateau neckline that she accented with a gold brooch. She had her hair in a side weep updo that highlighted her perfect face. She stared at her reflection in the mirror; she can't help but comment on her new fashion sense."Geez, I can't believe I will be ever to say this to myself... but damn, I'm gorgeous." She laughed at her confident aura."That di*k head should feel sorry if he gets to see me now." The thought of Stephen motivates her more to be a better version of her
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7. You're Gonna Pay
Keira suddenly felt a surge of anger; she was poured with a cup of coffee for no apparent reason. Good thing she was able to pull the cloth away from her body before it even reached her skin. However, the skirt was visibly damaged with the coffee stain.Thea shouted in shock at the atrocity Georgie just committed; "You went too far Georgie, Isn't it enough that you and Rebecca bully me almost every opportunity you got? Now you are doing it to the new girl too?""Try and stop us b*tch" Rebecca raised one of her eyebrows and leered at Thea.Keira clenched her fists and drew in a long breath; she did not say a word but walked with big strides towards the washroom, Thea followed her. Rebecca and Georgie did not show a glimpse of guilt, they both guffawed."Are you hurt?" Thea asked Keira as sadness clouded her face."I'm okay, I'm glad I was able to move the skirt away from my skin just in time." Keira forced a smile, to stop worrying Thea.Keir
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8. Long Hard Tiring Night
2 PM the entire planning department staff are present in their boardroom, they are concocting a plan for the current restaurant acquisition of the company. This is the first team meeting Keira had ever attended; she was excited to be doing the "real" work finally."Okay, you guys listen the different departments will present tomorrow, while our department will need to show them the acquired company status, activities, and financial statements tomorrow. Then with all the presentations from the other department, we will draw the best plan to present to the board on Wednesday next week."Georgie and Rebecca were shocked by the instructions, while Thea, Jude, and Keira appeared a little more enthusiastic about the job ahead."Georgie and Rebecca you two will be responsible for creating a presentation about the acquired company's status, make sure it looks reasonable and easy to understand."The two girls nodded and went about their work stations to start on t
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9. The Presentation
Keira was still in high spirits even if she was literally sleepless. She glanced at her closet looking for the simplest wardrobe she can find to avoid conflicts like what had happened yesterday.  She wore black pants and a red tank top and covered it with a black blazer. She let her long hair down and swept it on one side with a golden butterfly clip. Her simple makeup complemented her straightforward corporate attire.It was already fifteen past six when she arrived at the office, her department was in chaos."Keira, this is your entire fault! You left us yesterday with all this work undone" Rebecca was boiling with anger."Relax, it was her first day yesterday, she might have been a bit overwhelmed with the task at hand, that's why she opted to leave and skip work." Jude wanted to explain on Keira's behalf."Relax? Because of this bi*ch we're about to get fu*ked up, how can we relax?" rage flowed through Georgie like the lava of a very volatile vol
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10. I Don't Care About You
Keira went to the presentation laptop and opened a spreadsheet file to fill in the data the budget department was explaining. It clearly has shown a different result than what was presented by the budget department; it was missing three million dollars. It was such a small error in the formula that gave them the wrong result; and it was just a small fraction of the whole project. She proceeded with all the mistakes that she noticed and a whopping total of fifty-eight million dollars was missing in plain sight.Keira has such a way with numbers that she feels they are communicating with her if the computation done is wrong. She truly is a genius with numbers but her emotional intelligence surely needs some polishing. Like at this very moment where she feels that she is on a roll pointing out mistakes whether it is intentional or not; she does not mind it at all, what the other party is feeling."Here Ms. President; our company was about to lose fifty-eight million dolla
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